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    iBook G3 Problems

    My friend and I have gotten a bunch of iBooks to fix up and give away to charity but we are having some problems with them. Our biggest concern is that some of them will create sparks when we plug them into the power supply. We are wondering if those are most likely problems with the connection in the laptop or if they are problems with the motherboard (or something else major in the computer). If anyone has any ideas, let me know.
  2. tumblingari

    Free Forum Creator

    I am looking for a site that will allow you to create your own forum for free. I understand that they will display adds, allowing them to make money, but I don't know if there are ones that are particularly good compared to others. Thanks. Ari
  3. tumblingari

    Promotional Offers

    Does anyone have suggestions as to where to I can find a site that emails you promotional offers on a regular basis? I would be more trusting of sites that are rated well by the Better Business Bureau.