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  1. In my home office I have new iMac and a Netgear router for wireless internet throughout the house. I want to use my Airport Express to stream audio from my MacBook to my living room sound system (there is no ethernet connection there). Can I do this, and how should I configure it? Thanks for helping with a newbie problem!
  2. jb.music

    iPhone music file won't play

    One of the songs on my iPhone won't play (it's "Summer Skin" by Death Cab). Today I noticed that when I played it the iPhone said it was playing that track when it fact it was playing part of a Strauss symphony. I just synced, removed both the Death Cab and the Strauss from the iPhone, and then synced again, adding back the Death Cab. Now when I play the track called "Summer Skin" it sits there for a second doing nothing (scrub bar not moving), then skips to the next track. I'm guessing the directory is corrupted somehow. What can I do to fix it? Thanks! MacBook 2GHz, 2GB, 160GB. iPod Nano 4GB (red). 8GB iPhone. OS X 10.5.1.
  3. Hi Uber-Geeks, Is there a way to password protect a single application? Thanks!
  4. Anyone have any idea on this one? All of a sudden a few days ago I realized that all my Office 2004 apps (Excel and Word) wouldn't run anymore. When I launch them nothing happens, no error message, nothing. Then I realized that Windows Media Player wouldn't run anymore either. So it seems like a microsoft issue. Is this a bug or virus? I've repaired my hard drive, tried launching from other and new user accounts, even tried launching the office apps from the original install disk - no luck. I'm grateful for any suggestions. I'm running a MacBook 2GHz, 2GB, 160GB, OS X 10.4.10. Thanks!
  5. jb.music

    Backup Software Suggestions?

    thanks for your tip on chronosync. the reason i don't have two full bootable backups is they take a long time to make. i like doing an incremental backup daily or several times a day and a full bootable backup weekly or so.
  6. jb.music

    Backup Software Suggestions?

    I'm running a MacBook 2GHz, 2GB, 160GB internal, OS 10.4.9. I use two separate external HDs for backup purposes. I use CarbonCopyCloner to make a bootable copy of my internal HD on one. I used to use LaCie's SilverKeeper to keep an incremental backup of my home folder on another HD, but SilverKeeper doesn't run under 10.4.9. I hate Apple's Backup app, since I want the files backed up in their native formats. Anyone have a good recommendation to replace SilverKeeper? My home folder is pretty big: 100GB or so. Thanks!
  7. jb.music

    Get this iTunes Library off my MacBook Pro!

    I use my iPod in manual mode; I share your suspicion that it would erase iPod songs that it didn't find on the internal HD if you dock without your external HD iTunes libarary attached. I got tired of worrying about whether or not to dock, so I just sync my iPod manually. Not much drawback to doing so unless your entire library fits on your iPod.
  8. jb.music

    Get this iTunes Library off my MacBook Pro!

    In iTunes the Advanced>Consolidate Library moves all the songs in your iTunes Library to the default library location as set in Preferences>Advanced>General. First set your iTunes Music folder location to your external drive (Preferences>Advanced>General) and select "Keep iTunes Music folder organized" and "Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library". When your external is connected iTunes manages the Music folder there. When you import or download music without the external connected, iTunes looks for the external, and not finding it, imports those items to User>Music>iTunes>iTunes Music. Later, with your external drive connected, choose Advanced>Consolidate Library to move all the music from User>Music>iTunes>iTunes Music to the iTunes Music folder on your external drive. After you've consolidated your library you can delete the User>Music>iTunes>iTunes Music folder on your internal HD, knowing that all your music resides in your library on the external.
  9. jb.music

    Get this iTunes Library off my MacBook Pro!

    Maybe this is too late to be helpful, but hopefully not. I had the same situation for a long time. My iTunes library lived on a 100GB portable firewire external so as not to crowd the HD on my 17" PB. With the iTunes library set to look for the portable drive it worked like this: when the portable drive was connected that's where new music (podcasts, purchases, whatever) went. When I was working on the road without the portable iTunes, not seeing the default library location, would store new music etc. in the iTunes music library on my internal HD. Then when I got back home and reconnected the portable HD I would use the "Consolidate Library" feature in iTunes to copy all my recently acquired music to the external. This way everything stayed in sync without having to involve my iPod. When I upgraded to a MB I installed a 160GB internal HD, so now everything lives onboard, and it's great!
  10. I've just had my MacBook for a few days, but I'm 98% pleased with it! I got the 2GHz white version and I installed 2GB of RAM and a 160GB 5400rpm Seagate SATA drive. 1st: the installation of the RAM and HD was very easy. It took me about 20 minutes and I was up and running. I switched to the MB from a 1.5 GHz 17" PB G4, and I'm awfully pleased. Pros: The size and speed of the MB are great. I was tired of lugging around the 17" PB! Also, the user-upgradeable RAM and HD is brilliant! I've needed 160GB of internal storage for a long time - it's ridiculous that you can't configure a machine like this from Apple (but then again, it would be outrageously expensive). So I have a machine that's lighter, faster and with more storage than my 17" PB. I don't miss the screen real estate much at all. My MB was $1199 (education discount) + about $600 for the RAM and HD, so for $1800 I've got a kick-ass machine. My 17" PB was $2800 two years ago! My 512Ke was $2000 20 years ago! I also love the new keyboard on the MB. And I bought the Marware protection kit which provides a microfiber keyboard cover to protect the screen, and a very comfortable cover for the wrist-rest area of the MB which will protect against discoloration and protects my wrists from the bizarrely-sharp edge of the upper casing. I don't play games or use other video-intensive apps, so the video performance of the machine is fine for me. I'm also quite pleased with the battery life of the MB. Cons: The screen, while bright, is not as beautifully detailed as the 17" PB screen. I don't know if it's a feature of glossy screens or the lower res or all of the above, but it's a tad disappointing. Though the brightness sure is nice -- I can even use it outdoors. And no, I don't find the reflections to be a problem. I'm surprised that the viewing angle isn't as wide as I thought it would be. And the only glitch with the machine so far: 1 pixel on the screen is kaput. It's just below the menu bar directly below the clock, and as I write this I had to lean close and squint to find it again. The perfectionist in me says: take it to Apple and get it fixed. But then I think about my RAM and HD - which would make swapping out the machine a real hassle - and I think it REALLY doesn't matter since I can't even see it unless I look hard for it. Basically I'm in heaven with this machine. Small, fast, cheap, comfortable, well-appointed. I recommend the MB highly.
  11. jb.music

    Apple Airtunes

    i would be nervous about putting an airport express, a receiver, or any kind of audio connectors outdoors. they're not built to withstand getting wet, extremes of heat, wind, etc. i'd use speakers designed for outdoor use and look for a system that allows you to make audio connections through the household wiring. such a system would have a transmitter that gets its audio from your airport express and plugs into the wall. then the speakers can be plugged into regular household outlets (anywhere in your house or outdoors) with no need for speaker wires. joshr is right - you'll just have stereo sound, so the extra speakers may be redundant. the advantage of having more speakers to get even sound coverage over a large area - this may or may not be something you need.
  12. jb.music

    Apple Airtunes

    There are a few issues here. The only way to play speakers directly from the headphone jack on a Mac (or any audio device for that matter) is if the speakers are powered, since the headphone output is line-level and needs to be amplified. The wiring you describe is a bit tricky; you'll have to wire the speakers in two pairs (L and R) and then connect those two lines to a mini stereo plug to fit into your Mac. Not easy. If you don't have powered speakers then you need a receiver. Airtunes is unrelated to amplification; it sends music to a remote airport express base station which is patched into a reciever or powered speakers.
  13. jb.music

    Getting a new mac book

    I was told by a salesperson in an Apple store that installing 3rd party components doesn't void your warranty or applecare as long as you don't have to open the machine beyond the battery bay. since on the Macbook you can upgrade RAM and HD through the battery bay you're OK. but the salesperson was clear that apple's warranty and applecare don't cover the 3rd-party components (or presumably any system damage done by those components). In the case of a HD this is probably a non-issue, but I could imagine some bad 3rd party RAM wreaking havoc on some other components. Just a caveat. I just ordered a 2.0 GHz MacBook and I'm planning to load it with 2GB of RAM from newegg and a 160GB 5400rpm SATA HD from Seagate.
  14. jb.music

    Nike + iPod question

    It was great to hear from a reviewer on the Maccast that the new Nike iPod transmitter works with other brands of running shoes. I wear Asics shoes, have never fit well in a pair of Nikes, and now I'm psyched to get the Nike + iPod kit. My question is: is it confirmed that the receiver only works with an iPod Nano, or might it work with a 3G 15GB iPod like mine? Thanks! ========
  15. jb.music

    MB or MBP?

    Thanks to all for your advice! I think I'm going to go with the MB 2.0GHz. What tipped the scale for me is being able to upgrade the HD and memory without voiding the warranty. That and the lighter weight and new design features, esp the keyboard and magnetic latch. Do you have any advice about upgrading HD and memory? The biggest 2.5" SATA drive I've found is 160GB; are there bigger ones? Any memory to avoid? Any to recommend? Thanks!