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  1. Doesn't matter to me either way. Although I like the gesture for new podcasters, so I say keep it.
  2. Its funny . . . I keep telling myself "this week, I'm not going to listen to the music - its podcasting, I can skip it, and I'd rather start listening to whatever is next". But it is so easy to keep listening that the song usually draws me in anyway. I've listened to stuff I'd never hear otherwise, and I like it. So keep the music.
  3. bwminich

    Apple Store Openings

    Where do you get your info on Apple Store openings? I ask this because there's one coming up in Columbia, Maryland, and I'd like to know when so I don't miss it. Thanks!
  4. What version of Direct X are you running? It is quite possible that Windows is coming with 8, and you need 9. You should be able to check by typing "dxdiag" at a command prompt. Also note that many games come with the version they need on the disc, so you may not even need to download the latest from MS.
  5. bwminich


    I disagree. I LIKE the possibility of being able to have One Box to Rule Them All. I'd rather pay for one computer and be able to do everything on it than to pay for two computers to do everything I want. After all, what's a computer without Morrowind and Oblivion? My cheap Dell Box takes up space, looks ugly, and it just gets in the way. MacBook Pro as the ULTIMATE GAMING MACHINE? Yeah, baby! I'd free up so much space on my desk for a second monitor if I ever wanted a big one.
  6. bwminich

    Boot Camp. Is it just me, or....

    John Gruber, from Daring Fireball, is proposing just the opposite: this is making Windows the new Classic. His thought is that Apple is aiming to get people who wouldn't switch without Windows, and then counting on OS X to wow them enough to get them to wean off completely. Gavin Shearer, an MS Office product planner, had proposed something similar back in January. His point is this: Sounds pretty good to me, and makes much more sense than "Apple is switching to Windows". Also, Gavin had thought it would be virtualization technology, not dual booting technology, and he's probably right in the long run.
  7. bwminich

    Switch to phpBB3

    I'm currently a member at an IPB board, and am very happy with it. Out of all the board software, I like it the best.
  8. bwminich

    Macs have Souls

    Even the New York Times figures Macs have souls. Or at least, that the OS is the soul.