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  1. NekoFever

    Problem Printing to Vista Printer

    The one in the post didn't work but the one in the comments did (the one involving identifying the Vista machine by IP). Thanks a ton.
  2. NekoFever

    Problem Printing to Vista Printer

    I should also add that I can print to the Vista printer from the MBP using XP or Linux on Parallels, so it seems to be an OS X problem, or at least a problem with my use of OS X. I don't suppose, since they both use SAMBA, it's possible to steal the settings from Linux and drop them into OS X?
  3. This has been driving me mad for the past couple of days, so you're the only hope to save my sanity. Until the beginning of the week I printed on my MacBook Pro via our Windows XP desktop, which had two printers (HP Photosmart 1215 and Epson R1800) that were connected via USB and shared, and they could be printed to flawlessly. That XP box was really showing its age (we bought it in 2001) so it got replaced with a new Vista box. The Vista machine can print to both printers (the 1215 doesn't have Vista drivers but a similar one works fine) and they're both set to be shared. I can log into Vista from the Mac and access files on it without a problem, but for some reason I just can't get OS X to see the printers. I've tried it with the Windows Firewall on and off, and in both situations I can file share but not print. This is the process I've been going through which worked on the old machine: Open the Printer Setup Utility and choose to add a new printer. Click 'More Printers...' in the Printer Browser. Change the top box to 'Windows Printing' and the bottom to 'Network Neighborhood'. This brings up 'Mshome' under name (both machines are on this Workgroup) which I select and then click 'Choose' at the bottom. It then displays 'Study' which is the name of the Vista box. When I select that the box goes empty with no printers displayed. No request for a password, no error messages, nothing. I've also tried manually adding it using this method with no luck. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. NekoFever

    Booting off Firewire drive by default - possible?

    Yes, it does boot from the Firewire drive after a restart, but if I shut it down and turn it back on the next day it'll boot from the internal drive again. I guess I could just put it to sleep at night but I prefer to turn it off and put it away.
  5. My iBook hard drive has been making odd noises and steadily decreasing in performance for a couple of weeks which was getting me worried about the data on it, so when it took about ten minutes to boot I went and bought a 250GB Firewire drive (this one) and used Carbon Copy Cloner to make a bootable copy onto it. That worked fine, and when I boot from the Firewire drive the speed difference is phenomenal, which suggests to me that the internal drive has had problems for a while and I just haven't noticed it declining. Anyway, I'm out of warranty and since I plan to buy an Intel iBook (or MacBook; whatever they end up calling it) whenever they turn up I figured that I could just run my current iBook from the Firewire drive instead of paying for the internal drive to be replaced. I thought about replacing it myself but judging from the guides online it seems beyond my ability. The only slight annoyance is that when I boot it up, if I do nothing it boots by default onto the internal drive which takes an age, and if I hold down option it keeps me there with the watch symbol until the internal one is recognised which still takes a minute or so. Is there a way to make it boot from the external drive by default? Thanks in advance for any help.