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    Serious iTunes Problem

    yes, i have. It's nice how they added an authorise button rather than having to play a song that requires authorization. I called AppleCare and it stumped them, the only advice they could give was get a fresh download of the installer and give it another go.
  2. It just updated my itunes/Quicktime stuff. Everything looks nice and cool, but except for the videos, none of my songs will play. WHY?!?!?!? Help please....
  3. avichsc

    Serious iTunes Problem

    already did, no help
  4. avichsc

    Serious iTunes Problem

    It was done doing all the new stuff, I restareted the computer and reinstalled all the software twice. My last fall back is to reinstall the 10.4.7 combo update, since i don't have my original 10.4 install dvd with me.
  5. avichsc

    Flash to Quicktime or something?

    ffmpegx should work
  6. avast! antivirus is good and free. Google it Spybot S&D is also necessary
  7. avichsc

    How do I get xp off my macbook?

    run the boot camp assistant and choose to delete the windows partition.
  8. avichsc

    What do you most want to see in Leopard?

    WINE. Really good wine. Like a dry, sensous red (grape) wine. WINE being the software that slides a windows api into your system so you can run windows apps w/o that other os on your machine.
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    boot camp bug

    Haio I was working on a friend's MacBook Pro the other day, which had recently been sent to Boot Camp. I had just installed an antivirus program on it, and part of this program's shtick is a startup scan on the next reboot. Only problem, it requires keyboard input so it knows what to do with the stuff it finds. Seeing as the computer had a built in keyboardm, one would assume this would work. But of course, to my chagrin, it did not. Apparently, Windows via Boot Camp won't take input from at least built in keyboards until the gui launches. In any case, has anybody else had this problem? Thanks
  10. avichsc

    the future for front row.

    and it can only get better
  11. avichsc

    ipod alternatives

    why in the heck would you want anything besides an ipod? fyi, the nano can survive a trip through the wash after a reset
  12. avichsc

    Mass Donwload

    mess around with automator and you'll probably get it
  13. avichsc

    applecare... is it worth it?

  14. avichsc


    Anybody know the exact requirements for getting a computer replaced under AppleCare? I know it has something to do with three major modules, because it has happened before, but I can't remember. Thanks...
  15. avichsc

    Website downloader ?

    Maxtor's WebDumper. works pretty well
  16. avichsc

    Completely useless tricks!

    Milan, that was absolutely incredible Thanks a billion
  17. avichsc

    3rd party batteries

    hey guys i keep seeing ads for ibook batteries with more capacity. Do these actually work? has anyone used one and has it lived up to advertised potential? What, if any are the downsides? And finally, what, in your opinion, is the best out there.
  18. avichsc

    30th Birthday Video

    that was really really good. apple should have made something like that.
  19. avichsc

    If you had 5 minutes in an Apple Store...

    a 60 gig ipod, a 4g ipod nano, two 30 inch displays, a power mac g6 quad, office pro, mac osx server unlimited, ard, cs2, halo, a mabook pro, a 30 inch imac, a 12 inch powerbook, a 12 inch ibook, .mac forever, an ipod hifi, some of those freaky jbl creature speakers, an slr camera, that sony hd cam, a wacom tablet, apple stufio thingy, aperture, uhh, a ton of itunes gift cards, and finally, airport base stations and five printers (photo, laser, regular, portable, and all in one). i could live with just the quad, the screens, and the macbook pro, though.
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    dictaion/voice recognition

    Anybody know of some good cheap, preferably free dictation software?
  22. We have a wireless network in my house (thank god) and the mac mini in the living room acts as a print server for an hp officejet. it works perfectly with my ibook, but my mom's pc running xp home won't find it. I have heard this is because xp home does not support smb/cifs, the protocol used in mac to share files and printers with windows machines. xp pro does, but her machine won't let me upgrade without a reformat because our disc is sp1, not sp2. What should I do? Also, if I get an apple made AirPort base station (which act as USB print servers) will this resolve my issue, or will it still use samba (smb/cifs)? Thanks
  23. avichsc

    response slowdown

    On a mac mini in my house, which also acts as a wireless print server, after aprroximately 2 hous of being on, the response time for things life magnification on the dock, changing the selected menu in the menu bar, slow down and sometimes stop happening altogether. At the moment it is not happening, but when it does I will post screenshots. The stats: PowerPC based Mac mini, 1.42 GHz CPU 512 MB RAM, 80 gig hard drive running 10.4.6. I've triesd resetting PMU and PRAM, and am almost at the point of reinstalling, after which comes the inevitable reformat. please help!
  24. avichsc

    Should I Wait for Merom?

    Unless... You are going to be using processor intensive apps like Photoshop or a professional sound or video editing program. If you are going to be using normal stuff, such as Safari and mail, there is no reason to wait. But then if you plan on doing double OSes, then wait.
  25. avichsc

    10.5 Leopard Rumors

    This would be really awesome if this were true, except this sounds like just an overblown rumor to me. Let's be patient, and take it with a grain of salt.