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  1. I agree that changing the port to 587 and enable SSL should do the trick.
  2. I am hoping there is someone out there that use the BirdDog Software at their company. My company uses it and I have to say it's nothing but trouble. When i say that everyone is very unhappy with it I am not exaggerating. They are basically stuck with them due to the fact that they use "Macola" for the accounting and until they transition to another database the options are limited as to what they can use as an ALL around hub. In any case, my question is in regards to HTML and Birddogs guidelines. It seems that I can't get any answers from them and I am trying to upload simple HTML documents and it's hit and miss every-time. I don't know if anyone is using it and has knows any tips or tricks. Any help is appreciated. Sorry for the crazy rant. ;-) ~e
  3. erickp


    Ok, I'm in the middle of trying to put together a exteral storage solution at home. I was originally going to go with a two external drives for back-ups and a third HD as a offsite back-up. Someone mentioned the DROBO and I check it out but for some strange reason I can not get my head wrapped around the benefits of using the DROBO. Is it a raid or does it just ghost your data? If one drive fill up and you put in another, what is on each of the individual drives? If I go with the DROBO, how do I go about creating a third back-up to take off-site? If someone has a better grasp on this, can you please give me a break down. Thanks! ~e
  4. erickp

    MBP or iMac?

    Crap! I totally forgot about the "glossy" screen. Great point. Do you think there will be some kind of film that you can place on the screen that will help with the color accuracy or is that just wishful thinking? ~e
  5. erickp

    MBP or iMac?

    Hey all... I would welcome any input for the community... I do occasional freelance work but it's not my main source of income (i use a Mac Pro at the company I work for). I've been milking a old iMac G4 Flat-Panel (800MHz/1gig RAM). Now I am in the market to get another system. I mostly do heavy print and web with the occasional 3D and video. I would love a Mac Pro w/30inch display but it's a little out of my range and probably way too much (OK, I'm lying, it's never too much. LOL!). I am however debating between a new 24" iMac (2.8Mhz/4gigsRAM/1terabyte HD) or a maxed out 17" MacBook Pro. The iMac is less expensive and has better spec's BUT the MacBook Pro is portable which is not really necessary for me but would be a nice convenience. I'm not sure what route to go but any suggestions are welcome. It's a tough choice. Another little thing about the iMac is the graphics card. Is it me or is 256megs on the video card the bare minimum? Don't you think they should have had the 512 option? Any feedback is appreciated. ~e
  6. erickp

    Back-Up Crossroads

    Thank you!
  7. erickp

    Back-Up Crossroads

    Thanks guys for the suggestions. I think I'm going to get (1) 250gb to compliment my other 250gb and then get an additonal 500gb to back them both up. I do have another couple of questions. Can I use "SuperDuper" to back both 250gb's to the one 500gb? From what I understood, it's a one to one drive back up. The other issue is that the one 250gb I have right now is a LaCie drive and to be quite honest, it's been solid and have had no problems with it but I hear people constantly complaining about LaCie and to go with the more expensive G-Drive's. Do you have any thoughts on this drives? Thanks! ~e
  8. I used Skype before and it works just fine. Unfortunately, most people on Windows using video cameras are connected via USB 2.0 which creates lag. My suggestion is a Firewire video cam (ala iSight) for the best performance on all ends. ~e
  9. erickp

    Lightbox script?

    I'm redesigning my website and it's a straight forward HTML site. I usually put it together in Photoshop and then just slice everything up. Of-course, not the most efficient way of putting a site together by today's standards but I'm not a coder (i do know a little), I'm a designer. I would however like to use one of these scripts to display my work but I have no idea include how to incorporate what they give you into my site. Anybody know how I should prep my portfolio page in order to accommodate the script given? Any help or direction is appreciated. Thanks! ~e
  10. erickp

    Back-Up Crossroads

    I have a question regarding back up solutions. I know this has been covered in the past but I'm at a sort of crossroads as far as expanding my back up options. I presently have three external hard drives, (2) 250Gb and a 120Gb. One 250Gb is for my Graphic Design business and the other 250Gb is for all my music and videos. I'm using the 120Gb as a dedicated back-up for my iMac G4. I'm more concerned with a back up solution for my two external 250Gbs(other than DVD's). I don't know if I should invest in two individual 250Gb drives to mimic the two I have now OR just get a 500Gb for both. The obvious choice is the 500Gb(ease & cost) for both but I've heard that you shouldn't use drives over 250Gb, being that drives in that catagory are constantly doing error correction and it is a greater chance of losing data over time. I'm not sure if this is correct but I thought I'd pose the question and see what would be the healthiest route in this case. Thank you! ~Erick New York
  11. Ok... this has happened to me a crap load of times. I create a playlist and spend a long tme putting it together and then I come to realize that I've accidently created the playlist within the iPod not the main iTunes playlists. Is there a way to simply drag that playlist out into the main playlist section??? I have ALOT of music and when I create a playlist, it takes a while to put well crafted playlist together..<LOL> Anyway, help would be appreciated. ~e
  12. erickp

    Network Mystery?

    Ok... i've just encountered this little problem... I have a Mac & Windows machine plugged into a wireless router. At the moment I do not use the wireless capabilites on either machine so they are hardwired into the router. My brother lives an apartment right downstairs (two family house w/separate internet cable lines) and has a wireless router as well but does indeed use his wireless capabilites to connect his iMac. Just recently, he calls me up and tells that his Mac is connected to my wireless network and that it's cancelling his own wireless network. Does anyone know how to correct this issue? I'm at a loss! Thanks for any help! ~e
  13. erickp

    OS X Burning default?

    Everytime I insert a Blank CD or DVD, Toast seems to launch and take over that burning process. I would rather have the CD/DVD put up normally on my desktop and have OSX handle the burning process. How do I make OSX the default burner and not Toast? I'm a little lost but I'm sure it's something stupid. Thanks!!!!! PS-> I'm on OSX 10.4.6 ~e
  14. erickp

    BBC Ad Campaign?

    Has anyone seen the new BBC "News beyond your borders" Print Ads? It's of the Illustrated Maps in the shape of people/objects. Very cool and well done. I've seen it on the trains commuting in and out of NYC. Has anyone seen these and do you have an idea if they have them posted on the internet. I wanted to show some people the ads but I can't find them anywhere. Any help appreciated. Thanks!!! ~e
  15. erickp


    I wound up going with the "IOGEAR" usb KVM switch and I must say it works like a charms. It maps the keyboard perfectly for Windowns and Mac. So far so good.