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  1. Mr. Mac

    MBP Left Speaker Heat

    I was sitting in class today with my macbook pro plugged in happily typing notes, when I noticed that the left speaker area was rather warm. it usually gets warm there, but today more than usual. I noticed when I unplugged the AC that the fan slowed down, but I did not leave it long enough to see if it cooled down. I am kinda worried cause it has never been this hot before. Any ideas?
  2. Mr. Mac

    My Book Hard Drives

    I have one for backup and extra storage and I am very happy with it.
  3. Mr. Mac

    Decisions, decisions, decisions

    I use my MBP allot on my desk with my wireless keyboard and mouse, so the Elevator is a perfect fit for me. The height and the slope are just right, just make sure you keep an eye on your MBP and check to make sure it is not slipping! So far I have had no issues with this.
  4. Mr. Mac

    Macbook Pro Speed Comparison Question

    Good! Then that is definitely something that will make the Pro worth it.
  5. Mr. Mac

    Macbook Pro Speed Comparison Question

    I have been researching the differences under the hood between the Macbooks and the Macbook Pros, and I found it very interesting that the base model MBP has the same Processor and amount of L2 cache as the high end Macbooks. One thing that this led me to wonder about was the graphics performance between the two. I understand that the MB uses 144MB shared with the main memory and an intel on chip graphics processor. How does this compare performance wise to the base model MBP which has the NVIDIA graphics card with 256MB of dedicated memory? I still plan on getting the Pro version, the larger screen, backlit keyboard and larger variety of I/O options still makes it worth it to me, but I am a little curious about how the graphics compare.
  6. Mr. Mac

    Macbook Pro Speed Comparison Question

    Well, my original thought was to wait, and your suggestion makes allot of sense, so maybe I will.
  7. Mr. Mac

    OS 9 from Old to Not as Old

    As long as you run a version of X that has classic support, you could do it simply by copying over the "System Folder" and the "Applications" folder (if you want the apps) from the 9 machine and as long as you put both those folders in the Macintosh HD, Classic should pick up on the 9 system folder and run just fine. I have done it with a variety of different machines without any problems
  8. Mr. Mac

    Macbook Pro Speed Comparison Question

    Thats great, now I just have to wait until I actually have the machine in my hands.
  9. Mr. Mac

    Macbook Pro Speed Comparison Question

    Ok, that sounds just fine. One last thing; I purchased a 4GB RAM upgrade for the machine, would it be ok to upgrade the RAM before I boot it up the first time? I just don't want to do anything that could have a negative effect on my brand new machine, as I need it to last for a long time.
  10. Mr. Mac

    Macbook Pro Speed Comparison Question

    One quick thing I have been wondering about; I got a Wireless Mighty Mouse and Wireless Aluminum Keyboard to use with my Pro, does anybody know if you are given an option to set those up during the initial setup process or do you have to wait until after all that is done and then go through the standard pairing process?
  11. Mr. Mac

    Macbook Pro Speed Comparison Question

    I checked into the Student ADC membership, and I was going to go ahead and get one and see how much I could save, but then I saw the fine print that said you had to be 18, and I won't be in time to get something before school, so its back to the original plan of going to the Apple Store and getting the 2.4GHz model.
  12. Mr. Mac

    Macbook Pro Speed Comparison Question

    Do you have any idea what a Macbook Pro 2.4Ghz would cost after this discount?
  13. Mr. Mac

    Macbook Pro Speed Comparison Question

    Unfortunately that won't do me any good, my school sells the 2.4GHz for $1799 (same as Apple) and the 2.5GHz for $2538 ($239 MORE than Apple).
  14. Mr. Mac

    Macbook Pro Speed Comparison Question

    Well the date is set, at 10AM on August 6th I will be at the Apple Store Eastview to pick up my Pro! Unfortunately, my current financial situation limits me to the 2.4GHz model, but even though Its the same processor and L2 cache as the Macbook, there are still quite a few advantages to the Pro machine. I really wish I could wait till the new Macbook Pros are released, but with school starting in three weeks, I need to get something now. Hopefully it doesn't hurt too much when Apple updates the Pros (which is now looking to be sometime in mid September). I do have to say though, Apple is really screwing all the kids in my situation who need a machine for college and can't wait until then for it. PS. There isn't anyone out there who wants to make up the difference so I can have the 2.5GHz model, is there?
  15. Mr. Mac

    Macbook Pro Speed Comparison Question

    I have already purchased a 4GB upgrade kit, so I will be maxing out the RAM which should put a nice boost in performance. The 2.5 may end up being a little out of budget anyway, simply based on that factor I am currently leaning towards the 2.4GHz model, but we'll see how it goes.