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  1. jroller

    Hello I love my mac

    Welcome to the Mac! I am sure you will find your experience just as great a year from now as you do today. Enjoy!
  2. jroller

    refurbished macbooks and leopard???

    As Joe said, Leopard will ship on new laptops in October when it is (supposed to be) released.
  3. jroller

    Fuse after Fuse...

    Ah.. I see. I didn't know that.
  4. jroller


    I agree. You will not see any perceptible difference in the two processors. RAM is a good investment, just not from Apple. Add third-party RAM for a savings. If you can stomach the extra cost, go for the larger HD. Unless you want to burn DVD's (and you really may appreciate that option) all you need is a combo drive. I would get the superdrive, personally. Now, here is an option you should seriously consider: buy an Apple refurbished machine. There is a link at the online Apple store (and one to it on the iSwitched lens in my sig). These are quality machines that you can often get at substantial savings. $200-$300 savings are standard on most laptops. I have seen them recently as high as $800 off (older model, but still a quality machine...in fact, it was the machine I am typing this on... 15" MBPro with Core Duo, not Core 2 Duo). Always worth a look to see what is currently in stock when you are ready to buy.
  5. jroller

    Help For a Soon to Be Switcher

    Joe is right on in his response. Your primary issue is deciding what purpose you have in mind for the machine; that dictates the answers to many of your questions. If video production, you need space and speed. Have a large music library? Space but not speed. Photos and photo manipulation. Space and speed. Surfing the web, watch dvds, listen to music, email, chat, etc. Neither space nor speed it needed in abundance. I'd say get the best you can afford; it gives you more options in the long run. You might also look at the refurbished models at the Apple store online. Often you can get more machine for the money there.
  6. jroller

    Fuse after Fuse...

    There's a fuse in the plug? Really? Where is it? I have several iMacs and never knew about this. As for your issue, usually if there is a repeated failure of fuses like you describe, there is a short somewhere. I would just try a new general one.
  7. jroller

    Please recommend a printer!

    I hate to say it, but I bought a Dell (yep, it was a hard decision...) for my lab at the beginning of last school year to replace a Xerox Phaser (which I highly recommend staying away from). It has been a great printer. I want to say it is a 3100nt or something like that. A tremendous improvement from the Phaser.
  8. jroller

    Blogging my switch

    MartinAustin, keep me updated. I would like to add a link to your site on my iSwitched lens when you have it fleshed out a bit more. Would really like to see more about how you came to the decision to switch and what the switch was like at first. Thanks...
  9. jroller

    Any great software for teachers and/or students?

    Wow... that is the first first-hand assessment of PowerSchool I have read. I just hate SASI so much, I figured nothing could be worse. SASI itself, I guess, is not really horrible, but IGPro is the single worst program I have ever used, and I have not used a paper gradebook in over a decade. Maybe there is worse out there. Scary thought...
  10. jroller

    Any great software for teachers and/or students?

    Actually, PowerSchool was purchased by Apple then later sold to Pearson, maker of SASI (which we VERY unfortunately have to use). I hope PowerSchool will replace it; it cannot possibly be worse.
  11. jroller


    You will find it handy to have Flip4Mac installed, even if you want to stay away from M$ products.
  12. jroller

    A good Place to get a mac

    I'll add a third to the refurb option. Honestly, if the machine you want is available as a refurb, I don't know why you would choose to pay a higher price for a "new" one...
  13. jroller


    I think it was the right decision. The new Mac version will be out soon; hopefully, it will be a universal binary version, as I find 2004 is tedious on my Intel Macs.
  14. jroller

    On my ibook G4....

    Plug them in then launch your sound preferences from system prefs. I believe you will have option to set the output settings in that location. That may solve your issues...
  15. jroller

    Future Switcher

    I would second that. I ALWAYS get AppleCare for my laptops, and often get it for desktops. I tell the story of my daughter's computer (G5 iMac)... the biggest lemon I have ever purchased from Apple (and I've bought about 30 over the last eight years). In short, it has had two new logic boards, a new hd, sensor replacements, and a new power supply. Apple sent a repair tech to me for each repair thanks to AppleCare. My son, who got the exact same model that Christmas, has never had one repair or even one call to AppleCare. AppleCare is just a good idea, and if you ever need it, you will really be happy you got it.