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  1. davidwsica

    3GB in MacBook?

    From the most recent MacCast: While I have read reports that you can put 2 x @GB chips in a MacBook Core 2 Duo and it supposedly works. The config is unsupported by Apple. Officially the limit on ALL MacBooks is 2GB. Does anyone have more details about this? I have a MacBook Core 2 Duo that occassionally bumps up against the 2GB I have in it now and would be interested to put 3GB in it. Thanks, David
  2. davidwsica

    CrossOver BETA out!

    I downloaded the beta and tried it out briefly. I was able to install and run IE 6 (not that I want to but it was the first thing I thought to test). I also wanted to install and run Outlook 2003 but was unable to successfully install this application. CrossOver seems promising but I think it still needs a lot more work. David
  3. Thanks for the quick reply Adam! I'm familiar with the Port Mapping in the Aiport Admin Utility. Actually I have setup my MacBook as a default host. A couple of questions from your response: 1) You mention ports 554 and 7070 in your recent episode. Are these the standard UDP ports? 2) If I enable port forwarding of these ports to my PC, that seems to imply then I can't use UDP with my MacBook? Thanks, David
  4. I just listened to the 8/16 MacCast and was intrigued by the UDP conversation at the very end of the cast. I have both an Airport Extreme and Airport Express in my house and have an issue when connecting my VPN client (on a Windows XP Pro system) to my work location. The VPN client has an option to "Enable UDP Encapulation" and I need to UNCHECK this option otherwise I get no network traffic. Is there some way to enable UDP traffic on the Airport Extreme/Express routers? Is it disabled by default? Thanks, David
  5. davidwsica

    Free AntiVirus

    Thanks for the anti-virus and firewall tips! I read your blog entry and one thing that caught my eye was the problem you had with activation of XP. Are you saying that it's not possible to activate a Windows XP installation under Parallels or that you just had an individual problem? David
  6. davidwsica

    FireFox and MacCast Forum

    Thanks! That did the trick. David
  7. davidwsica

    FireFox and MacCast Forum

    I'm running Firefox (now Universal) on my Intel iMac and I can't seem to login to the MacCast forum. Whenever I click the "Log In" button it just basically refreshes the screen but doesn't log me in. Anybody else seen this behavior and/or know of a fix? Thanks, David
  8. davidwsica

    Free AntiVirus

    In the last MacCast Adam talked about trying out Boot Camp. He mentioned that he installed some free antivirus software. I'd like to get some recommendations on what free antivirus software people are using for their Windows side of Boot Camp. I'm actually running Parallels Beta4 with Windows XP and am really liking it so far. I've got the 17" Intel iMac with an attached Dell 24" LCD. So, I can have my Mac OS running on the 24" Dell and on the built in 17" iMac screen I can have Windows XP running in full screen mode. Pretty sweet if you ask me. Of course, I'm sure the speed of Parallels doesn't compare to Boot Camp but it's sufficient for what I need and I don't need to reboot. Thanks, David
  9. davidwsica

    Keeping your Mac secure

    Adam, thanks for the reply. I did consider that option and that's what I may need to do. However, sometimes I like to watch the system.log realtime as I'm interacting with applications to see exactly what's going on and it's going to be a little difficult to do that if I have to switch to the Admin account to view the log. It's been my experience that Fast User Switching is not exactly screaming Fast. By the way, on running on a 17" Core Duo iMac. Thanks, David
  10. davidwsica

    Keeping your Mac secure

    So I've created a new Admin account and removed Admin priviledges from my user account. It's worked well for me for the past couple weeks. However, one thing I noticed yesterday I had a problem with was trying to start Console to view the system.log. Now, I get a message that I don't have permission to read this log file and I don't see a way to Authenticate so that I can view this log from this user account. I find this invaluable in checking for problems on my system so it would be really useful to be able to access this log from this account. By the way, I also tried starting Console from the command line first by doing a "su -" to my Admin account and then "open /Applications/Utilties/Console.app" which didn't work and then also tried to run "sudo open /Applications/Utilites/Console.app" which also didn't work. Any other suggestions? Thanks, David
  11. davidwsica

    Keeping your Mac secure

    I was interested in this section about keeping your Mac secure. This got me to thinking about my Account(s). I use an Admin account as my main user Account as I suspect a lot of people do. What's the best way to secure my system? Should I just create a new Admin user account and then downgrade my current Admin account to Standard (is this possible)? Also, who is "Kim" that is referred to in the show notes? Thanks, David
  12. davidwsica

    iPod 5th Gen Video/Sound glitch fix?

    Is DiskWarrrior use on the iPod "sanctioned" by Apple? I guess it's really moot for me now since my DiskWarrior is incompatible with my new 17" Core Duo iMac. But it's good to know for the future with my 60GB 5G iPod. David
  13. davidwsica


    Adam, I just finished listening to your 1/21 show where you mentioned that you're using the new GarageBand for your podcast. I think you kind of implied that it's easier to produce the eMacCast. I'm subscribed to both the eMacCast and the original MacCast podcasts since there has been a delay in getting the eMacCast published. Does the recent changes in your production with the new GarageBand mean that the eMacCast will be published at the same time as the MacCast and I can remove my MacCast subscription? Thanks! David
  14. I'm experiencing the same issues with my 40 GB iPod Photo. In fact, it just happened to me this morning while listening to the eMacCast on the way to work. I wonder if these 2 issues are related: 1) Sleep freezing 2) Not turning off on first try Maybe we can get a mention of this on the MacCast (or maybe it's already been discussed and I missed it)? Are you checking this out Adam? Thanks, David