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  1. I haven’t yet found any threads on this topic yet, so I thought it was time to start one. Bad news for old printers on Appletalk and Snow Leopard. So be warned!!!! Snow Leopard does not support AppleTalk anymore. Worse still, I have tried configuring my nine year old Xerox C410 Docuprint A3+ printer for IPP or LPD (it has these capabilities). This just did not work as the printer registered as busy or paused (depending on what I did). I contacted Apple support about this issue, and they reckoned that it was hardware and software incompatibility, and that I should complain to Apple about this. I cannot even use the IP system on ordinary Leopard, yet I can get the IP address with the on board printer pages on Firefox (with popups enabled.) Fortunately, I only installed Snow Leopard on my MacBook Pro, so I have not upgraded on the other machines (thank goodness). The only way I can connect Snow Leopard to this printer is via the Parallel port, using a Parallel to USB cable! This works, but there is a glitch with it as before every print job, I have to pause the print job and then restart it. I have another printer that is a QMS 2060 black and white printer, and so far I have had problems with trying to connect the Parallel to USB and make it work that way. Again, it works problem free on Appletalk. This is absolutely ridiculous, and even if I could get both printers to work, I most probably would have to get some kind of network bridge so that I would not have to have two computers on at the same time if someone else was trying to print on the other one. Bad choice, Apple
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    No more Appletalk in Snow Leopard!!!

    Something interesting. I needed to buy a new printer (Black and White) and I ended up buying a very reasonably priced Xerox Colour A4 Printer. I set it up using IVP4 DHCP and was able to get it working on all my systems. Now, the interesting thing is that I tried to do the same thing with my older Xerox, and I still cannot get it networked over IP. Not even in Leopard. Now all I can put it down to is perhaps the networking of the older printer is not compatible, as it seemed that I needed to use DHCP with the new machine, and that is not on the older one. So, perhaps it is the network card itself which is faulty or inadequate, and that is on board the machine. Xerox makes it clear (in the documentation for the new machine) to use LDP and not IP for the Macintosh. I also noted that it did not work when I had it set on straight IPV4 and not DHCP. The plot thickens...
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    No more Appletalk in Snow Leopard!!!

    I did mention that it was a high end printer. Serial port outdated, yes, parallel port, no. I do not believe that the high speed parallel printer ports are outdated. These are very different technologies. I do remember the old serial ports and the AppleTalk boxes. Very old stuff. A parallel port looks more like a SCSI port with a number of pins, not like the small round serial ports. BTW., this and my other printers are hooked up via ethernet cables via my router, and connect using AppleTalk protocol. So if you come into my room, you will see blue CAT5 cables coming from all of my printers, not grey serial port cables, and AppleTalk boxes. It is the software allowing the handshaking to continue. I wouldn’t say that. AppleTalk is just a protocol, and it is just a networking issue, therefore a programming issue. I cannot see the big deal in having a choice to install that protocol as an option on Snow Leopard, just as Rosetta is. I think you are guessing about small numbers still using AppleTalk. Wait till the big design studios start installing Snow Leopard. I believe a deluge of complaints will be hitting Apple, with many annoyed customers. Look at the Forums at Apple, and there are now pages and pages about this, and we are only a couple of weeks since people got the new OS. There will be many people out there in studios who have not installed it yet, so have not encountered the problem! I would like to think that I could seamlessly upgrade to an ostensibly better operating system in the future, with better security etc. I agree with this, and anyway, I can now print using a shared printer on my laptop which is being used as a test machine. Fair enough, but why be so adamant. As one technician mentioned, enough people complained about the loss of a Firewire port on the lower end laptops, Apple listened and brought it back in. Not Applecare, as far as I know, but it most probably was. They wanted my machine SN. It is just the tech support line you get when you phone Apple. After all, there is no problem with any of my machines. Just the usual channels: the forums, and the contact Apple website concerns etc.
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    No more Appletalk in Snow Leopard!!!

    I find your post both condescending and very unhelpful. Firstly, this printer I am talking about costs $11,000AU (and a new one of these would cost about the same!), and I even had to get a new motherboard for it four years ago ($4000AU all up), when it failed. It is not just an old printer like a Laserwriter or Dot Matrix and I know full well that you can get cheap postscript printers today for a few hundred dollars. This printer is a CMYK Xerox C410 DocuPrint that is a proofing printer, it prints oversize A3, has Fiery Tools as well as Adobe PS 3 on board. Its networking capabilities are Appletalk, IP as well as a parallel port. I will be running this printer for few years yet, until it has catastrophic mechanical failure. Don't think I will be the only one with this problem. There will be many business out there who will need to reinstall their OS when they discover that they can no longer use AppleTalk over their ethernet network. Maybe you should look at the lists on the Apple website. Here is just one of them: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=2073321 Yes, of course I have contacted Xerox and they won’t fix or update this printer anymore, and that does not bode well for all the environmental concerns. It makes this all a farce. Also, I may not have many posts on this list, but I do know a lot about this stuff, and have been working with printers, Appletalk on high end prepress systems since 1988. I expected a more considered and knowledgeable answer than this throw off which assumes I don’t know much and have not put in hours of my time to try to find a workaround! Don’t think that I have not spent two days trying all sorts of things to make the IP capabilities of this printer work, as well as being on the phone three times to Apple tech support. Let me tell you that one of them said it was stupid of Apple to do this, and I had three of them telling me to complain to Apple about leaving it out. Why phase it out? What harm was it doing? Anyway, because I have worked out a way of printing from my laptop, I will not be bothering to upgrade my other computers to SL, to find I will have more hassles.
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    Snow Leopard S/W Compatibility

    Appletalk for older printers. I have started a thread on this. Don’t hold your breath about LPD and IPP working, I have found it doesn’t, and Apple tech support confirmed this with me.
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    Bad Leopard Disk

    Let Apple know, there are a number of problems reported with these install disks. I had mine replaced, and a new one arrived in a couple of days. There appears to be no problem with the new disk.
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    New Apple Store in Sydney

    And its the second largest in the world. Here is my page all the photos I took at the opening. http://homepage.mac.com/hilofoz/Appleopen/index.html Enjoy Let me know if you want to put the photos in the photo gallery, and I will send them to you. Cheers, Hilary