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  1. Mac Man Pro

    Video Could Not Be Played

    if this is an iPod touch (jailbroken on 1.1.3) I know what's wrong...if you used iJailbreak, DRM'd tracks no longer work...same story with videos. To remedy this, you'll need to downgrade back to 1.1.1, use oktoprep and touchfree to go up to 1.1.3, then use the official DevTeam 1.1.3 upgrade. I did it that way and it worked just fine, but using iJailbreak, there was a lot of stuff broken, including iTunes purchased content playback. Hope that helps.
  2. Mac Man Pro

    MacBook Magnets

    Well, during one of my escapades, I pulled the bezel off my MacBook and of course, one of the magnets fell out...it happens to be the one that puts the machine to sleep. I had the magnet, but I can't find it now (trust me, I'm looking hard). Anyone know where I can get a rare earth magnet that size? Better yet, where I can get an exact replacement for it?
  3. Mac Man Pro

    Show off your Desktop

    the "traydock"...it really does look hideous on the side Look closely at the screenshot and you'll see something rather odd about it, and why it took me till 2AM this morning to get that screenshot
  4. Mac Man Pro

    Punk Mac

    Hey, everyone. I know it's been a while since I posted, but I figured I'd show everyone the only hardware mod I've been gutsy enough to do on my MacBook. what do you all think? I hope to be posting more now, since I've now got more time on my hands. Thanks all!
  5. Mac Man Pro

    Ubuntu with Boot Camp

    if you use Boot Camp to make a new partition, Ubuntu should be able to see it just fine and install to it. I shouldn't have to warn you that a backup is nice to have while doing this, and you really should have one done just before you start.
  6. Mac Man Pro

    Syncing with Cell Phone (Sprint)

    my razr works. If you need the plugin for iSync, just PM me and I can send it to you
  7. Mac Man Pro

    Macbook Core2 Randomly restarting

    it sounds like the old heat sink issue that the Core Duo 'Books were having. Try checking the logs to see what happened before the restart. You can find this in Applications/Utilities/Console anything out of the ordinary right before it restarted, you can post here using the " " tags
  8. Mac Man Pro

    DVD Decrypters like Mac the Ripper

    I really love Instant Handbrake. It's pretty speedy and it's a load simpler than Handbrake or Mac The Ripper.
  9. Mac Man Pro

    Booting with Disk Image

    you can do what joshr said to do, or you can connect the firewire device, open system preferences and move down to the "startup disk" icon. You can then select the OS on the external device and click "reboot". At that point, your computer will shut down and then boot from the external device. Pretty simple if you're already booted, but joshr's method is much easier if you're booting up when the computer isn't already turned on.
  10. Mac Man Pro

    older g3 ibook needs os

    actually, as far as I know most G3 iMacs are supported by Tiger. It's supposedly the best to run on old hardware because of the way it handles system resources. Now what I'd really worry about is if you ever want to move to Leopard after it's released. That might be a bit too hard on the system. If you're just looking for an OS and you aren't insistant on OS X, Ubuntu has a PPC verion that you can either download or have shipped to you for free. It works absolutely perfect on old hardware and should get any tasks you need done done for you.
  11. Mac Man Pro

    Airport wonky after Vista boot

    it's boot camp, and I did just go back in the router with another computer and change a bunch of things (Channel, passwords, power levels). I haven't booted Vista since, so I'll keep you posted, but it's right annoying with the thought hanging over my head... BTW, I thought it would've been pretty clear that it was boot camp by the way I rebooted to switch back to OS X, but maybe i should stop assuming so much... Thanks for the help!
  12. So of course as soon as I got my shiny macbook, I installed XP because I needed the functionality of being able to boot both. After Vista came out, someone gave me a disc, so I installed that over the XP installation. Now I've had this problem since I installed XP. For one, windows on my Mac has NEVER connected to my router. I'm not sure why, but it hasn't. I even called SBC (AT&T) tech support to see if it was a configuration problem and we never found a darn thing. Vista is even worse, not even connecting to my neighbor's network. My main problem is that after rebooting and switching back to OS X, I STILL can't connect to the internet. Usually, a simple reboot of the router is all it takes to bring me back, and on occasion I've had to change the channel the router is broadcasting on. Malherusement...that didn't work this time...I've rebooted my macbook about six times, rebooted the router 3 times and switched channels 3 times too. I can't figure out what's going on...all 4 other machines in the house connect just fine...any and all help is appreciated...thanks guys! P.S. The sooner the better...I've got some research I have to do for Physiology and it's due tomorrow...big risk I'm taking counting on the school computers to work any better...
  13. Mac Man Pro


    well, my freebie iPod headphones (the apple supplied ones) are dying now after 2 months of use. I'm not surprised, really, but I do know that this means I'll need new ones. I've been spoiled by the convenience of earbud style headphones, so I'm wondering which ones I should get. I like the Creative EP-630 ones, and the V-MODA Vibe ones, while pricey look gorgeous and seem to get good reviews. Which would be more worth my money ($30 for the Creative and $99 for the V-MODA)? Any other suggestions?
  14. Mac Man Pro

    Using a 3rd party remote and iMac built in IR

    as far as i know, only the apple remote and some ATI remotes work with MediaCentral. If you've got an IR enabled mac, why use anything other than the apple remote? It works fine for me and everyone else I know.
  15. Mac Man Pro

    Another 3D CAD Request

    as of version 5, the one I have, sketchup pro and I believe google sketchup both have the tape measure function that will measure things to scale.