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    VPN with Time Capsule

    Did you have to do port forwarding to get the Cisco VPN softwre to work? "I'm not familiar with the SonicWall VPN software, but I can verify that at least some VPN software works through TimeCapsule. I've had no problems using my Cisco VPN software through TC. - Tim"
  2. I have an XP work machine at home. My office is all XP and uses a Sonic Wall firewall and I have Sonic Wall VPN client software on my home XP machine. I just bought the 500 GB Time Capsule and use Roadrunner for broadband. I go from the cable modem to the Time Capsule WAN port and plugged my XP machine into an ethernet port on the Time Capsule. Everything works great, EXCEPT I can't use the VPN connection. Time Capsule must be blocking it somehow. I fiddled around for several days and my network people at work say "we don't know anything about Apple products". I looked at Apple's website and it seems lots of folks have problems with the VPN issue. What my network people suggested was I put my D Link router back between the cable modem and the Time Capsule and go from the D Link to an Ethernet jack on the TC, but NOT the WAN port. This way the TC isn't going to route any traffic to other devices plugged into the other ethernet ports on the TC. This works fine, but I would really like to keep it nice and simple: Cable Modem to TC and everything else plugged into the TC. Suggestions?
  3. I bought a new MacBook Pro and want to only move some of the music from my old iMac, onto the new computer. I have all the songs I want to copy in one playlist. Is there an easy way to do this?
  4. carvern

    iPod in looping reset

    Different but similar problem. My 4th gen iPod would not restart after I stopped it. I would have to reset it to get it to restart. This seemed to only occur when I was listening to an audiobook. I have a Mac, but this iPod I usually use with my Windows XP machine (I manually manage the iPod). I tried many different things. I deleted the audiobook I was listening to and copied it back to the iPod; I reencoded it at a different bit rate. Nothing worked. Finally I used a great program, iGadget to copy all my files off the iPod and restored it. I then copied everything back and same problem. I tried defragging the iPod in Windows and using chkdsk. Then I read this thread. Another function of iGadget is to sync Outlook files to the iPod. I've been using it to copy my calendar, notes, contacts AND calendar from Outlook to the iPod. So, I read this thread and then deleted the calendar file on the iPod. I've tried replicating the problem and it appears to be gone. I'll contact the iGadget developer, but it appears that any calendar file can screw things up. Nick