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  1. Commercials that the Macs have been featured in.

    Macs have been featured in multiple episodes of CSI: Miami that I have seen. Lately, more and more Macs are popping up in the media.
  2. Commercials that the Macs have been featured in.

    The show "iCarly" also uses a lot of Macs in the clips that I have seen.
  3. Commercials that the Macs have been featured in.

    More Shows 1. Gene Simmons uses an iBook on "Gene Simmons: Family jewels". 2. On The Daily Show, Jason Jones was on a MBP when reporting. There were 3 other shows/commercials but I cannot remember them off the top of my head...
  4. Commercials that the Macs have been featured in.

    Lately in TV Shows and commercials, I have seen not Apple Hardware, but I recognize Loops from GarageBand in the sound track. There was a Budweiser commercial that I remember hearing Apple Loops in, and a lot of times o the Discovery Channel during shows, you can hear Apple Loops. Its kind of neat to think of all the shows that not only prominently feature Mac Hardware, and loops, but were also probably produced and edited on Macs.
  5. Commercials that the Macs have been featured in.

    The Netflix commercial features a man on an iBook if I remember correctly.
  6. Commercials that the Macs have been featured in.

    I have seen another commercial: The Chevy commercial where Everyone runs outside to get into one when others tell them "Lets Go". In the first few seconds, a girl gets an email in Mail.app on a Mac that says "Lets Go".
  7. Anyone who owns a Mac should seriously thing about buying this bundle. http://macheist.com/ For $49 you get the following apps: 25% of your $49 is donated to one of the following charities: This is an amazing deal and shouldn't be passed up. SPREAD THE WORD! *NOTE* The Bundle went on Sale on December 11th and is available until December 17th. The earlier in the week that you buy it, supposedly the cheaper it will be. The price is supposed to rise over the week. If $50,000 gets donated through bundle sales (Roughly 4,018 bundles sold) every purchaser (whether you purchased before 50k or after) get a free license to NewsFire. If $100,000 gets donated through bundle sales (roughly 8,036 bundles) than everyone gets a free license to TextMate. Thats right TEXTMATE! FREE!
  8. Commercials that the Macs have been featured in.

    Well here we are in December and I have another Commercial to add... A guy takes what looks like a MacBook Pro and tries to photocopy it and calls it "Macrome" or something like that. It was a commercial for the Lottery I think if I remember correctly.
  9. Commercials that the Macs have been featured in.

    I have seen yet another commercial that a mac Pro this time was featured in. It was Mercury car commercial
  10. Commercials that the Macs have been featured in.

    I have just found another commercial that the iMac has been featured in. It was a commercial about Nissan cars where this woman was using a mac to buy her car.
  11. Question about Photo Booth

    Recently I opened up Photo Booth and saw that in the effects 1 pallette the effect "Pop Art" looked strange. The only square that was showing video was the red one (top left corner) and the rest of the squares were yellow: (Pictured above: Screenshot of what is going on in Photo Booth). Does anyone know what is going on? I couln't seem to find a help topic in the Apple Support forum.
  12. The last few weeks that I have been watching T.V, the Mac has been popping up in a bunch of different commercials. The only ones that I can remember right at this moment are: 1. J.C Penny Commercial 2. Philly Cream Cheese Commercial Do you guys know anymore???
  13. I found a few funny pictures that are mac related and was wondering if anyone had any others?
  14. Stupid Question #2

    I am fairly new to Apple Computers and was wondering if someone could tell me what an Xserve was???
  15. Completely useless tricks!

    On my iMac G5 up in the right-hand corner on the menu bar there is a little flag that can either be set to be A Canadian flag or an American Flag. To turn on the flag: System Preferences > International > Input Menu At the bottem of this menu there is a little box that you can check or uncheck, checking it will show a flag in your menu bar. Then when you hold down Command+Spacebar, it toggles the flags.