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  1. i have a belkin multimedia reader & writer expresscard for the MBP. when i'm at home & plugged in, it works like a charm - expresscard-in, SD-card-in, shows up on the desktop. when i'm on battery, though, this expresscard will not seem to work. it won't pick up any type of memory card i put into it. is there some requirement (power, perhaps?) that is shut down to conserve MBP power when in battery mode? i tried changing the energy settings to better performance (when on battery), but this did not help, either. anybody else encounter this oddity?
  2. sincitymedic

    bookmark menu/bookmark bar

    I made the mistake of syncing my bookmarks in Safari w/ my iPhone......all fine & dandy. I realized, once I had done this, that I didn't really like have to finger-scroll through the 206 bookmarks I had & decided to delete them. Unfortunately, I could not figure out a way to do it, other than one at a time. So, I swung by the Genius Bar. They told me that the only way to do it would be to back-up my Mac Safari bookmarks, delete them from Safari, then re-sync the iPhone w/ the empty bookmarks & voila, I should have tabula rasa. Partly true, partly not. The bookmarks are gone, but the folders for "Bookmarks Menu" & "Bookmarks Bar" still remain. I would really like these gone. Any ideas on making them go away?
  3. sincitymedic

    .Mac alias in iPhone Mail

    Is there a way to send email from one of my .Mac aliases on the iPhone? I have covered the Apple Discussions boards & there are a few hacks, but they seem way too tedious. I love how Mail.app allows me to choose the account from which to send an email from.....this seems simple enough that the iPhone should be able to do that, too! At least with regards to the Apple-sanctioned .Mac.
  4. If I am understanding you correctly, the Command-Right Arrow (or Command-Left Arrow, respectively) will do this.
  5. sincitymedic

    USB hub question

    Well, I figured out that it doesn't work w/ a PC either. Now the kicker -- Buy.com won't take it back b/c it has been longer than 14d & dLink says that the retailer needs to replace it. Guess I'll look at the Belkins. I am not fond of d-Stink products, either.....but this was only $7.99 so I couldn't pass it up! Thanks for the suggestions.
  6. sincitymedic

    USB hub question

    I recently bought a D-link Dub-H7 (7-port USB hub). It plugs into a wall outlet (electricity, so it can function independently or powered by another USB device). When I plug it in, however, all it does is flash at me & my MBP will not recognize anything connected to it. To add to this, when I unplug the power adapter from the hub, the lights remain lit, now steady; still, the MBP does not recognize anything connected to it. What's even more strange is that it worked fine 2 days ago (in self-powered mode)......I got a new desk & moved some stuff around & since I cannot get it to work (did not drop it or bang it around, as far as I can tell). Is there some nuance to running a USB hub w/ the MBP? Is there a way to get it working w/ the power adapter, instead of self-powered mode (power from another USB device)? I called D-link......that was a mistake. I am not sure that dude knew what a USB port was.
  7. sincitymedic


    Does anyone have experience w/ XSlimmer? This app supposedly strips unnecessary code from you apps. For example, according to my interp of the website, the application will strip the non-Intel code from the universal binary versions of your apps, since it is not needed on Intel Macs (this, naturally, assumes that you are using an Intel Mac). Judging by the trial, it stands to reason that I could gain quite a bit of disk space. Just curious what others' experience is & if it is prone to completely messing up your apps...... Thanks.....
  8. sincitymedic

    Bootcamp - Multiple Partitions

    Parallels has worked wonders for me. Yes, you have to fork out $80 bones. But, I have a WinXP, Ubuntu, & am playing w/ the idea of adding one more Linux distro. It is quite handy if you work in multiple OS often & do not want to reboot......Good luck.
  9. sincitymedic

    Not taking an update & how to stop it?????

    Great info, thanks so much. One last related question -- when I go to the Download site listed above, I notice a Security Update from 5/1/07. Software Update has never shown me this & it appears, based on looking at my installed updates, that I have never downloaded it. Why is Software Update neglecting this latest Security Update (Security Update 2007-004 v1.1)?
  10. sincitymedic

    Please help!!! Lost Mail.....

    I awoke my MBP from sleep just a few moments ago. I launched Mail & I got an error stating that my Home Directory was full & I needed to delete some things off in order to run Mail. I had recently used my MBP to transfer 80gb worth of music & had already transferred it over to the external HDD (from the Desktop, where it was living for the last few hours). So, I deleted this folder (moved to trash). Then, I emptied the Trash. Then, I checked in Finder to make sure I had plenty of disc space -- recovered quite a bit, no worries. When I launched Mail, none of my accounts or messages are showing up!!!! My folders that I created are there, but no accounts & no messages!!! I have a ton of messages that I was waiting to archive until this weekend. Where could they be? How do I get them back (along with all my accounts)? What did I do to cause this? I am sweating bullets right now.....Anyone can help, please......*sigh*
  11. So, when I hit the "Software Update" choice in the Apple menu, I persistently get warned about the WWAN Support Update that allows for functionality of certain ExpressCard EVDO cards. I read a lot about this update & basically made the decision, based on the data at hand, not to do this update. One of the other reasons I choose not to take this update is simply b/c I am not interested in EVDO at this moment. Now, every time my MBP attempts to check for new updates, there is alway 1 there (the one I do not wish to take). Is there a way I can tell my Mac to ignore said update? Is there a way to look past this update & simply look for other newer updates? Any help would be greatly appreciated.....
  12. sincitymedic

    ear buds

    What Sennheiser ones are ok in the $50 range?
  13. sincitymedic

    ear buds

    So I'm finally in the market for some decent iPod headphones/ear buds. I'd love to get some Shure's (or something of that caliber), but it is not in the budget right now. I've heard many people talking about one of the Sennheiser models. Can someone point me to the particular model that is popular amongst the iPod crowd? Thanks.....
  14. sincitymedic

    Ram for the Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro

    Where is the best place (online or otherwise) to get your MBP 2gb SODIMM? I have found a few places, but they were more pricey than Apple! And, is the cost worth the extra benefit?
  15. sincitymedic

    iMac as an external monitor

    Can an iMac function as an external monitor for my 12" PB (via mini-DVI to DVI or mini-DVI to VGA)? This would make that new 24" a solid contender!!