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  1. I really don't listen to the promos, although I voted no preference because it's at the end of the podcast. I would request, however, that you [Adam] would add a bookmark to the very end (ie. 1 second before the end). This is so that when I skip over the promo, I will still get the last second and, therefore, iTunes will recognize the episode as played.
  2. I think the music adds a unique part to the podcast. I voted no preference as a listener, but if I were the host I'd would certainly keep it in. I subscribe to the enhanced version, so it's really no pain to skip ahead if I don't care to listen to it.
  3. Your right, I see it now! Thanks for explaining...
  4. Yes, but try configuring your left hand like this (fingers wrapping around the left side of the ipod):
  5. I just noticed that something seems odd about it, though. Is it just me, or does the silhouette have two right hands?
  6. The latest iPod silhouette ads feature multi-color backgounds. I guess it's a "summer" theme. I spotted these in Dallas: