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  1. Ignoracious

    Keyboard on screen

    Apple's on-screen keyboard (Keyboard Viewer) isn't a good replacement for a keyboard. I think more of it as a variation on the Character Palette application. And Apple must know about this, because Keyboard Viewer isn't part of Universal Access (though many think it is). For instance, key-combos like Command-Q for quitting an application don't work in Keyboard Viewer. I wanted an application to emulate a real keyboard on screen, because my computer table is "width challenged". There are times I want to use my Wacom Intuos 3 tablet and put away the keyboard (which normally stands on top of the tablet). Still, I need a keyboard, because most graphics software assumes there is one connected to the Mac (I just don't have proper access to it, because it is pushed aside). My Intuos 3 has 8 keys on it, but often that isn't enough, and it's easy to mistake one key for another (no labeling). I found this neat shareware application, called VirtualKeyboard, which can be found through sites like Versiontracker (link to VirtualKeyboard). It works like a real keyboard, but with a disabled person in mind (with the default preferences you can't type as fast as on a real keyboard). However, you can tweak the key repeat preferences to suite an able person (see screenshot). And then you have to get used that the key modifiers (Control, Shift, Option, Command, and Escape) are sticky for one key press (there's also a Lock key, which locks Shift), which makes sense if you select keys with a mouse (or other pointing device, like an art tablet).
  2. Ignoracious

    I have invites!

    Nah, I don't see a use case for Google Wave. Many have offered me GW invites and I have declined all. Who knows, once Google is removed from the product, and my ISP starts offering a Wave service.
  3. Ignoracious


    I personally think that for local backup of Terabyte drives Blu-Ray is useless. 50 GB doesn't cut it anymore in these days. You'd need 20 of them to do a full backup, and partial backups are a pain. Backup isn't some voodoo, but a strategy to recover from a fatal data loss. If you're not able to find those B-R discs (intact), it defeats the purpose of backing up. I could be wrong, but I think that Blu-Ray is too little too late. Torrents and newsgroups make it too easy to circumvent DRM, and there is no reason to price those discs so much higher than regular DVDs (which are overpriced anyway). And if they "force" me to buy B-R, because it's the only format with those extra features, screw those extras. I'm not going to buy something that will be obsolete in 2 years time.
  4. Ignoracious

    I have invites!

    This sticky so exemplifies the silliness of invites. It's just a marketing gimmick, nothing to get excited about. Now how about giving me a Google Wave invite? Anyone?
  5. Ignoracious

    Rnewel for AppleCare?

    Hate to quote regulations, but in the General Terms of Agreement of the AppleCare Plan, it states: So, it is highly unlikely, IMHO.
  6. Ignoracious

    Virus, is it gone?

    Yes, in my experience if you visit malicious websites, those sites download files in the background if you have JavaScript enabled. There is nothing you can do about that than to disable JavaScript. This is why Windows users shouldn't visit such websites, nor click on links in e-mails. Mac users should already adopt this behavior for the time virus writers will target the Mac OS X operating system. It will happen one day, that is for certain.
  7. Ignoracious

    Home Directory on Another Disk

    Apple being one of those developers, you know.
  8. Ignoracious

    Proactively replacing hard drive

    You should realize that if you have a catastrophic failure on that external, you lose both partitions. It is a single point of failure. You should have at least two (physically) separate copies of your original data to have some degree of protection against data loss, preferably geographically separated. Online storage counts as a backup copy as well.
  9. Ignoracious

    File Compression

    The problem with keeping all you files on the same drive is that you have a single point of failure (the one drive), especially if you have crammed as much data on a disk as you seem to have. I would seriously consider a payed external photo management solution, such as Flickr or Smugmug and let those services deal with the storage problems. How many times do you watch very old photos of many years ago? I guess hardly ever. So you just as well could store those off-site, next to a local archival copy, e.g. on DVD, and free your internal hard disk of the burden of storing files that are hardly ever read by you. Or switch to Adobe Lightroom or Apple Aperture, which both aren't such hard disk space hogs as iPhoto is. I'm sure you can cut your Library in half by just letting those apps deal with your photo library.
  10. Ignoracious

    iWeb doesn't follow web standards

    Before my friend asked, I never used iWeb, because I don't like the lock-in model of the application. However, he is only somewhat tech savvy, and prefers the drag and drop features of iWeb. I guess that if his provider hasn't set up the web server properly, like my provider hasn't, he should buy a yearly subscription to MobileMe, or buy RapidWeaver and brush up on his English.
  11. Ignoracious

    iWeb doesn't follow web standards

    I want to help a friend to avoid using MobileMe by letting him use the webspace from his provider. To troubleshoot his site made in iWeb, I created my own iWeb minisite and published it on both MobileMe and the webspace from my own provider (different from my friend's). It just looks aweful on my own webspace (see screenshots) It seems that special characters like é aren't written as é Instead, the utf-8 character is used, and if your web server doesn't support it, the text will look aweful. MobileMe version: http://web.me.com/rvanbelzen/ My providers version: http://members.home.nl/rene.van.belzen/hardlopen/ Does someone know of a workaround for this?
  12. Ignoracious

    Application For Multiple Posts On The Web

    I think that in the long run, the silos that most social networking sites are will be opened up. We have seen this with e-mail. Long, long ago, when you were on one e-mail provider (say AOL), you couldn't send mail to another e-mail provider. Microsoft and even Apple had ideas to have their own Web environments. However, the open source movement has won, and nowadays both the WWW and e-mail are truly world-wide. I suspect something similar for social networking sites, otherwise they will be a footnote in history, clinging to their proprietary silo model. If people want it to be open, it will happen.
  13. Ignoracious

    HFS in NTFS drive and TimeMachine via XP

    Yes, hard disk manufacturers love Apple for having created Time Machine.
  14. Ignoracious

    Let's rock (you to sleep)

    iPod touch isn't the cash cow it used to be. That must be it.
  15. Ignoracious

    Hesitant to buy Spore

    Then we'll have to wait and see what security researchers have to say about this.