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  1. Just wondering if anyone has tried unlocking there iPhone for use on another network, and if anyone has tried using it on the Rogers network in canada?
  2. JustInIIV

    Video Converter

    I need a video converter to converter.rmvb into any other format that can run on mac, any application suggestions would be great and it would be better if the application was free
  3. JustInIIV

    Two iPods on one computer

    I like the ideal of making a new libary. When I got to Music is says "iTunes" I hit that and there is a file called Itunes Library. The File is only 4mb, is this the file I would load to load my music then when a new library is made I would have two of these files?
  4. I bought my mom and iPod for her birthday. All of her music is on my computer, it wasnt a problem before because I would just not sync her music to my iPod. Is there any way I can sync her music to her iPod and have my music on my iPod?
  5. JustInIIV

    Fan Problems?

    I got a 17-inch powerbook, running tiger. The fan has always ran very quiet (you can even hear it). I have installed WoW and have been playing for about two weeks, then the Burning Crusade since its release. I find that after about one to two hours after I start to play WoW the fan really starts to make noise (I mean lots of noise) It can be heard over lots of stuff and it is a really strong sound. Then after I stop playing WoW, about 3 minutes later it sounds completely silent again. I'm just wondering if this is normal or is it over heating. When I first installed WoW an played it never made this sound, only about a few days ago it started to do this. Is this normal or is it something I should look into? Can I keep playing WoW and not hurt it? Thanks alot
  6. JustInIIV

    Web Hosting

    I know it's another web host thread, but I need some help looking for a web host. I am particularly looking for a good free host, if you know post please, but I will also take ideals on payed web hosts that are reliable to. I also need them to have PHP on there serves, and also would like one that has FTP support to.
  7. JustInIIV

    Anyone who is into Gaming!

    I made a new blog for gaming, it is still new and there isn't much content YET, but check it out and let me know what you think, how to improve it. If you want to write and article about a game, review or something else related to gaming, please do so and send it to me. dailygaming.blogspot.com
  8. JustInIIV

    Where is the update?

    I have updated my itunes to version 7, and when I plug in my ipod it still says there is no update availiable.
  9. JustInIIV

    Where is the update?

    Hi, I just downloaded pac-man off iTunes, and when I go to sync it with my iPod it says I need an update to sync. I checked the summary of the iPod and it says I am up to date and there is no update available. I also checked Software Update and there is no new ipod update. There was also another post about this a little bit down, they had a link to MACFIXIT, but when I tried that it said I had to be a PRO subscriber to read, and I don't got one, so if anyone can inform me on how to get the update it would be greatly appreciated.
  10. JustInIIV

    Wordpress help

    Thanks for all the help, that is a great theme thanks. Is the MySQL account free, because I saw $599 a year, but I was probably in the wrong place, so if you could post the URL to make the account that would be great. Thanks
  11. JustInIIV

    Wordpress help

    Hi, I have just begun to get into website development, I got other applications I am trying and I got a webhost. I now am going to use wordpress for my blog, I am just not exactly sure on how to start it, I have gone through the instructions and I got a good ideal on how I am just not sure on how to configure this. Each of the define areas are the ones I am not sure on, so how do you fill them in. also can you use your own images in the themes or can you only use the ones included.
  12. JustInIIV


    Hi, I have been using iWeb just to make a family website and well I am kinda running out of things to do with it, anyway I was just wondering if there is a way to make a page were you can put (for instance wallpapers) in and then people from my family can download them, like a download page. I know there isn't a template for this kind thing so I am just wondering if there is a way to do that. Thanks
  13. JustInIIV


    Thanks a lot, I can enter new passwords, just how do you get it to enter your information automatically. I have entered my e-mail password for my hotmail account but when I go to the site it doesn't enter for me.
  14. JustInIIV


    Hi, I am still getting to know some of the applications, but I haven't really figured this one out, so what is Keychain and how do you use it. Thanks
  15. JustInIIV


    Hi, I have been wondering if there is a way to put pictures in the e-mail, for example when the e-mail is open the image is viewable with the text, if you subscribe to any kind of newsletter you will see this a lot, like a gaming newsletter. I do use the mail application that came with OS X TIGER, so that is the main one I would like to do it in, but if it can't be done is there another mail program that will let you do that.