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  1. Finder

    So do we buy the current models?

    Same question here, really looking forward to buying an updated version of the iMac. Sadly no mention of it at yesterday's MacWorld, though I have good hopes of Apple announcing an update somewhere at the end of this month or in the worst case in February. MacRumors also advises against buying an iMac right now, see this I guess having patience is the right thing to do at this moment!
  2. Finder

    Show off your Desktop

    Where did you find this OS X theme? I was never able to find it...
  3. Finder

    June Customization

    Hey I'm new here I've listened to the MacCast for a long time, but never had the time to sign up at the forums. I will be posting my desktop here soon. @mac user x: Where did you get that cool Fish wallpaper? Thanks