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    RAM Retailer Installers

    Thanks John. While it seems easy, I am not willing to take the risk of having a 2 thousand dollar paperweight. I knew exactly what had to be done last time and the clip still broke off. I was just phishing for feedback. Appreciate you .10
  2. SleeplessinMacWorld

    RAM Retailer Installers

    I recently obtained a copy of the latest Parallels Desktop and it just doesn't have the performance boost I need with the stock 4GB of RAM. Since Lion does not support Rosetta, I still need to use my Snow Leopard apps, and I would prefer to run Snow Leopard off a partition rather than an external hard drive. My question is this. RAM is ridiculously cheap right now. I think I saw 2 4GB sticks for 50 bucks. But I am gun shy when it comes to installation. I have a 2009 MacBook Pro and the last time I attempted to replace RAM, the clip holding the RAM broke off and I ended up fighting with Apple to reduce the repair costs since its conveniently attached to the logic board. I was wondering if anyone could recommend brand name places that would be able to install it at a reasonable price. Apple won't touch it because its not their RAM. Sorry Apple, I am not going to pay you 400 bucks for the privilege of your OEM. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. SleeplessinMacWorld

    OS X Lion Gripe

    So I am not sure if any of you Macians are having this issue, but I'd love to bury this frustration once and for all. I upgraded to Lion on my Macbook Pro 2.8Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo on launch day. Many of the "growing pains" have been worked out with the exception of one. Moving any file other than whats in the application folder to other sections of the home folder. One of two things happens. 1) I get prompted for my password and the file moves to where I want it to, no duplicate copy. 2)The file moves to where I want it to, but its a "copy" and I now have 2 versions. 3) The file creates a shortcut of the original file. I can't for the life of me figure out why the OS is doing this. Everything worked fine in Snow Leopard. Heres what I have done so far. 1) Insured my home folder name is in the "name" category for get info. 2) Insured ignored ownership on this volume is checked when migrating my backup files to the fresh version of Lion. 3) Applied to enclosed items on the one-two files that did not have me listed as able to read and write 4) Created a secondary account file to see if the problem replicated 5) Held down command r and reset the defaults for that home user. So nothing has worked and Applecare apparently can not guide me in the right direction either. I just figured it was yet another issue that can be resolved in the terminal. Has anyone else experienced this and if so how did you get through it? I'm very tempted to go back to Snow Leopard where I had no problems. Thanks so much
  4. SleeplessinMacWorld

    What is optimal "cycles" count for a relatively new MBP?

    Thank you both for the wonderful replies. @Rob- I only charge my computer once a day. On a busy day like a weekend maybe twice. I have only re calibrated it once. In the past, the MBP was always plugged in unless I was using it. I would only charge it if the screen gave me a warning indicator. I just got mixed signals from other peoples feedback and was curious what normal is. I haven't even had the machine seventy days so I was puzzled when I saw that number. Not sure what you meant with the one full charge cycle per month as I am unsure how I accrued so much already for a generally one charge a day use. I am not sure what it was set at when I got it so this may not be my problem. But I am guessing worse case scenario I will have to pay Apple in time to do the swap if I can't keep a charge. @Dolphbucs- Yes I tried that app and another free app which name escapes me now because I am formatting my hard drive. It seems to be a good benchmark but that didn't explain my cycle count which is why I initially posted the question. I was insinuating the refurb was the cause of the problem, I was merely adding to my initial question. I'll have them take a look at it tomorrow when I drop it at a Apple authorized repair shop for an unrelated issue to this question. Thanks again to all.
  5. I am just wondering if anyone knows what the normal "cycle" amount should be for a Unibody Macbook Pro? I started to notice a little bit of performance deterioration and I haven't had the machine 2 months yet. I have Applecare and did a little snooping around the Internet and read in various places that Apple guarantees its battery for roughly 300 cycles. I am at 70 already. How is that possible? The only time I charge my MBP is when I am using the machine and its about to die. I am not sure if I did something wrong or it came preloaded with a few cycles (I bought a refurb, 2.8GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo). I am concerned because I was reading that most people don't hit 70 cycles until 6 months to a year. Since I can't replace the battery itself without voiding the warranty, if it needs to be replaced I need to either mail it in or drive over an hour and some change to my nearest Apple Store. Can someone please provide some clarification on if I need to be doing something different and if 70 is normal after a week or so shy of two months owning the machine. Thanks.
  6. SleeplessinMacWorld

    NuRam Memory. Is anyone using it?

    Thanks John. I decided to try it out. We'll see how she holds up!
  7. SleeplessinMacWorld

    NuRam Memory. Is anyone using it?

    I've been pricing around to upgrade my 2.8 GHZ Macbook Pro Duo to its maximum capacity of 8GB of RAM. Like anything else in life, you shop around and you are going to see different prices. The NuRam memory from Newer Technology seems to be the least expensive, but I am not willing to take a performance hit to save a few bucks. The specs seem to be in line with many of the key players. Has anyone purchased this brand and had a positive or negative experience with it. Please share your personal experiences. Thanks
  8. SleeplessinMacWorld

    Ideal video card for a Power Mac G5?

    Hey all, I am still pushing a fossil because I don't have the funds to upgrade right now. I was interested in upgrading my video card because I can't do any 3D rendering in Creative Suite 4. So I need a 3D video card, but I don't know which will do the job. I am not much of a gamer, so graphic design will be the primary purpose. I read somewhere I can't just get any old video card, it has to be Mac only. Was wondering if anyone could offer any suggestions. I am just trying to get a little bit more life out of my 2.0 GHZ PowerMac G5. Thanks in advance
  9. SleeplessinMacWorld

    Running a Raid Zero with Disk Utility. What am I doing wrong?

    At this time I am willing to take the chance, but thanks for your reply, sir.
  10. I have been fighting to make room for hard drive space for the past several months with my 2 internal drives for my PowerMac G5. I finally made the trek to my local electronic store and got my first FireWire TB. (YAY). I ran a RAID stripe using my 2 internal drives and plan to mirror the drive with Super Duper once I get all my updates installed. My question is, am I taking a big chance and setting myself up for complications further down the road? I have seen mixed comments on forums and wanted to get feedback from others. Thanks
  11. SleeplessinMacWorld

    Apple Cinema Display Question (Persistence)

    Yeah I saw them, they are pretty beastly. Never could understand why Apple would discontinue something without replacing it with something better. Same way I can't figure out why the presistence comes and goes like the rain.
  12. SleeplessinMacWorld

    Apple Cinema Display Question (Persistence)

    Hello, I have been experiencing after what appears from a simple Google search is persistence on my 20" cinema display. Towards the bottom left of my screen there are faded lines inclined upwards, and a similar fashion on the far right hand side. The damage is no way near as terrible as I have seen in other peoples photos. Its very faint but noticeable with certain background colors. I looked up LCD persistence and saw people talking about clearing it by displaying solid white on their screens. I tried using a white desktop background for a day or two, but the persistence is obvious, especially when the monitor displays greys or blues. The strange thing is, there are times where it just sort of disappears and I do not notice the persistence on greys and blues as if time itself made it go away temporarily. I thought you had to leave a static image on screen for many, many hours to get persistence problems. Although I never put my computer to sleep, I do allow it the display to go to sleep if I am not in the house. Is there a way to fix this problem? I am perplexed that the issue is very intermittent which gives me hope something can be done. I have a feeling repairing this will be more trouble than its worth, since my Applecare warranty expired last year. Feedback and personal experience would be much appreciated. If someone paid out of pocket to have a similar issue fixed, I would be interested in knowing what I am contending with.
  13. Hey all. When I go to System Preferences > Sound > USB Microphone and try to increase the input volume, it works, and the person on the other end of my call can hear me. But after a second or two it begins to slide back down towards the left. I can't seem to get the volume over 50% and it makes it hard for my calls to hear. Is this a bug, or what?
  14. SleeplessinMacWorld

    Project Exceeds Maximum Content Duration and IDVD

    It was already on high quality. I don't understand why I have no control over the size of the actual file if I am under the designated time limit of 128 minutes or whatever it is.
  15. Hey all. I ran into this problem with IDVD '08 where it tells me the project exceeds the maximum content duration. I am ripping my hair out on this one because the total length of both AVI clips that I want to burn to DVD are 89 minutes and some change and I don't know when rendered that comes out to be over 4.8GB. I am not looking to trim anything because these are two documentaries that I want for safe keep recorded off television, commercial free. Is there a proggie or a back door around this. I really wish I knew this in advance before I wasted all this time in Imovie converting. Any help, please? Thanks