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  1. As Adam announced here, we have moved to the wonderful Invision Power Board software. If you have any questions involving how to do a certain task, certain new features you've found, etc. Ask them here! I have quite a bit of experience with IPB, so most likely I will be able to help you out. Many of our members also have experience with IPB, so we can find a solution one way or another. Enjoy the new software!
  2. I have started a Folding@home team for the MacCast community to contribute to for all of those that are interested. All you need to do is download the Folding application and run it on your computer (Mac or PC) The application will use your CPU to help contribute to research. The many CPUs of users around the world form a super computer of sorts. Currently the Folding@home project is working on * Alzheimer's Disease * Cancer * Huntington's Disease * Osteogenesis Imperfecta * Parkinson's Disease * Ribosome & antibiotics Visit the Folding@home site for more information on the project. The project consists of teams from all kinds of organizations. I thought it would be cool to have a MacCast community project, that is open for all MacCast listeners to help contribute if they can. Since many of us have powerful Macs, the work that we can do could be somewhat substantial (on a small scale.) I thought it would be fun to have a team of our own that we could track our contributions. There are clients for Windows, Linux, Mac (PPC) and a beta for Intel Macs. The new client utilizes the dual core features of the intel Macs. The client downloads page is located here. There are several types of clients including a screensaver client. The client is not intrusive and shouldn't disrupt your normal computing. You can fold at night and when you are away from your computer. The client is configurable so don't worry about computing disruptions! Simply enter your MacCast forum username (or other name) and the team number 53260, and let your machine take it away. You can view the team stats here. If you have any questions, just ask! I hope that those who are already folding for a different team, may consider switching over to the MacCast team. For those who aren't folding currently, post here if you have any questions! Reply here if you join the team, to let us know that you're folding!
  3. MitchA

    Forum Moderators Needed

    The positions have been filled, so I am going to go ahead and close this topic.
  4. MitchA

    Forum Moderators Needed

    There was no offense involved, and I wasn't trying to argue the value of moderators or anything like that. I didn't have a whole lot of time to think while writing, so it may have come across in a way I didn't want it to. I very much agree with your point, which i guess is what I Was trying to say. The moderation team here does not take over and create and enforce rules and get power hungry or anything like that, which is something that I am very glad to say. We are all just regular members that happen to help keep the spam away to help keep the community geared towards what it is supposed to be, the MacCast and the Mac community... It is the way it should be and it is the way that I hope that the moderation team continues to operate in the future... if things change, then we have problems!
  5. MitchA

    Just a thought..should we do a Iphone Subject?

    I have added an iPhone forum for now. We'll see how it works out, and whether or not it should be a subforum under a different topic. Adam may move it later as well. Have fun!
  6. MitchA

    Forum Moderators Needed

    Zionlion, We have a team of moderators here that have worked very hard to protect the community from objectionable content and spam over quite some time. We take a very hands-off approach, leaving almost every topic untouched, unless there is a major problem. The moderators that are in place are here to approve new members, remove spam/adult content, and to be "on call" in the event of a major problem. Thank goodness we have not had any major problems, because we are all here to help each other out. This is an amazing community with amazing members, and the spam is really the only thing that keeps us busy. The less spam that makes it through, the easier it is for the forums to thrive. We are just looking for 1 or 2 more moderators to help with the spam problem, and to decrease the time that new users have to wait to get approved.
  7. MitchA

    Suggestion to Cut Back on Spam

    I don't think that it would be feasible at this time. I am going to be trying to get in touch with Adam in the next few days to take care of some forum related concerns. I am working hard to get this place back to the best it can be.
  8. In the past few days we have been getting many requests for RSS feeds of the latest forum topics here on the MacCast forum. In response to these requests, we have introduced two RSS feeds for your feed reading pleasure. The Show Feed The Show Feed contains the 5 newest topics posted in the Announcements, Show Followup, and Feedback sections of the forum. This feed will appear in your browser (such as Safari) if you have a browser that has a built in RSS reader. The Whole Enchilada Feed The Whole Enchilada Feed contains the 10 newest topics posted throughout the MacCast forum. It includes topics from MOST sections of the forum. If you have any questions/comments regarding the feeds, please let us know!
  9. MitchA

    JOIN THE MacCast Folding@home Team

    We've made it to 75 work units! Thank you so much for everyone who is folding, as soon as I can get a computer back folding I Will. We're close to 100!
  10. MitchA

    Tivo File Transfers to MAC

    I downloaded it, but I was unable to configure it to work. COuldn't specify my Tivo in the Tivo Name field.
  11. MitchA

    MacCast Forum RSS Feeds Have Arrived!

    The widget can pull forum posts, if you go into the options.
  12. MitchA

    Sneek Peek

    Yeah, i didn't notice it until the other day. I was looking through and everyone commented at the same time.
  13. MitchA

    Sneek Peek

    One more minor error. The time stamp on all comments is the same. I don't know if the time corresponds to the time of the post or the 1st comment or what..Just a heads up.
  14. MitchA

    Anyone tried google desktop

    I installed it and have since uninstalled it. Resource intensive. You also get several other programs installed..Google Updater for example. All in all you have quite a bit of memory and other resources being used. The Daring Fireball article is a good read, it is what made me uninstall the other day. Quicksilver works for me.
  15. MitchA

    Sneek Peek

    I have to say it really looks nice!
  16. MitchA

    Shortcut to launch Dashboard???????

    I always launch the dashboard with F12 which I believe is the default. Is this what you mean or did I not understand your question?
  17. MitchA

    24" iMac screen brightness

    Are you thinking about Think?
  18. MitchA

    Linking macs without a router?

    Do the two Macs have an airport card?
  19. MitchA

    Visual HTML Editor

    Dreamweaver and Rapidweaver are for two totally different markets. If you are a new web developer, dreamweaver won't be your 1st stop (due to price and the required knowledge to use it) Rapidweaver is probably the best web editor for new website creators. IT creates beautiful sites in a fast and easy fashion. I really don't think you can compare the two..They aren't made for the same thing! If you are new and aren't interested in becoming an industry web developer and just need a nice looking site for personal use, then take a look at Rapidweaver. If you want to learn the tricks of the trade, and become a web designer/developer/whatever then take a look at learning dreamweaver.
  20. MitchA

    GTA IV Countdown Widget

    I saw a video preview of it. It looks amazing.
  21. MitchA

    Record streaming music?

    What type of music is this specifically? Is it internet streaming radio or something else?
  22. MitchA

    Anyone with Photoshop/Graphics skills?

    Thank you very much!
  23. Hey, quick request. I was wondering if anyone who has some graphics skills would be willing to help me out by creating a quick image/logo for me. I'd really appreciate it if someone with those skills could PM me I would greatly appreciate it. I can't pay at this time, but I can plug your website in exchange for the service. Thanks! Mitch
  24. MitchA

    JOIN THE MacCast Folding@home Team

    i still fold from time to time. My iMac g5 1.6ghz is quite slow and takes quite some time to complete a unit.
  25. MitchA

    forum clock

    Yep. It's in your "My Controls" area under board settings on the side.