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  1. We do pay a tax on downloads here in the US if we live in a state that has sales tax. A sales tax is added onto every purchase that I make at the iTunes store.
  2. MitchA

    Buddy can you spare a dime?

    That's a great tip, and something I never would've known! (I don't normally take a look at the coinstar machines.) Thanks!
  3. MitchA

    OSX Maintainence Software?

    That is one of the things that still amazes me about the Mac community. There are so many great freeware and shareware apps that are available for the Mac, and most of them are really cool and of really high quality. There's an alternative or freeware app for just about anything you want to do on the Mac.
  4. MitchA

    Problems redeeming an iTunes giftcard.

    Are you sure that you have scraped off the entire card and gotten the whole code? Is it possible that you are missing or misread a character? If you're doing everything right, then you are going to need to contact apple. Sounds like it wasn't activated possibly.
  5. Go to the terminal and paste this. defaults write com.apple.screencapture type jpg If you logout or restart the computer, then you should be taking JPEG screen captures.
  6. MitchA

    JOIN THE MacCast Folding@home Team

    Just an update, we've now folded 5 work units! It looks like we'll have quite a few more in the coming days, judging by the number of us folding that haven't completed a WU yet. Thank you everyone for your support!
  7. MitchA

    mail checker

    Take a look at Spell Catcher. It works in all apps, not just Mail, and is a combo of several different other shareware apps. There is a review here. It looks like it is quite powerful from what I've read and heard about from friends.
  8. MitchA

    mail checker

    Are you looking for a shareware or a freeware solution? As far as I know there aren't any free mail plugins or apps that will allow you to do this in Mail. There are several shareware options though.
  9. MitchA

    Firefox 2.0 is a Nightmare

    I was having reliability issues with Firefox 2, and I recently updated and was still having problems. I am back using Safari now.
  10. MitchA

    FireFox bookmarks

    If you do a spotlight search for Firefox you should find a folder that is in library>application support>. If you open the firefox folder and navigate to your profile folder, there should be a file titled bookmarks.html. You can import that in Safari by going to File>Import Bookmarks. It'll create a new folder of bookmarks within your Safari bookmarks.
  11. MitchA

    OSX Maintainence Software?

    I personally use OnyX as my only OS X maintenance app. I run it every two months or so. Adam did a show a while back that covered this topic, I am going to see if I can find the notes for it. EDIT: Found it> http://www.maccast.com/2005/11/25/maccast-11252005/
  12. MitchA

    Mac Freeware Finds

    Just an update: The site is now being updated daily (the original intent) so you can now be assured that you will find something new every day that you check the site!
  13. Hello everyone! I have started a new site that features Mac Freeware on a daily basis. Every day a new freeware application will be reviewed on the site. Software news and Mac related news will also appear on the site from time to time as well. Let me know what you think! I hope that you find it to be a useful resource that you check on a daily basis.
  14. MitchA

    Least Used Bundled Mac App

    Sherlock, IDVD, iMovie, iPhoto, Garageband, and iChat to name a few.
  15. MitchA

    JOIN THE MacCast Folding@home Team

    Awesome! THat's great!
  16. MitchA

    JOIN THE MacCast Folding@home Team

    That's a shame that you're having difficulties. Unfortunately I do not know enough about the client(s) to help troubleshoot the problem. I haven't noticed any problems on either of my Macs or My PC running the Client. The folding site is rather technical, and I did some google searching, but didn't really come up with anything good. Let us know if you resolve the problem on your Mac mini. It'd be nice if we could get a little configuration/setup guide going with common questions and answers.
  17. MitchA

    JOIN THE MacCast Folding@home Team

    Awesome! Welcome to the team!
  18. MitchA

    Putting d.v.d. on your computer and ipod

    I have used Handbrake lite several times, and my experiences have been spotty. It does take a very long time, and from time to time it won't rip and encode properly at all. When it does work, it is a great solution.
  19. MitchA

    App Pics W/ Preview

    That is an amazingly awesome tip. Thank you so much!
  20. MitchA

    Wordpress help.

    Sounds like it is a layout issue. Did you make any modifications to the layout files or css files for the theme that you are currently using?
  21. MitchA

    Are there any Apple events in New York?

    What kind of apple events? There really aren't official Apple events on the west coast either besides store openings.
  22. MitchA

    Audio in browsers

    Is this only for flash videos? Have you tried re-installing flash?
  23. MitchA

    Word Processing

    Check our AbiWord (http://www.abisource.com/) There is no official Intel build, but the wikipedia article on AbiWord states that there is an unofficial build (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AbiWord#Unofficial_Intel_Macintosh_Port) available.
  24. MitchA

    maccast forum.. "ranks"

    That is totally fine. It will only become a problem if the mod team finds that a user is digging up many old topics and posting. Users in the past have gone through, digging up any topic that they could fake a reply to just to increase their count. It is very clear whether or not someone had other intentions when replying to topics. We aren't going to pull anyone's account without first discussing any potential issues with them. Does that make sense?
  25. MitchA

    maccast forum.. "ranks"

    I don't know whether or not this would really be an appropriate place to pin this topic, and I really can't think of a good category that this topic could be moved to as we don't really have a forum discussion section. I'll go ahead and add this to the help section (though I don't think that many people read it) so the ranks are there in the future. That is a good point. I suppose that I should've been more clear with my statement. Certain people from time to time have been found to be digging up old posts and responding just to respond. An example of this would be a post about a personal situation of some type from over a year ago with a new response saying something like "how did that go for you" or "any updates". I meant to describe a situation when someone does that kind of response through multiple old topics simply to raise their post count. I hope that explains it in a better way. EDIT: I have added a help file (click on help above the member bar at the top of the page) that includes this information.