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    What do you think this computer is worth

    I would guess that it is worth somewhere around 350-400 dollars
  2. MitchA

    maccast forum.. "ranks"

    Rank/Min. Post Count New Mac Geek-0 Mac Geek In Training-10 Mac Geek Apprentice-25 Mac Geek-50 Super Mac Geek-100 Uber Mac Geek-250 Meta Mac Geek-500 Alpha Mac Geek-750 Mac Geek God-1000 Please remember that anyone found to be abusing the system by digging up old topics, posting multiple responses, etc. etc. WILL have their account suspended.
  3. MitchA

    Mac Freeware Finds

    Thanks for the encouragement!
  4. MitchA

    A REALLY stupid iTunes question

    If you have an external hard drive or an iPod, I would suggest that you transfer the music over to the new computer like that. I have moved music back and forth between my iMac and my iBook before using my iPod. I have found that to be a pretty good solution. I believe that apple has a support article involving that.
  5. MitchA

    Who still uses their old Mac?

    I am a pretty new mac user (2 years) so my oldest mac is an iMac G5 1.6GHz. I'd like to replace it, but I don't really want to spend the money at the moment.
  6. MitchA

    Mail won't connect to smtp servers

    As pwbeninate said your ISP may be blocking port 25, which would require you to use their SMTP server. I don't know if your mail provider allows this (.mac?) but some hosts do offer an alternative smtp port (such as 26) Check your settings for GMAIL, because it should work even if your ISP blocks 25 since it uses a higher port number.
  7. MitchA

    MacCast software

    That is a wonderful idea! I don't have the skills to do it, but I think it would be great.
  8. MitchA

    New Art for the Maccast!

    The artwork rotates. Both of those were submitted to the eMacCast artwork contest which was about a year ago.
  9. MitchA

    Welcome back!

    Check out this article, if you haven't read it yet. http://www.maccast.com/2006/09/21/update-o...accast-is-back/
  10. MitchA

    Thoughts on Advertising

    advertising all the way...
  11. MitchA

    The Maccast Forums aren't enjoyabl anymore

    I am closing this topic. Themes have been brought up before, and there are lengthy topics about them already in place.
  12. MitchA

    maccast chatroom

    The IPB chat client is an additional product from Invision and is not included in IPB.
  13. MitchA

    maccast profile problem

    Skype is at the bottom of the list of the profile editing page apart from AIM and MSN.
  14. Hello All, Recently I had my logic board and power supply replaced on my iMac G5 1.6GHZ (for the second time) by the apple genius crew at my local store. This was about a week and a half ago. Things haven't quite been right since I brought it home, adn most recently it has begun putting itselef to sleep at random points, and if I wake it up, it will shortly go back to sleep. This isn't a constant thing, but when it happens, it goes on for quite some time. I thought that it could've been a heat issue since my fans have been louder than usual, so I downloaded a freeware app that monitors processor temp. I do not know how accurate it is, but it is reporting temps in the 85-90 degree C range at the moment, and most of the time in the past few days. I do not know if this is considered high for my model and if this is what is causing the problem. I thought that maybe the tech might have done something when installing the new hardware that is causing this problem. I am not much of a hardware guy, so I'd appreciate any ideas that anyone might have!
  15. MitchA

    Strange iMac G5 Sleep Behavior

    As an update, I took it in to the Apple store, and they took it in for work. Looks like they are replacing the logic board yet again, for the third time.
  16. MitchA


    I'll say this again. Give it time. The forums are still new. No it isn't flashy. No it isn't beautiful, but we do have a great group of members who come here for content, not look. It isn't that we aren't capable of creating a new skin, or installing an existing skin. Remember that if Adam wanted a new skin, he would've put one up. If and when Adam is interested in a member contributed design, I am sure that he will ask for it. Will that be tonight, tomorrow, a month from now? Who knows. But please, take my word for it...Adam is aware that members don't think this is the most beautiful look, and aware that members are asking for a change. Just give it time, and see what happens. Until then, just enjoy the content and the community feeling of the forums. Changes/Upgrades could happen at anytime...Or they could not. Just take what we have, and enjoy it
  17. MitchA

    Strange iMac G5 Sleep Behavior

    Alright. Thanks Matt. Hopefully they'll do something for free when I take it in.
  18. MitchA

    Strange iMac G5 Sleep Behavior

    Okay, I just didn't want to take it in unless I had to. Something makes me think that it may have to do with the service.
  19. MitchA

    Strange iMac G5 Sleep Behavior

    I normally leave it running at night. It happens at random times, and has only been happening in isolated situations. I doubt that they would be able to reproduce the problem at the store. The fans running somewhat loudly is an ongoing thing though. The only other thing that I have done to this computer, after the replacement, was a sleep light firmware update. Could that have caused this? Is there a way to undo that?
  20. MitchA

    putting a picture in a forum post..?

    You can remove that by checking the second check box when uploading.
  21. MitchA

    putting a picture in a forum post..?

    Sure thing. Here goes: First go to http://imageshack.us, where you will find a upload form of sorts. Click the choose file button, and select the file from your computer that you wish to upload. Next select the desired upload resize. This will depend on what exactly you are going to be uploading. For forums you don't really want it much larger than 640x480. If you are uploading a much smaller image, then don't bother selecting a resize. If you are resizing (downsizing) make sure you click the checkbox next to the resize option. Then click the host it button. Next you will be taken to a page where you can select the way you want to post the image. If you want a thumbnail of the image, select the option titled Thumbnail for forums (1) and paste it here at the forums. If you don't want a thumbnail, and want to display the full resized image, then use the hotlink for forums (1) and paste it here in your reply.
  22. MitchA

    putting a picture in a forum post..?

    Alright, well, Imageshack.us makes it really easy to do. Just upload, and copy and paste the link. They include all of the formatting.
  23. MitchA

    putting a picture in a forum post..?

    You will need to upload an image to an image host (such as imageshack) and then enter the URL to the image in between image tags. Imageshack will actually give you the proper formatting after you upload. EXAMPLE: [IMG=http://whatevertheaddress.com/image.jpg]
  24. MitchA

    Connecting to University's FTP

    Sounds like there is a problem with the way your account is configured. You should probably talk to your IT department.
  25. MitchA

    Maccast forum theme

    InvisionFree is a free forum hosting provider that hosts your forums on their own servers using Invision's Power Board V1.3. Invision is the company that makes the software, not InvisionFree. Adam bought a license for Version 2.1, and hosts it with his own hosting provider.