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    What is going on here?

    The switch to intel really increased PC users desire for a mac, because of how easy it is to still have windows along with the beautiful mac hardware and operating system. Before, you would need to have a PC and a Mac if you relied on any windows based software. Now you can spend money on one computer, and get both.
  2. MitchA

    Maccast forum theme

    We are using Invision Power Board 2.1.7. InvisionFree utilizes Invision Power Board version 1.3.
  3. MitchA


    As you could probably imagine, Adam has other projects he is working on to better the podcast and the website. The forums are meant to be a place for discussion, help, etc. Eye candy shouldn't really matter. The skin isn't a beauty, but it works, and it isn't horribly ugly. Remember, the switch in software occurred just a few weeks ago. The change in part was made to make the forums a more enjoyable place for users (it made many tasks that users have to somewhat frequently over time much easier, and it is helping us fight users with more malicious intentions.) That being said, the forum can still evolve, and still needs to evolve, so I am not saying that new skins won't happen, but at this point it isn't on the to-do list for a number of reasons. But who knows what will come down the pipeline in the future
  4. MitchA

    Maccast forum theme

    InvisionFree uses a different version of the software than we do, so that skin will not work for us.
  5. MitchA

    maccast chatroom

    I believe that IRC was used, and failed. See this thread> http://forum.maccast.com/index.php?showtopic=3985&st=0
  6. MitchA

    Your Christmas Wishlist

    The planned release date falls after the holiday season on Leopard. Isn't it a bit early to be talking christmas already!!!
  7. MitchA

    Rebate Question

    Yes, just photocopy. I often find myself photocopying receipts as well as UPC codes when I am doing rebates from a number of stores. The companies know that there are multiple offers a lot of the time, and they should accept a photocopy.
  8. It's another account for Adam.
  9. MitchA

    Questions About the New Forum Software?

    That sounds great! I will talk with Adam and we'll see if we can't get some RSS feed setup.
  10. MitchA

    Questions About the New Forum Software?

    Adam is hosting the forums on the same server as the main maccast site is hosted on. I don't know what hosting provider he is using, but there are many great hosting providers out there. IPB also offers hosting options if you don't have your own dedicated/shared hosting solution. I would advise against hosting a site yourself from a computer in your house. Go to the pros, and start out with a shared hosting account and grow as needed. RSS is not currently setup and may nor may not be setup in the future. It can become a bit complicated as far as which topics are included in what feed, how many feeds there are, which feed appears in Safari, etc. etc. Currently you can "subscribe" to individual topics or forum categories, and receive email updates when new responses/topics are posted. You can do that from the forum options button in any category view.
  11. MitchA

    Apple Attuitudes

    I can see where apple is coming from with this rule. The apple boards are linked to their support site, which many users go to for support. If they happen to stumble across the boards in their quest for answers and see the info about up and coming products, it may cause some confusion to those who aren't as web savvy. Since it is linked to an official area of the site, the public could confuse the information found there to be official, and that could cause many problems for Apple. I understand where you are coming from as well, but Apple has to protect themselves, especially on their own site.
  12. MitchA

    Is Apple's innovation starting to slip?

    As others said, Apple can't constantly innovate. Sometimes some updating is required in order to innovate. Apple made a huge jump from 10.2 to 10.3 and again to 10.4. Now it appears as if they are coming in with features to existing apps included in the OS (such as mail, iChat, etc.) to make them even better than before. Give it time. Apple will surely be out with something that will blow you away soon enough. Will it be the OS? Who knows and who cares?
  13. MitchA


    It is commercial software. Invision used to release the software as both free and commercial software, but after version 2.0 was released, it went all commercial.
  14. What a cool idea for a podcast! I am going to check this out.
  15. MitchA


    phpbb tends to be far more vulnerable than IPB is. Invision's team is constantly pushing out security updates/patches as needed. We switched to IPB as it was a more complete product, has better tools for moderation, and has increased anti-spam options. As with most products, as long as the software is kept up to date, it remains quite secure.
  16. MitchA

    Safari Spell Check and Maccast

    It's working for me in Safari.
  17. MitchA

    Questions About the New Forum Software?

    I just tested the notification feature for this topic, and the link did in fact work. Is it possible that your email client (webmail?) is not actually hyperlinking the entire link?
  18. MitchA


    There is an avatar limit enforced (90x90) with the new software, so many avatars were likely resized during the transition. As you said, uploading again will fix the problem
  19. MitchA

    Questions About the New Forum Software?

    Click the "My Controls" link in your member bar at the top of any page. Then click on email settings and click the box next to Enable 'Email Notification' by default? That should be what you want
  20. MitchA

    Questions About the New Forum Software?

    It does seem like the problem you are describing sounds like more of a connection problem than a forum problem. It may have just been a coincidence that you were noticing issues after the switch. I haven't had any problems, and I haven't heard of any problems from others, so it may have been a bad connection day for you yesterday
  21. MitchA

    Questions About the New Forum Software?

    Well, these forums are not setup in the same way that PHPBB was setup, so the link syntax is different. Remove your old bookmarks so you don't keep trying to access the old forums. As far as avatars are concerned, just upload a new one.
  22. MitchA

    Questions About the New Forum Software?

    What board are you trying to get into and what is the error you are receiving?
  23. MitchA


    If anyone has any questions about the new software and its features, I have opened a new topic here that can serve as a Question/Answer thread.
  24. MitchA

    Steve Jobs Personal Blog?

    It's obviously fake, as was said all along on some sites that posted links to it..It is a somewhat entertaining read though
  25. MitchA

    Leopard's Unveiling & Release

    Actually Tiger became available in April, not Macworld. There was a big keynote that included Tiger at Macworld, but it wasn't actually available for purchase until April, and if I recall correctly, the release date was only announced about a month beforehand. Sorry. It all happened before I was a Mac fan. Nothing to be sorry about, I was just correcting the timeline of events, so there wouldn't be confusion.