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    Leopard's Unveiling & Release

    Actually Tiger became available in April, not Macworld. There was a big keynote that included Tiger at Macworld, but it wasn't actually available for purchase until April, and if I recall correctly, the release date was only announced about a month beforehand.
  2. MitchA

    Experiences with Apple Support

    My experience was great! My iMac's logic board died due to a known issue with a circuit on it or something. It's a known iMac issue though. Setup an appointment at the Genius bar, brought it in, was told that it was a production flaw and it would need to be repaired, and I was handed a nice bill that had $799 or so crossed out, and $0 as the new total. They repaired it in two days and it was good as new once I got it back.
  3. MitchA

    Speeding up Safari

    There is the http pipelining hack for FireFox.
  4. MitchA

    10.4.7 Update is Out!

    I believe that Apple keeps disabling it with updates, and has been from the start.
  5. MitchA

    10.4.7 Update is Out!

    Well..I doubt that Leopard will be released on the 7th of August. They are just previewing it (as they have done in the path) and then give a release date of several months later. WWDC is a chance for developers to get up to date with the new OS and such, so a release date right around WWDC is highly unlikely.
  6. MitchA

    Speeding up Safari

    Yeah. It's a really nice tweak. I did it a while ago while I was still using Safari, and I loved it. Now I've moved back to Camino.
  7. MitchA

    FTP Program?

    Check out Cyberduck. It's a great free FTP and SFTP client.
  8. MitchA

    Forum Questions

    what does that mean? and why do you need the time zones if everybody is talking to everybody anyway? GMT
  9. MitchA

    Forum Questions

    There should be a link at the top that says search. It will bring up a search page that searches just the forums. If you can't find the link, the search page is http://www.maccast.com/phpbb/search.php
  10. MitchA

    Forum Questions

    Even if there was a search box on each page, it would still need to open a new page or replace the page you're looking at. Right now you'll just need to use either the main site search or the forum search (or both) If you do your best to search and can't find anything, then post a topic about it. If a member knows of another topic or page on maccast.com that will be useful, they'll link to it. There already is a new topic button on every page.
  11. MitchA

    Forum Questions

    I thought it was -4. Check them both and see what is right. This is the system we have at this point, and it isn't the best. Hopefully in the future it'll be easier to do these things. Do you have anything in the signature box? Are you sure that you put the text in the signature box?
  12. MitchA

    Forum Questions

    You want to set your timezone to GMT -4. The HTML setting is a global setting on the forums. It is disabled board wide for everyone (set by Adam) It is disabled for everyone, and changing the setting in your settings won't override that. You'll just need to use BBCode.
  13. MitchA

    UnInstallers -- AppZapper, Spring Cleaning

    I moved your other questions to a new thread in the off topic section. Check there for replies regarding your other questions
  14. MitchA

    UnInstallers -- AppZapper, Spring Cleaning

    As Matt said BBCode is used for all formatting. Here is a guide to all things bbcode. Welcome to the forums.
  15. MitchA

    Is this bad?

    A quick search of Apple's support site and I found this. http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=107061 Looks like it is a kernel panic. Here is another apple page that goes into more detail about kernel panics in OS X http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=106227
  16. MitchA

    Nsv streaming video on mac???

    Looks like the only way to play NSV files for sure is to use Winamp. VLC will play some .NSV files. http://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?p=34523#34523
  17. MitchA

    Screenshots of Leopard, fake or real?

    It's probably fake. We'll find out later this summer!!
  18. MitchA


    http://www.maccast.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php...?t=6979&start=0 If you PM me the names of users that you feel have an avatar that is too large, I'll take a look and take care of it.
  19. MitchA

    Accounting Sofware recommendations?

    I believe the iMac G5 came with QuickBOOKs New User Edition. Nope...Not mine. It shipped with QuickEN 2004. My iBook shipped with 05. Both are a full version
  20. MitchA

    Accounting Sofware recommendations?

    That's true. My brother's MacBook came with Quicken. Both my iMac G5 and iBOok came with it as well.
  21. MitchA

    Accounting Sofware recommendations?

    I believe that You get Quicken for free on most, if not all macs. I found out that I had it a few days ago.
  22. MitchA

    Delicious Library Help, I need a custom answer...?????

    Have you considered converting your DVDs to mpeg4 or a different codec that will play in quicktime. That way you won't need to play the vob files.
  23. MitchA

    Friends of matt

    i don't know if you'll be able to get in contact with him via his cell phone. It may not be available. He should be back online in the near future though
  24. MitchA

    Win AIM 5.9 to iChat 2.0 audio

    I think you are going to need to use a cross platform voice client like Skype, if you want this to work well. Or if you have a windows PC, use that for AIM voice chats.
  25. MitchA

    Win AIM 5.9 to iChat 2.0 audio

    Adium doesn't do most of the AIM features (like direct connect for example) very well , so I wouldn't count on it.