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  1. ansalgado

    Remote Disc from MBAir to AppleTV

    I still have some DVDs that I'm not able to Rip/Backup using MacTheRipper or HandBrake, yet occasionally I would like to view them on the projector that's connected to my Apple TV. It would be nice to have the MacBook Air's "Remote Disc" functionality on the Apple TV. Who knows if Apple will implement this in the future... in the mean time, does anybody know a hack to get this functionality on the current version of the Apple TV? Thanks
  2. ansalgado

    MacBook Pro random sudden shutdown

    Hi, I had the exact same problem a couple of weeks ago on my MBP 15" less than a year old. In my case the battery went bad. You can tell by unplugging the power and looking at the battery remaining life drop by the minute. Mine fully charged (100%) would show only 34 minutes remaining!! Unfortunately, batteries aren't covered under AppleCare so I had to buy another one. But to be honest, I haven't used it yet, since I have my MBP plugged to the power all the time (which was the cause of the battery failure) and I don't want my new battery to be damaged too. hope this helps.
  3. ansalgado

    Show off your Desktop

    It looks like Biscayne Bay, Miami Very cool pic!
  4. ansalgado

    Keyboard "shift" change?

    I noticed that as well. The shift key would only work for one letter, but after the 1.1.1 upgrade it 'sticks'... I'm not sure I like it that much, since I had set to "ON" the 'Enable Caps Lock' option under (Settings>General>Keyboard) which would enable me to double tap the Shift key (it turns blue) and then it would be 'Caps Lock'. --as
  5. ansalgado

    iPhone is hot; battery not so hot

    I've had my iPhone since the infamous price-drop and I couldn't be happier. But now I've got this problem: The phone gets really hot and the battery will drain in record time with no apparent reason. The first time I didn't pay much attention to it, I thought "well, I must've used it a lot today". But today, it happened again. I looked around and have seen scattered reports, but nothing concrete… anyone has experienced this? Has anybody pin-pointed the reason?
  6. ansalgado

    Help: How to fix Mighty Mouse roller ball?

    I had that issue twice with my BT MM. Both times I did the same procedure and it worked! 1. hold it upside down and rub the little ball with a soft cloth with alcohol or some kind of cleaner. 2. Holding the mouse upside down, blow compressed air into the ball, the pressure from the air will make the ball move and air will go inside the hole. 3. Holding the mouse on it's normal position, press the scroll ball really hard and scroll in all directions. I hope this helps.
  7. ansalgado

    rip dvd with subtitled ?

    Try using the new version of HandBrake that has preset fot the AppleTV. It has an option to include the subtitles when you rip the DVD. You can even choose from the languages that the DVD has, usually English, French and Spanish. Keep in mind that the subtitles are 'burned' into the movie, there's no turning off/on as on a regular DVD.
  8. ansalgado

    Joost Unlimited Invites?

    Would you please send me an invite? ansalgado at mac - com Hopefully some day there will be some good content... Thanks!
  9. I've seen different reports online saying that Joost opened up unlimited invites for current beta testers. Can anyone confirm this? If it's true, can anyone spare an invite? Thanks!
  10. I've 'converted' 9 people directly, either by persuading them to buy a new mac, or giving them a mac my self. Two of those 9 have in turn persuaded 1 additional person. That makes a grand total of 11 people under my tree... and that's only since I switched 2 and 1/2 years ago... maybe I should start collecting commissions from Apple.
  11. ansalgado

    iChat Frustration

    This is the setup: My mother is in Ottawa, Canada and has a MacBook - one of the first ones that came out that she inherited from me. My brother is in London, England and has a Mac Mini (PPC) and a PowerBook G4 12" and he hooks up his digital camcorder for video chat. I am in Miami, Florida and I have a MacBook Pro brand new (After I gave my MacBook to my mother I was forced to update ) This is the History: Saturday: I have a video chat with my brother for about 2 hours. Never had a problem. Monday: I have a video chat with my parents for about 30 minutes. Never had a problem. Tuesday: 1. I try to have a 3-way video chat with my mother and my brother, but it says my mothers MB doesn't support multiple video chat. Strange, I thought all Intel Macs would support it. Perhaps it's because she doesn't have .mac account? 2. I try to video chat with my mother only and I get "Connection Error" and further down on the details I see "Chat ended with Error -8". 3. I have a short video chat with my brother who's also online and I have no problems. 4. Later that day, I after changing QuickTime Streaming settings I try video chat with my mother again and I get the same error, yet she confirms she had a video chat with my brother without a glitch. We ended up using Skype, which is OK, but it sucks that I went great lengths to get the whole family converted to Mac so we could take advantage of multi-way video chat and it isn't working. As you can imagine, I'm going crazy. I was able to have a normal video chat with my mother one day and then it doesn't work anymore the next day. I haven't changed anything on my MBP that may have caused this issue, and proof is I can still video chat with my brother. My mother's configuration seems to be OK, since she can have video chat with my brother. Sorry for the long post, but I was trying to explain the situation with a lot of details so it wasn't too confusing (I hope). Has anybody had similar problems? Did anybody solve this? how? Thanks!