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  1. So no... the OS X iTunes will not recognize the .itl file format for the iTunes Library. Although I can get both sides to reference the same .mp3 files, I can't get both sides of iTunes to work off of the same library. Why is this problematic? As I begin to update podcasts or add music one side, the other side will not "know" that the files have already been input. It seems as though it would be quite difficult to manage both copies of iTunes to keep them both up to date. If anyone has any other ideas, I would be all ears. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I've installed MacDrive on the windows XP side of my machine. I've been trying to point the Windows iTunes to the same iTunes Library file on the Mac OS X side. Unfortunately, it appears that the file types are different. Windows is looking for a .itl file for the iTunes Library. I can copy and rename the exist iTunes lib file to end in the proper extension. Will the mac side still work with this file? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi all, I've heard many great ways to allow an iPod to synch to iTunes on a PC (say at work) and also a Mac (say at home). In my office, I have to switch between XP and OS X frequently, and I do so by rebooting in Boot Camp. The reason for this is that many of my applications are simply not available in both mac and xp. So anyway, is there a way to share one central iTunes Library from both platforms? Otherwise, each platform has to independently download podcasts, etc. Thank you, Fury.
  4. Fury

    Firmware Update - MBP

    What confuses me is that the Firmware update was released on May 16th. I received my mac on May 10th. Clearly the computer shipped before the firmware outdate. Will Software Update do the firmware also? If so, perhaps it got in there all sneaky style. Anyway, I've noticed that the computer runs significantly cooler when running under Mac OS X, then via Windows / Bootcamp. Part of the explanation is that I'm running much more processor / GPU intensive apps under windows. I'll have to install WoW on both the mac and PC partitions to give it a go, to see if there is any difference. Thanks for the info.
  5. Fury

    Firmware Update - MBP

    Hi Adam, On your terrific podcast, you mentioned that there was a new firmware update for the Macbook Pros which significantly reduce the heat of the computers. I've gone to http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/mac...wareupdate.html and downloaded the MBP Firmware Update link. When I try to run this file, I'm told that "this computer does not need this update." To my knowledge, I've never updated the firmware. What build number will this upddate bring me to? How can I check my current build number? Many thanks. Fury
  6. Fury

    17 MBP - First thoughts

    I'm noticing that the screen does not carry the same level of brightness through out. Along the bottom edge of the LCD Screen (approximately the bottom 1/4" - 1/2"), the pixels are significantly brighter, than those in the middle. It's most noticable when I use a background image that is a solid color. Adjusting the screen brightness only seems to dim all pixels at the same rate, leaving the bright areas relatively brighter.
  7. Fury

    17 MBP - First thoughts

    So I received my 17" MBP in the mail yesterday. (I'm not posting to brag... the PodCast asked for comments about the new MBP). Here is a list of some first reactions. Now some of these may seem nitpicky, but please don't get me wrong. These are minor, pebble sized issues which I've noticed, compared to mountain-sized satisfaction, pleasure, enjoyment. -- Beautiful form factor and case. This is no surprise. Every mac laptop since the original TiBook has been drool worthy. -- The track pad is approximately 1/4" too wide. I find that when I'm typing, the base of my palm, next to my thumb touches the track pad. So as I type, the cursor "jiggles" a little bit. I never noticed this as a problem on the 17" AL books. -- The latch is a bit finicky. Not to say it's difficult, but it certainly requires a specific touch to open the laptop. -- XP through boot camp wails! It's unbelievably fast. To be fair, all new installations of XP feel snappy, then become sluggish over time. We'll see. -- Having trouble getting XP to file share with other XP desktops. This one is probably user error. I'll have to keep working on this one. -- I know everyone it touting Virtualization as the future... But I love the Dual Boot to XP. The windows apps which I need tend to require fairly significant processor / GPU usage. So when I'm in windows, I want it to be as stable as possible. -- The case gets extremely hot. Especially right above the F4 to F8 keys. It could seriously burn people who are not careful. I did read about the excessive thermal grease issue. I have a feeling my laptop is off the first run, prior to this resolution. -- I haven't noticed the "animal sounds" which others have reported for the 15" MBP's. That's all I have for now. I'll write back more thoughts as new issues occur.