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  1. tammythemongoose

    HTTPS "everywhere"

    I wanted to know what the forum members thought about https://www.eff.org/https-everywhere this HTTPS everywhere service that Leo Laporte mentioned at this weeks podcast for Leo Laporte the Tech guy. I want to log into my mobile me mail , hot mail and yahoo mail (this says yahoo mail won't ever be secure). Is this a good install for firefox? Any other suggestions for secure connection say while in a hotel with wifi? Thanks.
  2. tammythemongoose

    Login Name Password question with 3 macs

    Thanks! I am now completely resolved on this issue and I appreciate the help. I have now changed to a harder password and I like the idea of rotation without one password. Geez, all my banks lost my information and left me open to identity theft - what makes me think one password is going to be any better! Cheers! (I did wonder if I am NOT on Lion - will my email cease to sync in the cloud? )
  3. tammythemongoose

    Login Name Password question with 3 macs

    Hi! I have 3 macs - 2 imacs, one mac book. They were "cloned" from my very first mac so they each have the same long and short MY ACCOUNT name and the same password, and I sync with mobile me soon to be icloud and sync keychains. The question - If I want to change the password to log in for the mac book to be more hardened, but leave the home imacs alone, will that mess things up in the sync because the MY ACCOUNT name long and short is the same on all 3? Thanks! TTM
  4. tammythemongoose

    HP J6480 All In One can't scan

    Hi! I'm new to the forum but I have an old (several years) HP 7200 all in one printer and as soon as snowy came out the scanner did not work on my HP. Turns out - you do the scanning in PREVIEW! It doesn't have the same look as the HP but try this: Open Preview. Click file>import fromscanner >include networked devices and then you should be able to see your printer (mine is through the time capsule hub) just click scan Preview will open up a new window with some controls on the side - pretty good ones, tell you the scanner is warming up then get going . The preview help and also on line help (google preview scanning) is pretty good. I don't scan much so I always have to look up stuff to remember how to save things, especiallly if you have a multi page scan you can scan all to one document (but I forget how to do that every time!). Hope this helps. TTM