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  1. jchiar

    Phishing protection

    As a followup, i was going to suggest Virus Barrier X6 at http://www.intego.com/VirusBarrier/ I just got a copy and it has anti-malware protection together with firewall, network protection, anti-phishing, anti-spyware. I actually got a free copy from the guys at Makeuseof.com Its a sweet looking program and it runs unobtrusively. Other than that, on the sandbox side i use Puppylinux http://puppylinux.org/main/index.php?file=Overview%20and%20Getting%20Started.htm I installed it to a USB drive. Then when i use windows PC's i just boot of the thumb drive. Its superfast and has firefox built right in.
  2. jchiar

    using timemachine drive for other stuff?

    Thanks . Its just temporary. My main drive is failing and I need a spot to dump what i can while i can access the drive!
  3. Can you use a timemachine drive for otherthings? Can I say use .mac backup to use it as a destination for backups ?
  4. Hmm, anyone know a reputable mac service center in NYC?
  5. HI I have a white 17 inch iMac, just over 2 years old. Ive got applecare for it too. In prep for the next OS , I have questions about upgrading. Background- Ive got an internal 160 GB drive, 500 gb external for music and videos and an external 1 TB for Timemachine. Ive got only 6gb free on my internal. I do have a strong background in computers and ive worked for IBM repairing laptops and servers, so i have alot of hardware experience. JUST NOT with MACS. Questions- Since i am out of disk space, ive contemplated replacing the internal with a 1TB drive. Can i upgrade the iMacs internal drive and will it void my applecare? If i replace the drive, ill still have my original drive for backup and for target disk mode if some apps dont work with snow leopard. I installed Leopard over my existing Tiger install and figured 2 years is probably time for clean up. What kind of trouble am i really getting into and is this a good move? Thank in advance mac geeks. Thanks Joe
  6. jchiar

    Tivotogo eyetv questions

    How good is the quality to Tivo to go? Adam, any thoughts? Ive been contemplating of purhasing a Tivo unit or eyeTv product. I DONT want to watch TV on my iMac, i want to be able to stream the content to an apple TV and or ipod. What are the quams of using Tivotogo&Toast versus Eyetv? Do they kill the video resolution or is it still Hidef after the transfer? Any help is great. (I currently have a Series 2 directivo and have contemplated "upgrading it" but have tried this yet either.)
  7. jchiar

    AIM or ichat users?

    Well we test the .Mac ichat and that works, but using AIM (aol) to a pc still crashes ichat witha communications error. Anyone here hac a PC with AOL that i can video test with?
  8. jchiar

    Safari 3 Beta

    Safari 3 doesnt work with snapfish for uploading photos. I us it for uploading photos to costco.com and its a real bummber. Is it impossible to have both versions installed?
  9. jchiar

    Virus on the loose!

    Well the bad new is there's a virus out there. Halloween can be nasty! http://www.intego.com/news/ism0705.asp It's can be avoided using common sense, though. See the discussion on apple http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=5709418
  10. jchiar

    macmans imovie issue..

    After listening to Macmac imovie 8 issue, i recall something. When you launch imovie, it scans you iphoto events folder for movies from the camera to build the thumbnails. Not so much for prior imovies, but i dont recall hearing this mentioned as a possible source of problems. Hey Macman, PM me if your still having the issue..
  11. Hi, I was given an old performa for my 4 year old. Its running system 7. I have downloaded several system 7 games for it. I extracted the .sitx and .hqx files into folders. Then i burned the folders in Disco and created the disc. However on the performa, i dont see the disc mount. IS there a special way to burn a disc for mac os 7.5 so the old performa can read it?
  12. jchiar

    iWeb and no dot mac account

    If you have your own web server (ISP account) other than .Mac, you can publish your iWeb site to a 'Folder' from the File menu > 'Publish All to a Folder'. You can then FTP (file transfer protocol) the contents of the Folder to your server. This process is a bit more advanced. In addition, if you have a Domain name at another ISP, you can use this as a 'front door' to your iWeb .Mac account. Build and publish your iWeb site to .Mac as normal. Then at your domain web site, on your domain homepage (index.html) place the word 'Enter' and make 'Enter' a link to your .Mac account. This way you can continue to use your Domain name for your viewers and still use iWeb .Mac to build your web site.
  13. jchiar

    AIM or ichat users?

    ok no problem. Ill leave my mac on today and i can connect remotely via vnc to atleast be able to test the connection. my .mac account is jchiarelli@mac.com my AIM is jmchiarelli my skype is jchiar (im on this all day at work)
  14. jchiar

    AIM or ichat users?

    Thanks. I realized i was on my AOL account jmchiarelli do they use the same ports/ protocol?
  15. jchiar

    Safari 3 Beta

    What are the benefits of SAFT?