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    Accessing IMAP from Mail.app

    I can't say. I know it was more than a minute, less than 15. I'll give it another shot and see what happens.
  2. I have a new IMAP mail server on our office network. It's a Cyrus IMAP server, and I had no problem accessing it with my Windows XP box, using outlook. We are not using any encryption, or SSL, or any of that stuff. The Cyrus is on a Suse Enterprise 10 linux. Here's the problem. I want to also add this account to my Macbook Pro, running 10.5.1. I get as far as the point when the Setup wizard tries to connect to the server, and then I get the spinner, and nothing else. I've entered the address of the server, my user ID and password, and all. No log messages that I could find, no errors reported. I get the Cyrus banner when I telnet to port 143 on my server, from my Mac, so I know it's not a network thing. So far, I've found nothing on the Apple Discussion boards. Thanks for any assistance.
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    Have you upgraded to Leopard? There is a lot of traffic on the Apple Support Discussions about Bluetooth just acting really wonky in leopard. My MBP no longer shows any BT hardware, even though it was working fine before the upgrade. I suspect, based on what I've seen on the Apple boards, that there are some deep driver issues. Some people are reporting some success with resetting the SMC/PRAM, and restarting the machine with previously apired devices set up as discoverable.
  4. That seems to be the problem. From within the iTunes Store, there isn't an option for any email address, other than the Apple ID.
  5. I just let my .mac subscription die. I really wasn't using it, and I can use the $100 in other ways. Anyway, my Apple ID, and iTunes Store ID are my old .mac email address. I found where I can change my email address on the Apple website, but will this kill my iTunes account, or make my purchased music unavailable? If this is the wrong place to ask, could a moderator please move my question to the right place? Thanks so much. If there is an answer to my dilemma, I know the MacCast listeners will know it.