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  1. J.C. - your's is one of the podcasts that I specifically got interested in due to a promo on the MacCast.
  2. Adam, I honestly don't think this should be a vote. Your show is great, and you always solicit (and act on) audience feedback, but it remains YOUR show. It's not a democracy. I see the promos as a "business" decision, which we should have no say over. The promos keep the Maccast as a participant in the larger podcast community, which is important. Should NBC hold a vote among its audience to determine whether or not they should run commercials during "Lost"? Not exactly the same sort of thing, I know, as the promos don't generate revenue for you (I assume) but the principal is the same. Bottom line, it's not our choice. I've actually been introduced to a couple of podcasts that I now subscribe to because of promos on the maccast, and if I hear a promo that doesn't seem like my thing (or a song that doesn't interest me for that matter) I just fast-forward to the end.