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  1. Dee Holmes

    TalkShoe Problems

    I just tried another Talkshoe podcast and it was so fun! I will definately try again for Adam's show next week.
  2. Dee Holmes

    TalkShoe Problems

    Shoot! It's 10:45 PM here in NY and still can't get it! Grrr...
  3. Dee Holmes

    TalkShoe Problems

    I got half way through the recorded version and Safari quit. Now it wont play again. Grrr...
  4. Dee Holmes

    TalkShoe Problems

    It seems to be back up now, but I missed the whole dang show.
  5. Dee Holmes

    TalkShoe Problems

    Thanx for the feedback. I'm glad to know it's not my Mac.
  6. Dee Holmes

    TalkShoe Problems

    Looks like the server is totally down now.
  7. Dee Holmes

    TalkShoe Problems

    PowerPC G-4, OX10.4.8 I'm trying to listen to Adam's show, but Talkshoe wont load. So, if I click on the "If application fails to lauch click here to download button" but I only get "Safari can't find the server". Then I go to just listen in and it says that his show isn't on. I just had it on, but now I can't get back to it. Anyone else having problems?
  8. Dee Holmes

    Rejected Password in Mail

    Road Runner is a high speed internet provider. http://www.rr.com/flash/index.cfm
  9. Dee Holmes

    Rejected Password in Mail

    This was happening to me last night, as well. I think it's a Road Runner issue.
  10. Dee Holmes

    any good (and cheap) DVI monitors?

    I just bought a 20" Viewsonic LCD last week and am blown away. I ordered it online on Wed. and it arrived Thursday before I got home from work. It was free standard shipping. I love it! http://urlx.org/buy.com/d2cce
  11. Dee Holmes

    Font Management Software

    I like Font Agent Pro, but it took a bit of work to clean up all of our duplicate old fonts.
  12. Dee Holmes

    Ever Come across this Safari Problem????

    That happened to someone in our department awhile ago. The font Helvetica Fractions was the cause. Try a search for that font and get rid of it. Edit (Oops, didn't realize how old this post was.)
  13. Dee Holmes

    Nextel i850 phone and data cable

    Unfortunatly, no CD came with the cable. But, a little research told me that they only have drivers for PC's. I was hoping someone out there found a hack for the Mac. The only hacks I've found are getting an internet connection from your Mac.
  14. Dee Holmes

    Nextel i850 phone and data cable

    Doesn't look like it. I'm at work trying iSync on my G-5 OS10.3.9. I clicked Add Device, but No devices were found after I did a scan. I don't have Bluetooth. The only thing that does show up is the Motorola USB cable in System Profile/USB.
  15. Dee Holmes

    Nextel i850 phone and data cable

    I would like to mount it as a disk, but I can't seem to figure out how.