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  1. Alright, thanks for the those ideas. I will try them out and report back in a couple of days.
  2. I am considering purchasing an Airport Express to replace the wireless signal currently being output from my Verizon FiOS router. The main reason for doing this is because of a crumby Dell computer two floors up that my father uses...it constantly has the wireless signal drop off. Then, the computer links to a nearby network and not my own. I know the Wireless N of the Airport Express will not really provide any speed boast to the G adapter found in that computer, but will it enhance the signal so that that computer maintains a stronger signal? Also, I have the FiOS package that gives me 35/35 network speed (although I don't really get that in real world), will the Airport Express affect that speed, or it is purely an enhancement in range. The Macs I have in the basement will possess Wireless N capability, so will I notice any difference in wireless signal.
  3. JoeT

    iphone to mac syncing

    After purchasing an iPhone finally, I have been buying a lot of new music releases straight from the phone as opposed to from my Mac like I used to. Without having iTunes Match, is it possible to have music purchased from my iPhone be synced directly to my Mac? I have the setting set to ON (on my iPhone) for the reverse situation where music I do buy on my Mac sync automatically to the phone. So once again, is the iPhone to Mac sync possible OTA and if so would I have to enable something on my Mac to do so. Thanks.
  4. I upgraded my Late 2009 iMac from 4GB of RAM to 8GB...the computer runs great, but I've noticed that the programs I normally use, specifically Safari and iTunes, are taking up more RAM than they did when I had the 4GB installed. Is this a normal occurrence where programs recognize additional memory and therefore use more to run their smoothest. I was playing audio track on iTunes and the program was using nearly 600MB of RAM and Safari about the same.
  5. I became a Maccast member not too long ago for two reasons....the first one being so I could get more in-depth explanations of things, and to have podcasts focused on isolated topics. The second one was because Adam claims on the free podcast that the perk of becoming a member is that you can get 2 or 3 extra episodes of content each week, so I figured for the price it was a great deal. I've been a member for almost a month and I think there have only been 3 new member podcasts! Basically like one every 10 days or so. For those who have been members for a while now, is it just a slow point? And has Adam ever done 2 or 3 member podcasts during a 7-day span???