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    anyone have sidekick knowledge?

    so ive been really wanting to get an iphone, cause i know how to unlock them by myself. but theres a new one supposed to be coming out with the new software overhaul in the summer.. so i just want to get a sidekick instead. BUT i live in canada, so i need it unlocked. anyone know how to unlock them? cause the unlocked ones on ebay are really sketchy. and it seems like it could be fairly easy. I KNOW IT IS POSSIBLE, 3 of my friends have them, one an ID, one a 3, and one a slide. so before you start telling me its not possible, it is so please dont lol. thanks in advance
  2. iJustin

    iphone advice..

    i live in canada, and i got a 16GB touch for christmas, but my cell broke, and im just thinking of selling my touch, heading down to buffalo and buying an iphone. the 'upgrade' will only cose me about $150 which i think is pretty reasonable. i know how to unlock it so i dont have to pay like $200 to unlock it. (unlocking charges for iphone are bull its so simple). i just did my friends the other day. SO i guess my question would be that im a bit sketch on buying one now cause theres bound to be a second gen. coming out soon. so should i just wait? apparently in the next couple weeks apple is supposed to be making a new announcement, its most likely to be the SDK, and maybe a new iphone model. thanks.
  3. THIS MAKES ME SO MAD. i was just about to buy an iphone. my friend has one and says it works fine. this is really frustrating.
  4. the same thing happened with my old 5th gen video.. (i have a 16GB touch now) its coming apart above the antenna and letting dust in under the screen. i HAVE NOT tried to open it or alter my ipod or anything at all its just lifting up and its so annoying it clicks when im using it and theres more and more dust going in. SO, my question is, should i bother filling out everything on the apple>support site and requesting a new ipod? would they even replace my ipod? i think its pretty legitimate... dust under the screen, its coming apart.. (its still under warranty) anyways, thanks in advance for the feedback, i really apprecieate it.
  5. iJustin


    my dad was just at his friends, who is an exec at rogers. I'm not sure what he does there bust he said they are going to launch it in 2 weeks. I'm so excited. Even though I wanted the iPhone when it first came out... now I have a touch (I'm posting from right now) I don't think that I wouldn want to get one... they'll lock you in for 3 years abd still make you pay 500 or 600 dollars. Plus I have a sidekick, so yeah. Just thought I would let everyone know! Sorry if everyone knew about this already. Ahahah I was excited.
  6. alright. im pretty much sick of all the problems my ipod is giving me. MPEG-4 video files will not add to my itunes, and when i try and drag it onto my ipod i get a message saying 'the video' cannot be added to the ipod because it cannot be played on this device. they are in the same format as other mpeg4 videos already on the ipod/itunes. anyone have any ideas?
  7. hey guys, i was wondering if anyone had any advice about my stupid ipod that has given me nothing but trouble since ive gotten it. the first time i plugged it into my computer, (out of the box) i was on the phone with apple for an hour and a half. its so frustrating. and now its always crashing and restarting and freezing. it makes it impossible to listen to music. anyone know why this might be happening? did i just get the luck of a faulty ipod? help!
  8. iJustin

    ipod touch crashing and freezing

    yeah my ipod has been restored like a billion times.
  9. iJustin

    Wired cosmetic/hardware on iPod touch.

    LOL yeah thanks. I feel like an idiot now.
  10. I was walking by a window in my house, and the blinding sun shone onto my iPod. I noticed that there is a small hole near the top left area of the iPod. ( located in the black strip, not the screen ) Anyone know what this is? Because I noticed that a lot of the iPod touch cases have a hole in the case where the hole in the iPod is located. Its really wierd to me? Aha. I have no clue what it might be. Anyone know? thanks!
  11. iJustin

    iPhone apps to iPod touch

    you can most definetly get the iPhone apps on your iPod touch now. In installer, just go to iphone 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 (whichever firmware you have) and then go to installl the apps! Make sure and install the mail prep and google map preps. That's it! Deffinetly easier then connecting your iPod through SSH or whatever and then dragging files and changing everything. Installer does everything for you and you don't even need a computer.
  12. iJustin

    O happy day (for Canadians)

    the iphone is being announced by rogers in a couple weeks. My uncle is an exec there and just told me on Christmas. Its going to be super expensive, and its going to be a conflict of interest with the blackberrys. So there's going to be major competition coming to Canada. I also heard a rumor that fido may be launching the sidekick line.
  13. iJustin

    iPod Touch Applications

    yeah I jailbreaked my iPod too. It was incredibly easy and my iPod still works perfectly. I've changed all the icons, background, and installed a ton of apps. My iPod looks like its on crack. I do everything on it now. I barely use the computer anymore.
  14. iJustin

    Apple iPod Socks Gift Questions

    I got mine for 5 bucks in Chinatown. I use the green one for my touch. Love it and it looks cool.
  15. iJustin

    firewire networking?

    truee. never really thought about that. thanks a lot guys.
  16. iJustin

    firewire networking?

    airport extreme - no firewire airport express - no firewire i am looking to hook up my external hard drive to a device that supports firewire that i can just update wirelessly with my macbook via time machine. i really would like firewire cause of the fast data transfer. anyone know something goood? if not ill just grab an airport express and use USB P.S. i think that apple should definetly put out a new networking product with firewire compatibility.
  17. iJustin

    iTunes Canada Q1?

    i remember steve talking about hopefully getting movies and tv shows on more itunes stores around the world in Q1 of 2007. im finding myself looking at the US store with a lot of jealousy. anyone know if this is gunna happen?
  18. iJustin

    Too good to be true?

    so i really would like to buy this drive, but i was reading some of the reviews on the apple site, and some were really good, but there were also a lot of bad. like really bad. so why would a nice 250GB porche design firewire 800 HDD go for only ONE HUNDRED BUCKS!? anyone wanna shed some light? thanks in advance.
  19. iJustin

    iTunes Canada Q1?

    well i did some research... and i heard that there trying to get some stuff out there. but then there was the most obvious thing to consider. apple is selling the Apple TV in Canada, and a select few other countries... so logically you would think there working on something...? im just getting nervous. i know dates are not always right. but steve said Q1 and its gettting near the middle of april now... a couple more weeks till a ball-parked deadline for us canadians.
  20. so whenever i try and convert a video to 'ipod format' on my itunes, it strips the audio. im so frustrated. any help?
  21. iJustin

    stolen ipod?

    well im not too sure, but i somehow lost my ipod. the last thing i remember was listening to it one night before i went to bed, and just like every night fell asleep with it in and the sleep timer automatically turns it off. i might wake up in the middle of the night and take out the ear buds as they get really uncomfortable. the next morning we were going to visit my gramma in mississauga, about an hour away, so i obviously go to get my ipod out of my bedroom. and lole and behold my ipod is gone and my earbuds are the only thing beside my bed? i dont know what to do. so is there any way that i can report my ipod lost/stolen on the apple site and then when someone tries to register it (if it is stolen) and it could be tracked? cause i have it registered under my name with the serial nimber etc. any thoughts? i would really apprecieate it... thanksssssssssssssss
  22. iJustin

    stolen ipod?

    lol ok im kinda angry, but im so relieved. apparently really peeved off my little sister last week, so she decided to take it from me, then forgot that she took it... you think shed clue in even when i asked her and my older sister that if they took it to please give it back and i dont care about there trick. o well. i have it now and im happy. still kinda angry tho...
  23. iJustin

    stolen ipod?

    lol joshr, i sleep at home with my parents and 2 sisters in my just under 2,000 sq. ft. home. thanks for the words of wisdom tho... my wort fear is that im going to buy a new one, and then find my old on like the day after. the luck of the irish i guess. (lol im actually irish)
  24. iJustin

    architectual software

    if anyone knows of any architectual software i could get ahold of that would be great! thanks in advance/
  25. iJustin

    January MacBashing

    i know its ridiculous. but the quicktime bug is true with it affecting myspace. all these poeple are posting bulletin ads about male enancement, free psp's, ipods etc. its rather annoying. i did a small survey with my friends and everyone with an ipod (thus itunes and quicktime) are 'ghost posting' ads. hopefully it can be fixed.