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  1. Yeah I did that and turned off Genius and iTunes Match and still does it..... Anyone else having this issue?
  2. Every time I open iTuness 11, after about 30 seconds I get the spinning wheel of death for about 3 minutes. Most of the time it comes back but occasionally it locks up the Mac fully. I have a MacBook Pro 1st Thunder Bolt generation, Core I7, 8GB RAM. I have disconnected all USB and Thunderbolt connections and still every time I get it. I've deleted all of my itunes PLIST files, I do not have itunes match or the genius on, I've unchecked all the Store options in the preferences. I'm running 10.8.2 with ALL patches of all programs. It seems like it has to do with the Apple Store and possibly the cloud services even though I have all of them off? I think it's iTunes phoning home to Apple...Also I have a decently fast Internet at the office and it does it anywhere I'm connected to the internet. I've noticed that iTunes (not responding) is what shows up in activity monitor. I've now tested it without any internet, still does it ..... Thanks, Dan
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    OK I got a weird issue that I would like to solve... I manage a mac/windows environment, the mac server is an xServe runnig Panther server. I have about 5 PC's that connect in this network, 2 terminal servers (workgroup no domain) and 3-4 pc workstations. 20+ mac laptops and desktops. I use the Shares tab in OS X Server for setting up my shares, I have the windows service running (Samba). I've copied some Mac cd installers to a a few of these shares. The 1st one is a FMP 8.0 for Mac installer set up with an assisted install file for fast installs. All normal so far... So I connect from a Mac to the share for the FMP Installer using "afp://server/sharename/FMP" and the normal installer file for FMP is not an installer but a folder, very strange. I then disconnect and reconnect, this time using smb://server/sharename/FMP and this time the installer looks like an installer and allows me to install FMP 8 on the Mac. SMB I thought was for Windows SMB=Samba and AFP was for normal mac connections. Why would the SMB connection allow me to install and not the AFP?? Thanks, Dan
  4. How can I use Open Directory user's and groups in a Terminal Server environment. I'm using Panther 10.3 Server (Unlimited) with a Terminal Server running Windows 2003 R2 (Currently in a work group not domain). I've heard that you can create a domain on a OS X Server and join PC's to it like Active Directory, BUT I'v also heard it does not work well? Also is there a tool that I can use on Open Directory Users, Groups and Shares to run a security report?? This report would show what each user has access to and thier privledges? Thier is a report or export function that exports the users but it exports it into xml and I can not find a way to use this Data by either importing into say a FileMaker DB or other system. Thanks, Dan
  5. It's the RCA input jack on my truck....BUT it's been fine before, iPods 1-3 worked fine with this jack, it's just 4 & 5 that have behaved badly....Is this a iPod issue or a cable issue? Dano
  6. Good question, mainly with out being locked, but I seem to remember it being locked and it going into pause mode.....although today at lunch i used the head phones vs my truck stereo and of course had it locked while walking around for lunch and it did not pause....hmmmm
  7. I have a 4th Gen iPhoto iPod, 40gb (5th different ones through AppleCare) and it pauses very easily. While I handle the unit it will sometimes pauses itself and especially while I'm driving. iPods 1-3 never paused like this but number 4 did and I sent it back because of it and now number 5 does it as well. Any thoughts?? I did delete my iPod plists and have restored my iPod to factory... thanks, Dano
  8. I have a Secure Certificate that I can not view from the web properly. It shows that it is installed properly in my Server Admin tool and running on port 443, but when I connect to the site in a browser the certificate shows that is issued by the same company (Self Signed). I believe I have a rogue self signed certificate installed and need to get rid of or at the very least I need a way to clean out all the certs and start over. (Of course without reinstalling the OS) This is a production server that needs to continue to run all other services. I looked at all the certs in KeyChain Access (Certificate Assistant) but I don't know what I can delete safely and what I can't. OS 10.4.6 (Server) on an xServe G5
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    MP3 song issue...

    I have an obscure song that has a little Skip (for lack of a better term) this skip causes iTunes to go to the next song instead of finishing. I thought I could import it into Garage Band and edit the skip out, But I just can't figure out how to do it. I did however stop iTunes from skipping it by exporting out of garage band and importing back into iTunes. If anyone knows how to do this in Garage Band or other program please tell. thanks, Dano
  10. dano2112

    Photoshop Documents will not open.

    This is most commonly due to installing Photoshop CS/CS2 before doing an archive and install of Mac OS10.3 or OS10.4. The easiest solution is to reinstall Photoshop CS/CS2 after you have installed Mac OS10.3 or OS 10.4. The easiest way to reinstall Photoshop without disturbing the original install is to install to your desktop. After the install is done just trash the Photoshop folder on the desktop. --------------------------- Another solution courtesy Anne Shelbourne Open your Previous System folder. Find "Adobe Unit Types". Copy it into: <Panther volume>/Library/ScriptingAdditions/ . --------------------------- Another Addition: Jim Warthman This worked for me - but I have one important clarification. The Adobe Knowledge Base article ( http://www.adobe.com/support/techdocs/329996.html ) says to move the "Adobe Unit Types" file to: [hard disk]/Library/Scripting Additions folder At least in my case, this did NOT work, until I removed the space between "Scripting" and "Additions". Then it worked fine. --------------------------- However, if you happen to be running a non-English version, like Photoshop CS CE or Photoshop CS ME, it appears the missing file does not get installed. You would need to install and delete the international English version first.
  11. dano2112

    Photoshop Documents will not open.

    Drag and drop does not work on the dock icon or on the desktop icon. And yes I've done a repair disk permissions as well as a disk warrior. I hate having to open files this way, so hopefully sombeody knows the answer.... Dano
  12. I've got a strange issue: Photoshop CS (V8) Documents will not open on my Alumn 15" 1 ghz machine running Tiger 10.4.6 unless I open from within Photoshop. When I double click on the Photoshop document (It shows the Icon of Photoshop) it will open photoshop but will not open the file. I've created new documents, converted older ones and transfered ones from my PC, Nothing! The ONLY way to open them is to go to Photoshop, file, Open, and find the document from within the dialog box. Thanks, Dan