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  1. Actually, while I am thankful for all of the answers to my post, I am now pleased to withdraw my question- my dead mac came to life after almost a month of being completely fried... Few weeks ago, pushing the power button got only a comendable but weak response from the hard disk, but nada from everything else. Now I'm typing with it. The G4 12" Powerbook has always been bad ss...
  2. Recently, my Powerbook G4 died in a tragic water-accident. I've finally scraped together to make the (highly unanticipated) upgrade to a Macbook as a result of needing a computer to do my photo editing and translating work on soon. A friend has been kind enough to lend me a Dell he hacked to run only Leopard, but it has to be returned in a few weeks. I've heard a lot of junk about processor updates coming in June, and that maybe there might be a Macbook overhaul of some kind by fall... My question for the gallery is: In all seriousness, will there possibly be a processor bump (even a small one) by mid-June at the very latest (I'm talking about an actual in-the-stores type thing, not a promise about coming months)? I know the saying goes "If you need it now, buy it now" but I upgrade my "one" machine every 4 years. This puppy will have to last about that long performance-wise. So even a minor speed increase would make a big difference for someone intending to do visual work for a while on their mac. At the same time, I cannot wait indefinitely, as I'll need my own computer to get back to work soon. Should I get one now, or is the timing bad? Thanks for any tips.
  3. Outkast

    Choosing a Region Code...

    My bad... Sorry, I'll do a search for this kind of thing from now on.
  4. Outkast

    iPod touch

    I don't really have the money to think about something more optional like a new iPod right now (my only mac/computer just died), but my friend bought one while he was in Akihabara, and it's awesome. He brought it up to our apartment, asked me for the network info, and now can surf in seconds whenever he comes. iPods haven't really caught on in Japan much because most people use their phones for everything from music to photography to web surfing (America and Europe are probably ten years behind Korea and Japan in cell phone technology), but the newest one might change that... Since the iPhone can't work in Japan as things are right now, the new iPod itself could become more popular, especially if public wireless ever got started here. All in all, if you could find wireless everywhere like you can cell phone reception, I'd still get one today... An iPod that you can actually do things with instead of just loading onto it was one of the best iPod innovations ever.
  5. Outkast

    Choosing a Region Code...

    (I honestly don't know if this is more hardware or software-related; it seems like it could go either way. If a moderator can classify it better than I can, then please do...) As noted elsewhere, my Powerbook met a tragic end with a glass of water, so I may be buying a new replacement. I am currently studying in Japan as a undergrad, but will return to Japan to live after completing next year in America. So all this leads up to a strange software/hardware question... I've heard that when you first get a mac, you get five times to watch whatever region code of dvd you want, and after/or on the 5th, the mac chooses that code as the permanent one forever after. Like I said, I will be between the U.S. and Japan fairly often for some time to come, and will presumably want/need to view dvds from both countries. So my question is, if for example, my mac decides on Region 2 after the 5th time, will this mean that there is absolutely *no* way to watch Region 1 dvds using the drive? Or is there software to get around this? Anyone else ever have to deal with this before?
  6. Outkast

    My Pismo won't stay off!

    Are you both sure that your macs didn't just grow more attached to you? I mean, the older machines tend to get lonely more often...
  7. Outkast

    Anyone else using a G4 as their main Mac? ...

    My girlfriend has a Fujitsu (Windows, of course) laptop from the same year (2003 or 2004~), and that monster is almost as big as the kitchen table (furniture in Japan is a little smaller, but come on...), takes about 25-30 minutes to fully load XP without hanging or crashing because you tried to click on something too soon, and likes to be picky about which days it will let you use the cd-rom drive, etc. Same year, but as different as night and day. Everyone always gave me the sarcastic "Isn't that nice, having a new computer..." line whenever they saw the G4, and then dropped their jaws when I told them the thing was almost 5 years old (and still running as well or better than their 2007-2008 Windows machines.) I want to add that this is Panther, not Tiger or Leopard, that I'm talking about...
  8. Outkast

    Save or Salvage?

    That would be something if it came back to life again later... But I get the general consensus is that, barring a miraculous revival from the computer dead due to drying, it would be more cost-effective to go for a macbook. Thanks for all of the responses so far. If anyone has anything else to add, please contribute.
  9. Outkast

    Anyone else using a G4 as their main Mac? ...

    I was using a 12" 1.33ghz PowerBook G4 as my only mac (or computer for that matter) until it was fried in a tragic water accident only a few days ago... Most people upgrade by choice, but I was even planning on using mine for another few years.
  10. Outkast

    Save or Salvage?

    In an act of horrible stupidity, I accidentially managed to dump half a liter of water right onto my still-running 12" PowerBook G4. I had soap all over my hands at the time, so by the time I get them clean enough to tend to the mac with anything more than just a handtowel, it was making sizzling sounds... A message came on telling me to manually (using the power button) restart the computer, but then it froze, making even a manual shutdown impossible. I ripped out the battery and set it upside down over night to dry. The next afternoon, a tech friend came to look at it, and plugged it into the wall (not with the battery) to power on. We could hear the hard disk start up, but that's all. No optical drive moan like usual, nothing from the motherboard et. al. Since then, the PowerBook has been sitting in its soft case, sans battery. Some of you may already see where this is going, but... This is/was a 2004 machine, which ran great. I used it for photo editing primarily (uploading to iPhoto, editing with Photoshop, sending off to Facebook/wherever.) It is/was also my ONLY machine. I am six months in on a year of study in Japan, and my mac also served as my only source of contact with my family and friends back home via Skype, etc. It will be another five months before I go back. My side job is photography and my main job is currently school (the usual papers, plus sending stuff back and forth from Japan to the States via email), so having a functioning computer is sort of mandatory. However, I was not planning on upgrading this soon as A.) I wanted to run my 12" into the ground since it was probably one of Apple's finest, and 2.) I am currently living scholarship check to scholarship check, so while there are limited opportunities for part time work here, buying a computer was not originally in the cards. My question: Should I attempt to replace the logic board & mother board & optical drive & whatever else was fried in order to resume using the same computer? (My friend has not taken it apart to see just how bad the damage is yet, but we could tell just from its sounds- or lack thereof -that a couple important pieces are not going to work any time soon.) Or should I try to save some and get a new machine? (In this case, keep in mind that although I would normally be entitled to an educational discount in America, Japan charges about $1,800 retail for the normally $1,400 black MacBook, and Apple America will NOT ship outside of the US. And no one back home has the money to pay the ungodly shipping that would require ordering it from the American site and asking a friend or family member to mail it here...) Sorry for such a long post, but this one caught me by complete surprise... I'm currently still in shock realizing that the one and only mac I've ever owned might just be D.O.A.... Anyway, any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I'm trying to recover space on my powerbook, and I started eying the previous iTunes Libraries. Would deleting any of the past ones affect my current Library? Or is it safe to delete them? Also, my iPod Photo Cache has gotten bigger than my iPhoto Library. If I deleted this off the mac, would anything be affected? Thanks for any tips on either of these questions.
  12. Outkast

    Photoshop and russian

    I can confirm a similar problem. Photoshop will allow Romance languages like Spanish, and East Asian like Japanese, but it will not let me use Semitic languages like Hebrew or Arabic. I'm guessing from your post that Cyrillic languages like Russian are out too... Wish I could offer some help, but I'm wondering what the solution is too. It does appear to be a Photoshop problem, however.
  13. Most people want to get rid of their excess language files, but I actually need them. Even though I have the"Devanagari MT" font installed, which should allow viewing the various India-area languages, I still get those weird looking boxes that all look the same instead of the real deal. How do I turn this on? Any help would be greatly appreciated.