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    Ok im not sure if there is a way to fix this but i hope there is. i made an encrpyted disk image of some files that i want to keep safe but i wanted to use a really strong password so what i did was use password assistant to create a strong password than used another disk image with a less stronger password to hold the password for the first image. the problem is i can't remember the password i made for the second image that has the strong password i created. is there a way to recover the password or to somehow unecrpyt the image? maybe something with root could be used?
  2. i am selling the ram that came with my macbook since i upgraded to 1 gb. if any one is interested you can email me at macfan21@mac.com
  3. the promos add exposure to our show plus other peoples podcasts so they are very important. :!:
  4. i don't really like any of the music that is in the show so i never listen. i voted yes to no music but i don't really care because its easy for me to just hit the stop button at the end of the show. its not going to make me stop listening adam you are the BEST!!! :-D