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  1. I've heard rumor it would be possible to transfer my license for my PC version of the Adobe CS Suite to a Mac license... anyone heard of this? Have any URL's? I'm switching my laptop from a now dying IBM Thinkpad to a 12" Powerbook, I'm looking forward to it and love it's size for travel!
  2. Seems weird that they still have the "My Ratings" in iTunes, but there is no way to set a rating from the iPod? Also, with the old firmware, I could adjust the playback speed of a podcast the same as for an audio book, right? That's gone too. Also seems *really* weird that you can't hit play and just listen to all the podcasts on the iPod, that between each and every podcast I have to navigate back to the podcast section and select a specific show to listen to. Stopping playback at the end of each show is... well... not smart *grin* I'll wait another day to see if anyone has ideas, I can't imagine this is normal podcast playback behavior... suppose I'll just roll back to the previous firmware update and get it back as it was before.
  3. Dropped in the new iPod update on my Mini today and was shocked at how bad it was! Now... I don't want to give up hope on the Apple programmers this quickly... surely something is just wrong on my iPod? Basically, I was used to having a lovely Podcast playlist, had them all in there, I could hit play on the first one and it'd play straight through all of them. The way I kept track of things was simply to set the "My Rating" of a podcast to "one star" if I listened to it and wanted to delete it, two if it was worth keeping, etc. Well now, after the update, I've got the Podcast category and no more playlist. Open the category and it lists out each separate podcast. At the end of each individual podcast it stops playing and returns to the menu. If I hit "next" it returns to the menu. What is going on here? Also, while playing, tapping "set" shows the shownotes (nice addition) BUT I now don't have the ability to change the "my rating" either! I'm really hoping for good answers here, otherwise I'm going to switch back to an ipodder application so I can get my control of Podcasts back.