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    Miscellaneous Recycling

    So I'm getting ready to move and I've realized that I've turned into a bit of a pack-rat. I am taking stock of what I have, and I have a ton of old computer cables, electronic cables (AV cables for example), and other assorted gaming pieces that I want to get rid of, but I don't want to throw them away. I'm interested in recycling them, but I'm not sure if that is currently offered. If anyone knows of a recycling program that would take this stuff, I would be glad to ship it. I would prefer that it be somewhere around Nashville, TN, but I am happy to ship it off too. Thanks, groomsy
  2. groomsy57

    Lost iPhoto Library

    One other interesting note about the new empty iPhoto Library in her Pictures folder: It showed up as a folder in Finder, rather than a package (where you would have to Secondary Click > Show Package Contents to see the contents of your library).
  3. groomsy57

    Lost iPhoto Library

    My mother-in-law was editing photos in iPhoto tonight, and while editing some of the images started to appear as grey squares. She quit iPhoto and opened it back up. When iPhoto started, it claimed that it could not find her library and asked her to create a new one or choose a library. She restarted her computer, but was left with the same issue when she tried to open iPhoto later. I have screen shared with her and have examined the situation. There is an iPhoto Library folder in her Pictures folder, but it was created today (roughly the time that her iPhoto library disappeared) and it does not have any images in the library. I've searched her hard drive and her trash and could not find her library. I've started running a data recovery application on her computer, hoping to find something, but in the mean time I have decided to come here to see if anyone else had any suggestions. The facts: iMac running Snow Leopard (24" aluminum/newer model) running latest patch (10.6.6) iPhoto '09 I've been telling her that she needs to back up more, but this hardly feels like a moment to gloat with an "I told you so." She just started backing up to BackBlaze (an online backup service) but she has not been using it long enough to backup her library. My biggest issue is just trying to figure out what happened. It sounds like her library essentially deleted itself, but I can't be sure. She had quite a few photos in her library, so I was wondering if it just hit a point where iPhoto corrupted the library or something. She has almost all of the photos in some form of media (rather it be on an old hard drive or physical) so she can get most all of the images back. The pain part of it is the hours she has put into organizing her library. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    CoverFlow Carousel Style Photos on my website

    A Google search turned up this site. I've never used this, but it seems to be what you are looking for. Good luck.
  5. groomsy57

    Encrypted USB Pen Drive

    Any drive with TrueCrypt should work. It works with Windows, Mac, and Linux and from what I hear, it's some of the best encryption software you can get. Plus, it's open source and free. Give it a look. I'd definitely trust them.
  6. I follow the same protocol as Graham. I have things like Adium, Firefox & Safari, 1Password, TextMate, iTunes, Terminal, Xcode, and NetBeans in my dock though. I use Quicksilver over Spotlight as well. For me, I like the flexibility of Quicksilver over Spotlight, so that's why I went back to it. I tried using Spotlight as an application launcher and for me I found it serviceable. Nothing spectacular though.
  7. groomsy57

    Freelance Developer

    I'm essentially looking for any tips, tricks, or recommendations for becoming a freelance developer (web or other types of software). I'm a fairly young guy (23) who is graduating college with his Masters Degree in Computer Engineering & Computer Science this coming week. I'm getting ready to get married and we are moving to a new area where my future wife will be starting her graduate work (near Nashville in Tennessee). I've been looking for a job, but it hasn't been easy with trying to finish school (i.e. writing a Thesis) and it seems as though people want .Net developers, which I am trying to avoid becoming. Ideally I'd like to find a job working on a Mac (so either software development with the Mac or iPhone, or even a web developing job). This puts quite a few limitations on an ideal job. However, my roommate suggested that I try to test the self employed waters, which quite frankly, scares the heck out of me. I think it's so intimidating though, because I don't know what to do really. I have no idea how to do freelance jobs or anything like that. I have the means to try it for a while (as I've saved up a sum of money to live off of while looking for a job) so I could use that to pay off rent and utilities while I'm building up a resumé of work, but I guess I'm looking for ideas of how to get started in this field to see if it is right for me. I'm open to all tips, so please leave one if you have experience in the self employment field (for software development or other trade). Sorry if my question seems a bit vague, but I'm really kind of lost here. Thanks guys.
  8. groomsy57

    forum comments

    I've experienced both of these with my iPhone 3G running the 3.0 software. However, it's one of those growing pains I feel. If you were an original iPhone owner and upgraded to the 2.0 software when it came out, you'll remember battery life went down and the phone felt slower. Then when the 2.1 software came out, battery life improved and the speed of the software improved. I know the speed thing is a pretty common thing (i.e. things start to become more refined in later versions) but I feel the battery life thing is another one of those things that will be fixed in 3.1. That's just my opinion/experience though.
  9. groomsy57

    one mac two networks

    Definitely stick with Graham's suggestion. I tried doing it the WDS route and it was a huge headache. Plus, the print was horribly slow (literally took minutes to print a page). So I'd definitely go the ethernet cable route.
  10. groomsy57

    Need some serious help.

    I use GeekTool with Leopard and noticed the no sleep thing first hand, so I know what you are trying to do. I did my own research and came up with the same solution you did, but I didn't follow it. I just gave up. I never put my computer to sleep anyway, I was really just trying to fix it on my MacBook as I do sleep it on a timer just in case I leave it open on my desk at night, but have since taken to closing it every time I'm finished with it. I do know what you are referring to however, just not sure how to do the solution as I was okay without it. I may look into it some day soon and if I do, I'll share my results with you. Edit: One thing I noticed on that SleepWatcher hint you linked to was how it can affect Time Machine backups or long file transfers (i.e. it kills them and you'll have to get back to it later). I leave my Mac Pro on all the time and I've done that with all the desktops I've ever owned with no issue. The only thing shutting it off is good for is saving electricity, but I'm not really too worried about that as of now.
  11. groomsy57

    iTunes Server

    Why use Ubuntu for that when you can hook up a hard drive to one of your Macs and backup to it from the other ones via your network? No need to complicate things unless you have to.
  12. groomsy57

    Safari 3.1

    To Apple Geek: Safari 4 doesn't work on Panther. That's why he can't install it. To mrjosephking: Your dad probably doesn't need a new iMac, but rather a new OS. You can probably find Tiger somewhere (10.4) and it should run on his hardware (I even had Leopard running on a desk lamp iMac before). Just check the system requirements with your dad's iMac to make sure it's compatible. Other then that, you could try downloading a different browser in the meantime to get him internet access. Just look at the requirements and find a browser that would work with Panther. Another thing to try: log in to your dad's iMac with a different user account. If he had something installed to alter Safari (such as a plugin) then it could be wreaking havoc with that new installation of Safari. By logging onto the computer under a different user account, you can check whether or not the problem is with your dad's user account, or with Safari 3 (i.e. it doesn't run properly on Panther) or with the OS itself (might need a fresh reinstall). Anyway, try this and report back with your results.
  13. groomsy57

    Hotmail in Mail

    I tend to agree with you for the most part. I've been on a kick of using GMail through its web interface and I love it. I kind of wish the Mail app on the iPhone was more like the GMail web interface (labels vs. folders for example). But Hotmail = terrible, so you should get her to change to GMail. haha
  14. groomsy57

    Address Book Contact Photo

    After you copy an image, just open Preview and go to File -> New From Clipboard.
  15. groomsy57

    Can an iPhone be an iPod Touch?

    As far as I know, if you remove the SIMM, then it will ask you to set up the phone again by connecting it to iTunes. You should avoid removing the SIMM card if you want to use it as an iPod Touch.
  16. groomsy57

    Games for Toddlers

    Apple stores usually have a kid area in their stores that gives kids a chance to play games in the store. Look in there for the games that they have on their computers and give your kid a chance to play one of the games to see if he likes any of them. I know they have games for different age ranges, and one of the age ranges is very young. Edit: Took out quote.
  17. groomsy57

    Address Book Contact Photo

    I found something here that sort of answers your question. It seems if you open Address Book, find the contact, hit the "Edit" button and double click on the image, you can then copy the image. It's not a very good solution though, as it's a very small image (not original resolution, but in my case my photos were added through Address Book, so if the images were added via the iPhone, it may be different). Anyway, give this a try and see if it works for you. Edit: Took out quote.
  18. groomsy57

    iPod Touch 3.0 Email Push Fetch Confusion

    Go into your Settings and under your "Mail, Contacts, and Calendars" preferences, click on "Fetch New Data", then "Advanced". Check your settings for each account. BTW, are you sure you just don't have Gmail set to check every so often? Because as far as I know, Gmail does not offer push support. If it does, then how do you set it up? Cause I'd like to have it. Good luck.
  19. groomsy57

    Using a Drobo as a Media server

    I've streamed my iTunes Library (movies & music) across a G-Network with my library residing on a USB external hard drive. It does indeed work and without any hiccups. For me, the bottle neck was my wireless connection (since I had G at the time) but the USB bandwidth is roughly 9 times greater than the G-Network bandwidth, so I don't think it would be too terrible (speed wise). Now with that being said, the new drobos (i.e. not the first gen) have Firewire. You can connect the Firewire drobo to your iMac and run everything from that. It's also possible to connect to that drobo from your Modbook as well. I have a drobo connected to my Mac Pro for my Time Machine backups (amongst other things) and I back up my MacBook wirelessly to that drobo. So that would be another option as well.
  20. groomsy57


    I'm okay to wait as long as I'm not paying extra for it. You made my day sir.
  21. groomsy57

    Notes sync?

    By default, Mail doesn't show notes. But once you create a new note in Mail, that "Reminders" section that Graham mentioned will show up. The note syncing is pretty awesome on a side note though.
  22. groomsy57


    The cut and paste is very elegant. I was worried at how it would be implemented, but I think they knocked that part out of the park. Now I just have one wish: AT&T, please do not charge me extra for MMS. haha
  23. groomsy57

    mac mail auto suggest

    No problem. Just glad I could come up with a solution for you.
  24. groomsy57

    Finder Crashes

    Do some testing: Try running under a newly created account for a while to see if the problem presents itself. If it doesn't, then that means the problem is somewhere in your account (either from an application you are running or some screwed up preferences). If the problem persists on a new user account, then the problem lies within the OS itself and in that case it may need to be reinstalled (either by going and downloading the 10.5.7 combo updater and applying it again or by completely reinstalling everything). Do some testing and get back to us.
  25. groomsy57

    Multiple iPhoto Libraries

    I've ran multiple libraries before, but I'm not sure what the iPhoto Library would be in the iLife Browser thing you can get in Mac Applications. If I had to guess, I would guess it would be the last library you had open. I know iPhoto reverts to the last opened library if you don't hold the Option key down to select the library, so that would be my guess. You could always do a trial of it (create a secondary library with a couple of pictures in it to test it out). Good luck!