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  1. Macman5123

    Hi-8 to miniDv

    thanks, that worked perfectly.
  2. Macman5123

    Hi-8 to miniDv

    hello, i just started cleaning out my back closet and i found my old 8mm camera and hi-8 tapes! i dont feel safe sending my tapes to fa transfer service, so since theres no way to connect my camera to my mac with a cable into imovie, is there any way to import it into my computer through a box transfer or a pass through, through my mini dv camcoreder? thanks
  3. Macman5123

    Encryption App

    I tried doing this but in the end it didnt work. the instructions were not that clear.
  4. Macman5123

    Encryption App

    I just created a website and one section of it is photos. I'd like ot encrypt them with a password, but when i search for encrpytion programs, there are none for mac. are there any that anyone knows of? Thanks
  5. Macman5123

    iWeb and Yahoo!

    ok. I did that and i got it up. but when you go to it, there is a page called index and theres a foldr called tmp/ and when i click on that folder it takes me to my site. How do i get rid of the tmp/ folder and get it to just go to my site?
  6. Macman5123

    iWeb and Yahoo!

    It finished pending and I published my site to a folder and i downloaded cyberduck. I dragged the folder iWeb made into cyber duck and it started to uplaod it, but then it said first the name you specified is not allowed by yahoo, and then below it, it named all of the files in the foldr and said Desktop/thefile does not exist. Is there a certain file(s) i have to upload?
  7. Macman5123

    iWeb and Yahoo!

    hello I just created a website in iWeb, and I have a domain name from yahoo and i'd like to know how to uplaod my iweb site to my domain name. My domain is still pending, and it said it will take 72 hours for the website to be fully functional. So what i tried didnt work. But how would i get it up, after it is done pending?
  8. Macman5123

    iChat Error

    It worked. Thanks
  9. Macman5123

    iChat Error

    I've been trying to video chat with my cousin for the past couple days with iChat. I have an iMac G5 and he has a macbook pro. After he sends me an invitation, and i accept, it says starting video chat, then a message comes up saying There was a communication error during your chat. I tried changing screen names, just doing audio chats, and creating a new AIM account. How can get around this or fix it. Thanks
  10. Macman5123

    iChat Chatroom Errors

    I have 2 AIM screennames. One of them i can easily join chats and get invited to chatrooms, but on my other, if i get invited to one and i try to type a message, i just get an error. And when i try to go to File Go to Chat i type a room in and it just does nothing. Whats wrong? Is there a preference i have to change or trash.
  11. Macman5123

    Change Startup Chime

    Is there a way to change my startup chime via the finder? I have a differnt sound i want that to be my chime. Can i do this?
  12. Macman5123

    Still can't watch the Webcast

    On Apple's site it still says everytime i try to watch it " due to exeption demand.... try again another time" and i have kept trying for 2 days. Has anybody gotten to see it? is there another way to access it?
  13. Macman5123

    Group Chat in iChat AV 3.1.5

    create a chatroom. if your using iChat go to the file menu and click new chat. Click the plus sign and click on their screen names. they will be invited and you can all chat.
  14. Macman5123

    Green Screen

    final cut express has green screen effects.
  15. Macman5123

    FREE movie screen capture application?

    there are a lot of free ones, but they either have their logo waterprinted over your movie or are skippy but there is iShowU and Screen Record. But the best is Snapz Pro but it cost $69. but if you search for screencast or somethinf like that on version tracker. you should get some.