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  1. I've just setup a new Macbook Pro and used "ant" for the username. This was the default suggestion and I left it untouched. Now although technically I prefer "ant" because it's the UNIX way, the home folder does look kinda ugly among all the other folders in Finder. So I have two questions 1) Do you prefer lower or upper case for the first letter? 2) Has anyone here changed the case of their username (would be from "ant" to "Ant" in my case") in Leopard, and if so did you experience any side-effects? I know changing the home folder name in Finder can cause issues. So has anyone changed this in System Prefs and had issues? Cheers.
  2. GreenAlien

    Two big iPhone problems

    The first issue is a well known one. A vast number of people are complaining about that in the Apple forums. You'll have to wait for the next firmware release for that. Can't comment on the second issue. I don't use shuffle mode much. I know what you mean about it feeling like a beta product at the moment. The v2 firmware hasnt reached the maturity of the v1 firmware yet. Only a matter of time though before they iron out the kinks.
  3. GreenAlien

    iPhone 2.0.2 firmware now out

    Hi Calvin. Try Settings > General > Passcode Lock > Turn Passcode Off
  4. GreenAlien

    Newbie wanting to convert

    I'll second Crucial. They're very good and zero fuss. Apple have always utterly taken the piss with memory upgrades - doubt that'll change any time soon. I feel sorry for anybody who don't realise they're being ripped off by Apple.
  5. GreenAlien

    Spain iPhone update

    The same company sells them in the UK too. In my case I checked the o2 website to see which stores had them in stock and I picked one up a few minutes later. There was no waiting or any issues. Probably the only tip I'd give is to check the website to see which stores have received stock that day then pick one up as early in the day as you can. If none of the stores are close then keep checking each day. A store by me said they receive stock once each week so could be the same where you are.
  6. GreenAlien

    Good dictionary

    I'm getting an error about the server not responding for some reason. Tried it with both wifi and 3g to rule out the network, and laptop too.
  7. GreenAlien

    Good dictionary

    Which english dictionary website is good to use in MobileSafari? Tried a couple which had mobile versions but the font size was too small (didnt wrap when zoomed in and at any rate I wouldnt want to keep doing that for regular use). I actually had one setup which worked great but it was lost when my iPhone last crashed and I can't remember which website it was. I think it was a 3 letter .com domain name with a dash for the second character. Any ideas?
  8. GreenAlien

    Touch check email more often

    Yes it should be possible I'd of thought, assuming you're using POP and your wifi connection is timing out through lack of network activity? You could either get your hands dirty by hacking the iphone, grabbing the plist config file to your mac, edit it and then transfer it back (Google for instructions), The 15 mins is hardwired into the UI but probably isnt enforced when the app reads the setting. A setting of 10 mins for example wouldn't hurt the server. Another thing to consider is IMAP - This may be enough to keep the wifi connection open. See if your provider has this option. If not, you could try either redirecting POP via and IMAP provider (you'd effectively be swapping 15 mins delays for instant if the IMAP has IDLE enabled), or set up a second email account (of type IMAP) just so there's some network activity going on. I believe Yahoo does free push email (IMAP with IDLE).
  9. GreenAlien

    New iPhone - problem!

    I updated to 2.0.2 as soon as it came out and no issues yet - that is, the update itself hasnt caused any issues. Time will tell if it has improved stability. The only changes I've seen so far is a change of animation when switching iPod between landscape/portrait and a slight boost in 3g signal - doesnt bounce around quite as madly while in the same location. I experienced the Apple Logo Of Death once with 2.0.1 but apart from the infrequent crashing of apps since its fine now. Judging by the APple forums 2.0.2 has not improved this issue for alot of people - in fact its done very little. So you still need to be mega careful. The more you can guarantee that the iPhone/iTunes doesnt get interupted by anything while installing/upgrading apps the better. Give it all the time it needs. May also help to put it in flight mode beforehand too. And never skip/interupt a backup, even if it made one shortly earlier because this can invalidate the previous backup - I got caught out by this along with a few others.
  10. GreenAlien

    iPhone 2.0.2 firmware now out

    Can confirm that yes. It fades in now. I preferred the rotation animation personally.
  11. GreenAlien

    iPhone 2.0.2 firmware now out

    Quick heads up to say 2.0.2 firmware is out. No idea what it fixes. Release notes say "Bug fixes". Got to love Apple's transparency.
  12. GreenAlien

    Not all contacts will synch

    No need to delete the mobileme account. Just flick the "Contacts" setting in the MobileMe account to off and then back on and it'll repopulate the contacts. For the odd time a contact plays stubborn this has always worked for me.
  13. GreenAlien

    Delete an unsent email?

    "Not really" to which part, re the delay (fair point btw, though it varies quite a bit from instant up to 20 secs) or the kinks? Assuming originally it was all down to me not giving it enough time for the "outbox" to appear, 2 of the 3 delete methods are disabled in the outbox, and it continues to show "1 unsent message" long after the message in the outbox was manually deleted, so appear to be some kinks to fix at least.
  14. GreenAlien

    Delete an unsent email?

    Does indeed. Noticed it continues to show "1 Unsent Message" afterwards when opening another folder. But it didn't get sent when reconnecting to the net so it did work. Playing with it a little I noticed a couple of times it took a number of seconds for the Outbox to appear. About 15 to 20-ish seconds. Maybe this contributed to what I experienced first time around and I didnt give it enough time to appear. Most times it appears right away now. Apple have a few kinks to iron out with the Outbox.
  15. GreenAlien

    iphone sync

    Just a word of warning on this. I usually allowed iTunes to make a backup every time I plugged in my iPhone. But I needed to do a quick sync not long after having done a backup, so I hit the (X) to skip the backup. Later that day my iPhone crashed and I got the Apple Logo of Death. I had to do a factory restore, then tried to restore the data but it said the backup was corrupted. Whether or not this was related to skipping the last backup or just coincidence I don't know. Actually a good thing because it prompted me to look into storing various stuff "in the cloud" instead of relying on regular backups including mail, contacts, calendar, notes, todo list, bookmarks, rss feeds. Interested to hear what others sync to servers. Wouldnt mind a password safe which syncs to a server (encrypted of course).