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  1. Having an issue where no streaming audio will play on my macbook, just started happening on me a few days ago. Not exactly sure what i was doing around the time it stoped. My sound is still working for everything else its just non existant in things like youtube, and streaming radio stations. Any suggestions? Or has anyone had this same issue?
  2. jswinehart

    Ram Suggestions??

    Just switched with a new Macbook, and so far i love it. However, i'm looking to upgrade the ram myself, $500 bux was a little excessive for me for the 2gig upgrade. I've noticed that certain ram manufacturers seem to get better reviews for macs than others. So i've come here to ask if anyone had suggestions on what Brand/Model of ram i should purchase. Im looking for 2 gigs. I'd like to say cost isnt an issue however is the $70 difference between crucial and others justified (that is if that is the best type)?
  3. jswinehart

    MacBook online store lead time?

    Ordered thursday night online at around 10 eastern. Shipped Friday morning before 11. And ive already recieved it today at noon. Throughly (sp?) impressed with the job Apple did, especially since this is my first mac.
  4. jswinehart

    Making the switch

    Anxiously awaiting its arrival, its somewhere between here and China already. So far i'm quite pleased with the fact that it shipped less then 12 hours after i had placed the order.
  5. jswinehart

    Making the switch

    Well I've decided that the time was right and placed my order for a MacBook tonight. However, the estimated ship date is a week away. I was wondering if there are any sites / resources for win users to make an easier transition between the two, and to quickly learn all of the tips and tricks to making the switch as painless(?) as possible? Anxious to get my hands on this thing just wish it could be quicker. Thanks