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  1. If Google is always the best answer, why do we have forums?
  2. Hello Does anyone know how to configure the Airport Extreme for remote viewing using a Slingbox? I know I have to use port forwarding but I not sure how to do that if I am using DHCP. Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. Hello - can anyone suggest an app or script for entering metadata for media imported into the iTunes library? For example, I may import several podcasts into my library and would like to be able to enter the title, artist, genre, etc. with ease. I know I can do it in iTunes but that is painful when doing multiple files. Thanks!
  4. Tomar012

    Apple TV Network Drops

    Hello Johnfoster and Huskermn I think I "fixed" the problem. I disconnected the ethernet cable to enable wifi as a troubleshooting step. I was able to stream with no dropouts. I then reconnected the ethernet cable and the connection was stable. I'm embarrassed that I didn't do something as simple as reconnecting the ethernet sooner but I'm thankful for your help. Hopefully this solution will hold.
  5. Tomar012

    Apple TV Network Drops

    I am using a wired connection to my network. I have dhcp server enabled. I have not changed anything in my setup but I have to admit that I don't use mt ATV very often. I' m able to stream (home sharing and air play) from my mac to my ipad and iphone with no problem. It just occurred to me that both of these devices are connected wirelessly while the ATV is wired. I may try switching to wireless to see if the problems persists but I don't want to use this as a permanent solution. I installed the last software update when the new UI was introduced at the iPad 3 release but I remember having this problem before the update. I will try unplugging and restarting. Thanks for the suggestions.
  6. Tomar012

    Apple TV Network Drops

    Hello - my Apple TV 2 has recently dropped both home sharing and air sharing every couple of minutes. When this happens I am brought back to the main menu. Has anyone experience and do you have a solution? Thanks!
  7. Tomar012

    How to Merge/Combine.mov Files SOLVED

    Thanks Huskermn. I will certainly consider QT Pro if I find myself doing this process often.
  8. Tomar012

    How to Merge/Combine.mov Files SOLVED

    Thanks everyone for the suggestion of Quicktime Pro. To be honest, I was looking for a cheap (free) solution and I have found one that I wanted to share. My solution was to use VisualHub. This app allowed me to transcode and combine the files into a single file. It will even import the final file to iTunes for you.
  9. Tomar012

    How to Merge/Combine.mov Files SOLVED

    Hey Guys - Unfortunately I don't have Quicktime Pro. I do have Quicktime X but under Snow Leopard. Would the Lion version be different for the SL version? I tried dragging the files from Finder onto the Quicktime window but nothing happened. The file snapped back to the Finder window.
  10. Hello - can someone tell me how to merge multiple mov files into one file? Thanks
  11. Tomar012

    Intel iMac Random Shutdown

    Hello - My Intel mid 2007 iMac has been shutting down randomly for almost a year. The shutdowns are infrequent but they seeming to happen working photos or watching video. I took it to the Genius Bar and they could not find anything wrong with it. I thought it might be software related so I did a clean install of my OS and manually migrated data from my clone backup. I am running Snow Leopard 10.6.8. The only peripherals I have attached to it currently are the keyboard, speakers and an external drive. I tried looking at the system log but nothing jumped out at me. The only reference I could find is DirectoryService[15] Improper shutdown detected kernel Previous Shutdown Cause: 0 The last time this happened, I tried restart it immediately but I would not response. It did power on after pressing the power button about 10 seconds later. Any ideas? Thanks
  12. Hello I tried to follow Adam's instructions on how to manually migrate your data after completing a clean install of Snow Leopard (Members episode #091). I copied everything iTunes related from my home folder / Library / iTunes and home folder / Library / Preferences on my cloned external SuperDuper to my Mac. When I tried syncing my iPad, I received a message prompting me to authorize some songs and apps using an old Apple ID that I no longer use. I received an email from the iTunes Store Support Team and I was told that old Apple ID had been transferred to my current Apple ID but every time I tried to replace the old Apple ID with my current Apple ID when prompted to authorize, I get prompted again with the old Apple ID. I am wondering if I copied something (or did copy something) from my old backups that I should have. Any ideas? Thanks