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  1. I am wondering if Apple TV can handle alternate audio tracks. I have ripped some movies with Handbrake and included the commentary tracks on them as well. I want to be able to watch the movies with or without commentary. I have tried every which way with button presses in different combinations, just cant figure it out. Is this possible? Thanks in advance for any assistance. Chris
  2. cducasse

    Blackberry 7290 Windows XP Parallels

    Windows XP will recognize it, However, I cannot do anything. When i go to detect devices, it says it cannot detect any device. Parallels recognizes it now though - it's in the Parallels Devices list now.
  3. cducasse

    Blackberry 7290 Windows XP Parallels

    terminal came up with an error that I don't have sufficient priviliges - I am the administrator so I don't know why this happened. any help would be appreciated.
  4. Hello, Has anyone had any luck getting Windows XP to recognize their blackberry in Parallels?
  5. cducasse

    Lacie Mini Hard Drives

    I am really hoping you guys can help. I currently have a Lacie Mini 160GB hard drive for my mac mini. I am going to be purchasing a Mac Pro on the first major revamp. I am interested in putting a 500GB hard drive in the case. I love the design and since I already have the case, I don't want to buy the one from macsales. Is there a way to find out what kind of drive is in it so I can purchase a replacement? I've looked on Lacie website and can find no answer.
  6. cducasse

    If you're using tabs in Safari read this

    Sir, Mam, MacGeek, whatever you wish to be called, I would just like to let you know you saved my life tonight...I have been trying to find this keyboard shortcut for so long now...LOVE IT, CHERISH IT, DON'T ABUSE IT...loveyourmac Chrisjava script:emoticon('',%20'smid_15')
  7. cducasse

    Apple stores misleading customers with extra RAM

    You guys amaze me! The machine doesn't have 1GB ram in the one I bought... If people are willing to listen to Apple employees and hear what they have to say...you would learn about Ram and Hard Drive upgrades...Also, very rarely does Apple not advertise the one sitting there on the sign next to it. If the 2.0Ghz Macbook has 1GB ram, check the tag...it's listed on the pricetag...and amazingly enough, it's the specs of the middle one...not the most expensive... Apple Retail stores carry 3 different configurations of the white macbook...research it before you rant. So, the first time I received a FCP demo from a store employee...he took what seemed to be the longest walk in the store...and he explained why...he wanted a machine (power mac g5) with 4.5GB Ram for an effective demo. Now, just as I stated before...listen to the employee...hear what they have to say. If you jump on a computer and refuse any assistance offered...you have no right to complain that your machine doens't perform as the one on the table. Check out those Mac Pros...they have Shake, FC Studio, Adobe CS2...should you complain too that your machine didn't come with it after you got home? Also, Microsoft office should not be assumed to come with it...it doesn't even come with WhineDoze machines...it's separately fixed into the cost of the computer. Just my 2cents
  8. cducasse

    itunes and multiple macs

    Your best bet is to keep them synced to both computers, you can always use an external drive. I have 120GB portable hard drive (was costly, I suggest somewhere around 60gb) and all my music and iTunes content is stored on it. Then all you have to keep synced between the 2 computers is in your Music folder>itunes. that iTunes folder has 3 things in it -iTunes Library (Data File) -iTunes Music (folder) - empty to select destination on external drive -open iTunes preferences, advanced, importing -click change button, and select a folder on the external drive -close preferences -click advanced menu in menu bar for iTunes -click consolidate library -you will see all of your music be copied over, 30gb will take a while on USB 2 or 1 -you can delete all the files in /music/itunes/itunes music/ -now copy over the /music/itunes/ folder over to the other computer and replace the said files...connect the portable drive to the laptop...and wa la. it's easy to keep the files synced in both computers with .mac and an automator action which you should keep an eye out for on this website...i'll start building it tonight. web.mac.com/chris.ducasse
  9. try using lostify. I don't think it will tag any legally purchased videos...although iTunes always tags them for you when you buy them...so there is no need to change it. http://home.comcast.net/~lowellstewart/lostify/ I use it for all my files I rip with handbrake and works splendid!