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  1. I have an old TiBook and a new iMac, and want them both to run off a single iTunes library or at least have their individual libraries synced so they operate cleanly together. The actual files reside on an external LaCie HD, so I copied over my library to the iMac, then pointed that copy of iTunes at the right folder on the LaCie and authorized the machine.
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    Purchasing Help, Pls.

    I've had a policy that's served me well, stretching back to my first purchase (a Powercomputing Clone): I buy the most advanced processor I can and fill in the memory gaps if I need to. Running fairly heavy apps (graphics games, light Form-Z, some ProTools) my machines have typically lasted me 5 yrs or more (the PCC not as long as the real Macs) before the combination of withering support and wear & tear (present machine has still had the HD replaced twice because of bad fans~ even though I keep it lifted) sends me out to buy a new one. My present computer, a 2G TiBook, replaced a G3 tower, and is starting to feel pretty obsolete. Factors pushing my purchase of new Mac are Intel~ My work will get me a copy of ACAD to work from home with. This would also help me work on my own house project. Speed~ I can't run Civ4, I'd like to see my 3D modeling move quicker, and I want to get rid of latency in music files. Ready for Leopard~ I'm.... SO ready to change my spots from Jaguar. My gut is to follow the policy that's served me well for over a decade and get a 15" MBP w/1Gb, but @ $25000 I'd have to finance it and I do want to wait for the chip bump to Merom, so it would be any help designing my new house. But... the new iMacs are tempting: for 250 less, right now I could get a 2.33 2 Duo chip instead of a 2.16 Duo and that whopping 24" screen, which would effectively replace the TV my old GF got in the split (I only ever watch DVDs). Or I could "settle" for a 20" screen and just about buy it for cash~ and pay almost the whole thing in cash. I still could keep my old tibook for mobile plane trips, girlfriend's house, etc. OTH, I really like the simplicity of just having one computer. I am torn... opinions?
  3. Sometimes I like the music, sometimes I don't: but it's good to get to hear.