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  1. Hello fellow Maccast people! this is my first game and it is for kids who are learning and want to practice math. you can add, subtract, multiply or divide. theres 4 different difficulty levels as well. you start off with beginner and you need to unlock the rest by earning coins. you earn coins by answering math problems correctly. you can also change the background and even the icons. i will be adding more of both in a future update. ill also be adding game center compatibility with achievements and more unlockables. so check it out and let me know what you think! http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ilearn-math/id554888223?mt=8
  2. Awesome Cowbell

    we just released a FREE version of this app. now you dont have a reason not to get it! http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/awesome-cowbell-free/id518321046?mt=8
  3. Awesome Cowbell

    forgot to include this link:
  4. Awesome Cowbell

    thanks. hopefully others arent "over" cowbells
  5. Awesome Cowbell

    i started a company with a friend of mine about 6 months or so ago called AwesomeApps. we just launched our first 99 cent app called Awesome Cowbell that i would love for you guys to try out! feel free to reply to this thread with any feedback or whatever. here's the info for the app: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/awesome-cowbell/id501243261?mt=8 Most advanced Cowbell app ever! - Crystal clear sounds. Great on built-in speaker or headphones - 3 different cowbells with 2 sounds each - Record a loop. - Play over a song from your music library - Change volume - Change panning - Change Pitch (do this during a loop playback for awesomeness) - Universal App - Hit two at once for super fun! - Jon
  6. free space issue

    so i finally got around to doing it tonight. i followed the instructions here and they were great. but i hit the power button and nothing happens. i hope its the trackpad issue you were hinting at? any tips? help <br><br>EDIT<br><br>i played some skyrim on xbox360 after this and went to bed around 1. tried again at 9am or so and all is well damn trackpad. thanks guys!!!<br>
  7. free space issue

    thanks! ordered a Western Digital Scorpio Blue 500 GB Bulk/OEM Hard Drive 2.5 Inch, 8 MB Cache, 5400 RPM SATA II WD5000BEVT from amazon
  8. free space issue

    should i just do a time machine backup and then do a restore when i get the new drive in? is there a better method?
  9. free space issue

    thanks for the response! i cleared up a bunch of space but ill probably get a bigger hd in the end. gotta figure out which one is for my model mac now
  10. free space issue

    I'm a PC guy (but don't want to be anymore), I've done a reformat on the PC 3462349623407 times. so i have a fairly old (mid 2007 i believe) macbook pro 17" with a 160gb hd and 10.7.2 installed on it. the problem is my available space is only 5-12gb (it fluctuates). i ran omni disk sweeper and its showing 78.9gb after the scan was complete. under the drive list it says 139.6gb used and 8.4gb free (currently) 148.2gb total. i know the os is on another volume or something right? why did it only scan 78.9gb when it says 139.6gb used? any ideas? do i just need to do a format and start from scratch? - Jon
  11. home folder > library :/

    whoa... i tried to recreate the directory structure and when i went to rename a new folder "Library" it said it was there already.. so i did a chflags nohidden /users/**username**/library and its there.. my fonts dir was empty so i copied over the /library/fonts. could i have fixed it?
  12. home folder > library :/

    i tried to reinstall xcode (missing the fonts) and it didnt recreate the dir for it. should i just make a library/fonts folder? i had another user on this machine previously and there was no home/library folder which i thought was odd.
  13. home folder > library :/

    never set up time machine, i will now but that doesn't help this situation
  14. home folder > library :/

    let me start off by saying i know, I'm an idiot. i have very free space left on my macbook so i went on a deleting spree. i ended up deleting my "home folder > library" folder. cause i thought it was a duplicate or something. it was a really dumb thing to do, but now what? Xcode says its missing fonts now, and who knows what else is messed up. this happened a few days ago, and i emptied the trash then. i have 15gb free now help? - Jon
  15. Airplay Games

    are there any games that are airplay enabled besides real racing 2 hd? i know iOS 5 with mirroring will make everything airplay but what about now? - Jon