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  1. Ellerbestyle

    OpenDNS Question

    It might be the fact that opendns makes there money with ads on there search page.
  2. Ellerbestyle

    DTMF tones in Skype?

    I have found if you wait for the message to quit and then wait a second or two and then enter the numbers it works really good.
  3. Ellerbestyle

    apple axes the brushed metal in leopard

    lol if someone wants Windows over OS X because of Aero they can have it. Aero doesn't make a OS better.
  4. Ellerbestyle

    iMac and a Windows Machine

    hmm ok sounds good to me. I will have to try it out.
  5. Ellerbestyle

    Move Movie, Music, and Picture folder

    ok cool thanks
  6. Ellerbestyle

    iMac and a Windows Machine

    I am thinking of getting a iMac 24" but I have a windows Gaming machine that I want to be able to use the iMac monitor with the windows machine. I am thinking with the dvi-out I can hook that up to a kvm switch and then use the pc on the iMac. Also trying to see if having a extra monitor hooked up to the iMac, how I can get the pc to use at least one of the monitors to play whatever game I am playing. Its hard to figure it out, since I haven't owned a iMac in a long time. I would hate to buy one and it not work how I imagine it to work. Anyone have any ideas or real world experience with this?
  7. Ellerbestyle

    Move Movie, Music, and Picture folder

    WOW no one knows?
  8. I am using the program Connect360 and I have all my movies, music and pictures on a different drive than my main OS X drive. I have been searching for the commands to tell OS X where my folder are. For some reason Connect360 only looks in the folders specified by OS X. I did a search and can't seem to find any thing.
  9. Ellerbestyle

    apple keyboard and mouse

    You can get a small pigtail that will convert your mouse and keyboard PS/2 to usb. It works pretty good for me on my mac mini.
  10. Ellerbestyle

    Keychain Help

    I am having problems with my Keychain and need some help. I noticed the problem with the Mail app. I can't check my email because it ask for my password now. Well that simple I put my password in and tell it to save it to the keychain. Well I get a popup that says Keychain not found. It asks do I want to reset to Default or cancel. I don't know what to do. I decided to click reset to default but nothing happens. I went into keychain access and tried to verify and it says there is no keychain there, and I even tried to repair the keychain and it gives me errors saying it can't open the keychain. Anyone know what to do?
  11. Ellerbestyle

    Mail app and learning spam

    I did some searching and saw a few topics on the mac mail app and spam. My webserver does a good job of stopping most spam, but a few get through. Now I have the junk email feature turned on and for a couple of days had it mark junk email. I noticed it did a pretty good job, but now that I have it sending them to the junk folder it send good emails there also. Its not labeling them as junk, but sends them there anyways. Is there something I am doing wrong?
  12. Ellerbestyle

    Mac Mini Core 2 Duo

    Yeah I have a core solo. I wanted to upgrade, but didn't want to pull a Leo Laporte and it come out after I bought a current revision.
  13. Ellerbestyle

    Mac Mini Core 2 Duo

    Does anyone think that Apple will come out with a Core 2 Duo mac mini, or has anyone heard that they are for a fact?
  14. Ellerbestyle


    What a major screw up to go with Cingular. The iphone won't sell as much as it could if it was open to all networks. I would buy one as soon as they came out if it was on the Altell network. To bad apple try again.
  15. Ellerbestyle

    How can I tell how many subscribers I have to my Podcast?

    I would look into something like feedburner. I think it tells you how many people are subscribed. www.feedburner.com