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    OpenDNS Question

    It might be the fact that opendns makes there money with ads on there search page.
  2. Ellerbestyle

    DTMF tones in Skype?

    I have found if you wait for the message to quit and then wait a second or two and then enter the numbers it works really good.
  3. Ellerbestyle

    apple axes the brushed metal in leopard

    lol if someone wants Windows over OS X because of Aero they can have it. Aero doesn't make a OS better.
  4. Ellerbestyle

    iMac and a Windows Machine

    hmm ok sounds good to me. I will have to try it out.
  5. Ellerbestyle

    iMac and a Windows Machine

    I am thinking of getting a iMac 24" but I have a windows Gaming machine that I want to be able to use the iMac monitor with the windows machine. I am thinking with the dvi-out I can hook that up to a kvm switch and then use the pc on the iMac. Also trying to see if having a extra monitor hooked up to the iMac, how I can get the pc to use at least one of the monitors to play whatever game I am playing. Its hard to figure it out, since I haven't owned a iMac in a long time. I would hate to buy one and it not work how I imagine it to work. Anyone have any ideas or real world experience with this?
  6. Ellerbestyle

    Move Movie, Music, and Picture folder

    ok cool thanks
  7. I am using the program Connect360 and I have all my movies, music and pictures on a different drive than my main OS X drive. I have been searching for the commands to tell OS X where my folder are. For some reason Connect360 only looks in the folders specified by OS X. I did a search and can't seem to find any thing.
  8. Ellerbestyle

    Move Movie, Music, and Picture folder

    WOW no one knows?
  9. Ellerbestyle

    apple keyboard and mouse

    You can get a small pigtail that will convert your mouse and keyboard PS/2 to usb. It works pretty good for me on my mac mini.
  10. Ellerbestyle

    Keychain Help

    I am having problems with my Keychain and need some help. I noticed the problem with the Mail app. I can't check my email because it ask for my password now. Well that simple I put my password in and tell it to save it to the keychain. Well I get a popup that says Keychain not found. It asks do I want to reset to Default or cancel. I don't know what to do. I decided to click reset to default but nothing happens. I went into keychain access and tried to verify and it says there is no keychain there, and I even tried to repair the keychain and it gives me errors saying it can't open the keychain. Anyone know what to do?
  11. Ellerbestyle

    Mail app and learning spam

    I did some searching and saw a few topics on the mac mail app and spam. My webserver does a good job of stopping most spam, but a few get through. Now I have the junk email feature turned on and for a couple of days had it mark junk email. I noticed it did a pretty good job, but now that I have it sending them to the junk folder it send good emails there also. Its not labeling them as junk, but sends them there anyways. Is there something I am doing wrong?
  12. Ellerbestyle

    Mac Mini Core 2 Duo

    Does anyone think that Apple will come out with a Core 2 Duo mac mini, or has anyone heard that they are for a fact?
  13. Ellerbestyle

    Mac Mini Core 2 Duo

    Yeah I have a core solo. I wanted to upgrade, but didn't want to pull a Leo Laporte and it come out after I bought a current revision.
  14. Ellerbestyle


    What a major screw up to go with Cingular. The iphone won't sell as much as it could if it was open to all networks. I would buy one as soon as they came out if it was on the Altell network. To bad apple try again.
  15. Ellerbestyle

    ipod needs to be fixed

    Well I noticed yesterday that only the left side of my headset was workin when plugged into my 6 month old ipod. Thought it was my headset, but come to find out its my ipod. What do I need to do to get this fixed? It seems to be the jack, because if I pull the audio connector out a little bit the right side work. It then pauses because the ipod thinks it is unplugged. I figure I need to take it to the nearest ipod store, right?
  16. Ellerbestyle

    How can I tell how many subscribers I have to my Podcast?

    I would look into something like feedburner. I think it tells you how many people are subscribed. www.feedburner.com
  17. Ellerbestyle

    ichat Help Needed!

    No this is the first time I tried it. I tried it behind the same router and it worked fine. I looked at the ports that were open on the router and tweaked it a bit. So when I go home I will see if I got it right this time.
  18. Ellerbestyle

    ichat Help Needed!

    Ok I did a search and I couldn't find anything. I am trying to connect with ichat with video and we keep getting an error. Now we tried it with all the ports open, the firewalls off and everything I could think of and it just wont work. Anyone have any ideas why, and how can I fix this?
  19. Ellerbestyle

    ichat Help Needed!

    I didnt mean to be rude in my post, just pissed ichat wont work lol. Going to take my macbook over there and try it behind the router and see what happens.
  20. Ellerbestyle

    ichat Help Needed!

    lol come on, that was a stupid comment. We both have fast cable connections so I know it not the problem.
  21. Ellerbestyle

    ichat Help Needed!

    ahhhah lol. Well I think they are both the same versions. Let me check and try again.
  22. Ellerbestyle

    Lexmark P3150

    I have a Lexmark P3150 and I downloaded the driver for it from lexmark.com. Now I can't get the printer to install, it sees the printer but it wont let me add it. I am running the newest version of OS X and using a macbook. Oh the driver is a .hqx file. Please help.
  23. Ellerbestyle

    Lexmark P3150

    I guess there is no way to get it to work then? What if I put it on a windows machine and share it. Would it work then?
  24. Ellerbestyle

    Lexmark P3150

    Dang lol Sort of new to the Mac so I didnt know if I was doing something wrong.
  25. Ellerbestyle

    Front Row 4:3 stretch

    Your tv should be able to stretch it. When I have stuff that plays in 4:3 through my mac, I just zoom or stretch it.