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    all I want is an iWeb slide show with music!!!

    I looked at doing it that way, but the quality is terrible and the file is still huge. Oh well.
  2. jamieparris

    all I want is an iWeb slide show with music!!!

    I want the slide show on my .mac website created in iWeb to have music. Thanks.
  3. Does anyone have any ideas? I've tried the following: *creating the slide show in Quicktime and attaching it to my photo page as a movie, this won't work because I have photos that are both landscape and portrait. *exporting my iPhoto slide show to Quicktime, this won't work because the file is HUGE and the quality is bad *Using Quicktime Pro to add a song that automatically plays when someone visits my photos page so that the song will continue to play while they view the slide show, this is complicated and clunky, so it is my last resort. This would be so easily resolved if Apple would just let you drag a song to the slide show like you can drag photos. Or if Quicktime were smart enough to add black bars and not scale your pictures to the same aspect ratios. I'm new to Mac and i have loved every minute until now. This is just not what I'm used to from Apple from an integration standpoint. Any ideas are much appreciated.
  4. jamieparris

    iTunes won't quit trying to burn a damaged CD

    I mean very slightly scratched. General wear and tear on old cd's.
  5. jamieparris

    macbook ram

    I don't know about instore pickup, but I just bought 2 x 1GB RAM from www.transintl.com for $203, shipping included. Thats the best price I've seen by far.
  6. When I try to burn a cd that is slightly damaged, iTunes freezes up and won't quit. The only way I can get out is to force quit, and sometimes that can take a few minutes. Is there a way to stop when I realize the burn is not going to be successful? I can tell when a burn is failing because my Macbook Pro starts to reve the rpms on the cd drive repeatedly. It seems like the MBP disk drive is very sensitive and won't read discs that will play in other places. Speaking of which, does anyone have a good recommendation for a cd repairer. I bought 3 different ones at Best Buy and none seem to any more than a light cleaning. These cd's are not seriously damaged, just some really old ones that I would love to have in my iPod. Thanks. Macbook Pro, 1.83 ghz, 1.5 GB Ram, OS X 10.4.6, iTunes 6.0.4 (3)