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  1. Which as you know can be embarrassing and/or get me in trouble. Any fix?
  2. All of the sudden my Macbook pro stopped seeing my ethernet connection. Network Diagnostic says I am not plugged in. On the router the # port I am plugged into is blinking. I have tried using different cables, switching ports and even surfing on another mac and then quick plugging in it's ethernet connection, but I still can't connect. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. SterlingBen

    Problem with Stuttering Sound in OS 8.6

    The fix was turning off virtual memory
  4. SterlingBen

    Stop Remote Desktop from seeing my computer?

    He caught on, any ideas?
  5. SterlingBen

    Stop Remote Desktop from seeing my computer?

    This isn't to circumvent an it guy it's to get around a nosey boss. I have found that if I keep the program open he can't connect but I think this is only a temporary solution.
  6. I have seen how to block outgoing in Remote Desktop and that I can just open the program to block access but I need a way to block incoming without it looking like I am blocking it. Anyone have any ideas?
  7. SterlingBen

    Problem with Stuttering Sound in OS 8.6

    Any more ideas? I really wanted to play this one...
  8. SterlingBen

    Problem with Stuttering Sound in OS 8.6

    I upgraded to 9.2.2 and I tried the Disk Copy idea but still I have stuttering sound I want to fight some bikers.
  9. SterlingBen

    iDVD movie cuts off the edges on DVD player

    Your answer lies somewhere with the term Overscan, I cannot explain it though.
  10. SterlingBen

    Problem with Stuttering Sound in OS 8.6

    No one? I have tried turning off extensions and doubling the minimum and preferred memory of the program but to no avail
  11. I recently picked up a brand new copy of Full Throttle and I woke up my iMac 266 from storage. But The game seems to be unplayable with this stuttering sound problem. Does anyone remember how to fix this?
  12. SterlingBen

    Simple printing question?

    For the life of me I just can't figure out how to print things in Black and White from Safari, anyone?
  13. So I did a clean install of Leopard and then when it restarted it asked me for user name and password that I did not set, so I tried my old one but no luck. Should I reinstall? If so is there something I missed to set the user name and password?
  14. SterlingBen

    Mac Erases My Sony Camera Memmory Card

    Ok I fixed it kind of First I tried and other mac both said that the mem card was tottally empty then I downloaded a few recovery programs that were suppose to offer a free trial but they wanted money to give me any of my files back and then I found a program called testdisk it worked perfectly I pulled off the last roll I wanted and a lot of old stuff but for free it was great thanks for the advice I probably could have fixed this myself if I had given my self a little more time but I got all panicy bc I really liked these pics thanks again
  15. Ok this has happened several times now and it is to the point that I am afraid to hook my camera up to my mac. I have a Sony DSC-N1 and sometimes when I hook it up to my mac (and it has pictures on it) the memory card will show up blank. Does anyone know of a program to retrieve these pictures? I had some really good pictures this time and they have to still be on there right? Just like when you empty the trash, file names gone. Is it possible to get these pictures back? I am running a 1.25 dual G4 Powermac