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  1. Dear All, I noticed that I have bunches of extra printer drivers in /Library. What is the recommended way to remove them so that I can free up the vast gigabytes of space that they are occupying. Can I just drag them from /Library/Printers to the Trash and empty it? Thanks, B
  2. Hello, The sound on my fiancee' s 3-year-old Powerbook 17" isn't working. She doesn't get any sound from the built-in speaker or from the built-in headphone jack. We're thinking that the sound card died for some reason. We checked the volume levels and sound output settings and they are all normal. We'd heard that using USB speakers might by an option, but we aren't sure if USB speakers are just "USB powered" in that they still rely on the built-in sound card in some way, or if they bypass the sound card completely. Does anyone know if there is a way to get sound out of the powerbook again without having to replace the sound card? Thanks!
  3. bombadil

    buying a used powerbook g4 12"

    I would disagree about the 256 or less MBs of RAM. While it may run with that amount of RAM, I don't think that it will be very smooth. Mac OS X loves plenty of RAM.
  4. bombadil

    buying a used powerbook g4 12"

    Yeah, I agree with this. I have a 1.0ghz G4 12", and it is starting to get annoyingly slow. My girlfriend has a 1.5ish ghz 17", and the speed difference is noticeable.
  5. bombadil

    bin , cue , and iso files

    If the bin/cue files are video cds of some kind, then VLC should open them. Disk Utility should handle .iso format.
  6. I would like to control iTunes with my bluetooth enabled phone. I'm trying to do it without paying for any extra software. The phone is a Eriksson W810i, and has "Remote Control" interface that just pretends to type certain characters and such. In System Preferences, Keyboard, Keyboard Shortcuts, I've set the appropriate keyboard shortcuts so that the keys correspond to the proper actions. Like control-f = next track, control-p = prev. track, etc. In iTunes, the new keyboard shortcuts appear in the menus, as they should, and typing a shortcut causes the menubar item to flash as if it is working. The strange thing is that the action is never performed, in fact, the old key commands are still working. This happens whether I use the bluetooth phone or the actual keyboard. Also, I have turned off all other dashboard, spotlight, dictionary, etc keyboard shortcuts as a troubleshooting step. This seems to me to be a stupid bug, and so I'm quite cantankerous about it :/
  7. bombadil

    great math podcasts

    well hello there. i am a math major and this is my last semester. there is also the "Mathgrad podcast" on iTunes
  8. bombadil

    How do I rename tracks in batch?

    Hmm... are these actual file names or the track names stored in the ID3 tag or other metadata?
  9. bombadil

    Cleaning my Macbook Pro

    for my lcd screen, I use a cloth dampened with a little water. very little... no running, just enough to dissolve any schmutz, and pick up dust. i like the post-it note for the keyboard trick. i've never tried that, but will. i have never cleaned this powerbook in like 3 years, and i'm wondering how much dust is inside of it.
  10. bombadil

    How to make a DVD of some old video

    I've been using a program called ffmpegx to convert the video files to MP2 for DVD. The learning curve for that program is pretty high. Also, there is Sizzle which lets you author a DVD and create menus, chapters and such out of the encoded video. Together those programs have let me convert the .avi's to mp2 video and audio and create DVDs with menus and such. I can get 4 hours on one 4.7GB dvd. The quality is fair-to-good, and it could probably be better if I used more of ffmpeg's quality enhancing options. I just used "High Quality" because my computer is slow. I've tested the DVDs on both computers and a set-top DVD player and they work. Life is pretty good, I guess.
  11. Hello everyone. I have DIVX .avi files of some really old TV shows. There are 13 episodes, 700 MB each in size. I'd like to create a DVD of them, with menus and such to select the episodes. Is there a way to recompress them so that they can fit on, say, 2 DVDs with menus to select the various episodes? iDVD has a two hour duration limit, but isn't there a way to reduce the image dimensions enough to get more episodes on the DVD? Thanks!
  12. bombadil

    IPHONE "facts"

    Hey, you callin' me old, buster? No, I agree with the other guy, they may be credible or have some good info, but they certainly don't go out of their way to make themselves look credible!
  13. bombadil

    IPHONE "facts"

    Sounds cool, but I feel like I might be outside of the Diggnation demographic.
  14. bombadil

    Image conversion and scaling

    I'd mention the terminal / command line tool 'sips' ...
  15. bombadil

    anybody hear like The Office?

    I enjoyed season one a lot. Season two seems to be getting off to a slow start. Then again, it may be due to my being out of the Office-style workplace for 8 months, so maybe I can no longer relate. Yay!